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Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Glamyo Health provides advanced Laser surgery in Hyderabad at the best affordable rates. Laser Piles treatment cost in Hyderabad range from Rs.30,500 to Rs.50,000, depending on a variety of factors.

  • Hospital Charges – We have partnered with all hospitals where you have to pay based on your room selection, hospital admittance to discharge or any other fees which have occurred.
  • Doctor Fees – Each doctor has different consultation and surgery fees for which we provide the best negotiated rates.
  • Diagnostic Tests – Based on doctor’s assessment, diagnostic tests will be done
  • Type of surgery recommended by the piles doctor.
  • Post-surgical complications that are involved
  • The severity of the Piles and Condition of the patient
Piles Treatment Cost

What is Piles?

Piles or Hemorrhoids are a collection of enlarged and inflamed veins in or around the anus or lower rectum. They are usually found inside the rectum or under the skin around the rectum. It is an extremely painful and discomforting health issue. Different grades of Piles (Grade 1,2,3 & 4) can affect anyone irrespective of Age or Gender.

Pile formation is prevalent in both men and women. According to international medical data, one out of every four persons suffers from piles or hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Piles are most frequent in persons between the ages of 50 and 60, but they can also afflict people of different ages. Till date, no medical professional has been able to pinpoint the exact cause of hemorrhoids.

Several risk factors, however, have been found that might dramatically enhance a person's chances of getting piles. To some extent, piles can be controlled with home remedies in the early stages, but when they become severe or advanced, medical intervention is required.

What is Piles
Piles Grade 1
Grade I

There is small swelling inside the lining of the anus, not visible to naked eyes.

Piles Grade 2
Grade II

These are a little bigger than Grade I Piles and also remain inside the lining of the anus.

Piles Grade 3
Grade III

These are called Prolapsed hemorrhoids that appear outside the anus. A person may feel them protruding while excreting but can be easily re-inserted.

Piles Grade 4
Grade IV

These are large hemorrhoids that hang outside of the anus and cannot be pushed back.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Internal or external hemorrhoids can occur, and both forms can also occur at the same time.

External hemorrhoids: are a type of hemorrhoid that develops beneath the skin surrounding your anus.

Internal hemorrhoids: occur inside the anus and rectum of the body.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Piles Symptoms

  • Extreme itching around the anus.
  • Bleeding while passing stool.
  • Swelling and Pain around Anal.
  • Fecal leakage.
  • Discomfort while Sitting
  • Painful bowel movements.


  • Obesity
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Lifting Heavy Weights
  • Redundant Straining while passing Stool.

How are Piles Formed?

Constant pressure in the lower rectum leads to the creation of Piles. When a person exerts persistent pressure in the areas surrounding his rectum and anus, such as from constipation or lifting heavy weights, the blood vessels around those areas expand and swell, creating piles. Veins might become broader and engorged with more blood than usual as a result of persistent straining. One or more piles may emerge from these veins.

How are Piles Formed


Tests: If it's a case of external piles, the anorectal specialist will be able to diagnose it simply by looking at it. If your hemorrhoids are internal, your doctor may do a rectum and anal canal examination. The following are two frequent tests used to diagnose piles:

The piles specialist puts a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum during this test to see whether there are any abnormal growths.

Because internal hemorrhoids are too soft to feel, the piles' doctor may use a proctoscope, an anoscope, or a sigmoidoscopy to check the lower rectum. The doctor will thoroughly inspect the lining of your anal tissues with any of this equipment to determine the degree and progress of the infection.

Self Diagnosis: If you are familiar with the signs, self-diagnosis of piles is not difficult. If you suspect you have hemorrhoids, you can be quite certain by observing your rectal movements.

You will feel a hard and uncomfortable lump around your anus if you have piles, and this is the first and most obvious indicator of piles. Even after passing a stool, a person with piles may have the sensation of an incomplete bowel movement. In the case of piles, the color of the stool may change, which is another technique to self-diagnose piles.

The color of your stool may become bright red or visibly change to red if you acquire the condition. Itching, pain, and redness around the anal area are possible side effects. You might also notice blood in your stool or experience terrible pain when passing a bowel movement.

Piles Diagnosis by Doctor: The majority of Best proctologists and anorectal surgeons diagnose piles solely based on physical examination. When you go to a doctor, you'll probably be asked a few questions, such as:

  • Do you have any Family history of Piles?
  • Did you notice any symptoms of Piles?
  • What is your Dietary and Fitness regime?

To identify your piles, a doctor of piles may do a digital rectal examination. To rule out the presence of any gastrointestinal ailment, the piles expert may recommend tests such as colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and anoscopy. In all of these tests, the doctor inserts a small camera into the anus, rectum, and colon to look for any abnormalities.

If your piles are in the early stages, your doctor may advise you to make certain lifestyle modifications as well as dietary changes. However, if your diagnosis indicates that your disease is severe, you may be advised to have piles surgery.

Piles Surgery

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical operation used to treat hemorrhoids. This method involves either open or laser surgery to remove hemorrhoids. Anesthesia is used to numb the region before the surgeon makes an incision in the anal tissue around hemorrhoids. During the procedure, the bulging vein inside the hemorrhoid is removed, and the surgical hole is either sewed closed or left exposed to recover.
Glamyo Health offers the best Piles Surgery in Hyderabad.

Two types of Hemorrhoidectomy, Glamyo Health offers are:

Laser Piles Surgery
Laser Piles Surgery

Laser Piles surgery is the most advanced and painless surgery method to treat piles. It is a non-invasive technique, which inflicts no Bleeding, Cuts, or Stitches, it also guarantees quicker recovery than any other surgical procedure.

Stapler Piles Surgery
Stapler Surgery

Stapler surgery causes far less pain than traditional (Open) surgery. The circular stapler is used to 'pull up' or realign prolapsed mucosa and limit blood flow to internal hemorrhoids. After a few weeks, the internal hemorrhoids shrink and cut off.

Complications, if not treated

If piles are left untreated for a long period, they can become strangulated, which is the most prevalent consequence. The blood flow to such tissues is cut off when piles become strangulated.

As a result, the person may develop venous thrombosis in the piles. This could result in excruciating pain and make therapy more difficult. If the person's piles get strangulated, he or she may have agonizing discomfort & Intense pain for 48 to 72 hours, which will subside after a week or two.

Anemia is another serious complication that can occur if hemorrhoids are left untreated. When a pile develops large enough, it can cause blood loss as well as feces loss. If the condition is not addressed quickly, the person may become anemic, which can lead to a variety of other health problems, namely:

  • Gangrene
  • Extreme Pain & Discomfort
  • Blood Clots
  • Dead or Infected tissues

If you are looking for the best, advanced, Effective & affordable Piles treatment we would suggest you, go for a Laser Piles treatment, as Laser Piles Surgery has a lot of advantages and a quicker recovery rate.

Risks during the Surgery

The surgical treatment of piles is not difficult. As a result, any dangers are extremely unlikely. The success or hazards connected with piles therapy, like any other surgical treatment, are mainly reliant on the severity of the condition and the surgeon's experience. Following a piles surgery, a patient may have any of the following complications:

Bleeding: Open surgery has a larger risk of bleeding during piles surgery than laser surgery. If the surgeon does not have the necessary experience to precisely remove the inflammatory tissues, the patient may undergo bleeding.

Infection: During piles surgery, infections are rare if operated by laser. Rubber band ligation treatment for piles has a Higher infection rate.

Anaesthetic side effects: Many individuals report suffering from anaesthesia adverse effects. The patient may feel tired and nauseated for longer than normal as a result of the reaction.

Rectal prolapse: Rectal prolapse occurs when the lower section of the large intestine (rectum) protrudes through the muscular hole at the end of the digestive system (anus).

Risks During The Surgery

When to See a Doctor

When it comes to any health condition, knowing when to seek expert treatment is crucial, and hemorrhoids are no exception. Getting medical help when you need it can save you time and money in the long run. It's time to see Best Doctor for Piles treatment if you're experiencing any of the following issues or conditions.

  • Your anal and rectum areas are in intense pain and discomfort.
  • You pass a stool that is dark red, maroon, or tar-colored. This could indicate internal hemorrhage.
  • Every time you pass bowel motions, blood appears on the toilet paper.
  • No drugs or home remedies are helping you get rid of your problems.
  • If you're dizzy and weak as a result of constant blood loss

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Piles surgery in Hyderabad


1When do piles need surgery?

Piles surgery is needed when external or prolapsed hemorrhoids become inflamed, infected, or if other complications arise.

2Which doctor to consult for piles in Hyderabad?
    3Do you provide cab services outside Hyderabad?

    Yes, Glamyo Health provides Pick up and Drop services before and after the Surgery.

    4 Can I book Piles Surgery in Hyderabad?

    Yes, You can avail of the Best Piles Surgery in Hyderabad at Glamyo Health.

    5 Which is the best hospital in Hyderabad?
      6Can piles be cured permanently?

      Piles are recurring in nature, if not treated on time they have the tendency to cause more complications. Laser Surgery is the Best and the Permanent Solution to treat Piles.

      7Can piles recur after surgery?

      Piles can be treated by surgery. After the surgery, you just need to adhere to the guidance of your specialist to keep the Piles at bay.

      8What is the cost of laser treatment for piles in Hyderabad?

      Glamyo Health offers the Best Laser Treatment of Piles in Hyderabad at an Affordable Cost. You can contact our Medical Coordinators for any assistance regarding your treatment.

      9What is the cost of stapler treatment for piles in Hyderabad?

      Glamyo Health offers the Best Stapler Treatment of Piles in Hyderabad at an Affordable Cost with Easy EMI options.

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