Internal and External Hemorrhoids – Haemorrhoids are divided further into two different categories. Thus, it is essential to understand the meaning of each one of these and the major difference between the two. These are classified as External Hemorrhoids and Internal Hemorrhoids. 

External Hemorrhoids

The first type. of haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are often affected in the outer layer of the skin. Through the anus and the rectum area, it extends and causes mild to intense irritation and itchiness. It affects the veins, can even cause bleeding and mostly occurs due to intense pressure while passing stools or feeling heavily constipated. 

Internal Haemorrhoids

It affects the inside layer of the rectum. An internal haemorrhoid when occurs inside the body can affect other organs as well. These are usually unseen or stayed unidentified easily. It can. lead to. bleeding, straining and swelling in the affected area where the pressure is extensive. 

Difference between external haemorrhoids and internal haemorrhoids

One of the major difference between the two types of haemorrhoids is the areas where these occur and the amount of pain it causes. 

External haemorrhoids affect the skin from the outside, the intense pressure gives the veins pressure and brings redness or swelling in the area and can be felt more painful. Whereas, internal haemorrhoids, though can give sudden bleeding due to strain, they might not feel much pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to worry about haemorrhoids? 

One of the major symptoms to detect and take immediate action towards the haemorrhoids is when experiencing sudden blood coming while passing stools, may it be before, during or after. If such a condition occurs, immediately contact your doctor and get the required treatment done. 

How long do internal haemorrhoids last? 

This completely depends on the severity of the condition. If the haemorrhoids are at an initial stage, it usually goes away on their own but if it gets severe they can develop and give immense pain or get swollen. In this situation, the treatment of piles is recommended. Though it gets corrected in most cases, it can take time and possibly reoccur if not taken proper care.

Are haemorrhoid creams helpful to cure external haemorrhoids? 

When the condition is diagnosed and it is still at a mild stage, doctors often recommend a cream, over-the-counter medicines or ointments to make the condition recover smoothly. 

If using a cream for haemorrhoids make sure that the cream is personally prescribed by the doctor. Using a medicine without the approval of a medical expert can be risky and give side effects. 

Foods that can trigger haemorrhoids? 

To control the effect of haemorrhoids, one of the quickly followed ways is to bring a change in diet. This can be done specifically by eliminating foods that can trigger haemorrhoids from rising. These foods are fried, spicy foods, processed or preserved foods, cheese and meat 

What are more severe internal haemorrhoids or external haemorrhoids? 

Out of the two types of haemorrhoids, external haemorrhoids are usually considered much more dangerous and uncomfortable conditions because it affects the skin from the outside. It brings itchiness and irritation.

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