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Piles Surgery in Kolkata

Piles or haemorrhoids (बवासीर) are enlarged and swollen blood vessels in the anal cushion region which causes pain and discomforts, like bleeding and itching. When all kinds of home remedies, medications and treatments fail to cure the condition, your doctor might recommend surgery (hemorrhoidectomy). Piles surgery in Kolkata involves either open, laser or stapler treatment to get rid of haemorrhoids permanently. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is used to numb the region, followed by which swollen blood vessel is removed.

Piles Treatment

Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Kolkata

Piles laser treatment cost in Kolkata varies depending on multiple factors, including:
Type of surgery recommended: Based on the type of surgery recommended by the anorectal surgeon, the piles treatment cost in Kolkata differs. While the laser treatment costs minimum, the open surgery is considered to be the most costliest one. Different types of piles surgeries that affect the overall cost of the treatment are listed below:

Haemorrhoidectomy: This surgery is conducted for treating severe grades of piles. During the surgical process, the proctologist makes a few incisions around the piles tissue, followed by tying off the swollen veins to reduce bleeding and then the haemorrhoid is removed.

Hemorrhoid Stapling (Stapler Surgery): In this type of surgical removal of piles, the arterial blood vessels present within the haemorrhoids are cut off using a stapler device, thus blocking further blood flow to the vessels. Due to this, with time, the haemorrhoid reduces and finally shrinks off. This kind of surgery does not inflict much pain and ensures quick recovery of the patients.

Laser surgery: It is considered one of the most effective, latest and advanced surgical treatments for haemorrhoids. During piles laser treatment in Kolkata, a laser beam is focussed on the anal tissues such that it burns and shrinks the haemorrhoids. Laser surgery for piles is minimally invasive with no or less bleeding and very minute pain.

To know more about these piles surgeries,

Piles Treatment Cost

Post-surgical complications: Although laser surgery of piles in Kolkata is a highly safe procedure with minimal risk. However, unpredicted complications can occur due to unavoidable circumstances. The additional treatment cost to cure the escalated health condition increases the overall cost in such a case.

Severity of Piles Condition: The cost of surgery depends upon the grade of piles. If the piles condition is extremely severe and cannot be cured with minimally invasive surgery, the cost increases. To better understand the cost dependency on this factor, different severity grades of piles are explained below:

Piles Grade 1
Grade I

Presence of small swelling in the lining of the anus, not visible to the naked eyes

Piles Grade 2
Grade II

It is a little more escalated condition than grade 1 with bigger swelling comparatively. In this condition, the piles remain inside the anus lining

Piles Grade 3
Grade III

This condition is also known as prolapsed haemorrhoids because the swelling becomes bigger such that it protrudes out of the anus while exerting, but can be easily re-inserted

Piles Grade 4
Grade IV

These are large haemorrhoids that hang outside the anus that cannot be pushed back. This condition requires immediate surgery

Health condition and age of the patient: Although laser surgery of piles in Kolkata is a highly safe procedure with minimal risk. However, unpredicted complications can occur due to unavoidable circumstances. The additional treatment cost to cure the escalated health condition increases the overall cost in such a case.

However, if you decide to get your piles surgery done in Kolkata from a trusted healthcare brand, like Glamyo Health, the total surgery cost reduces to a great extent. With Glamyo Health laser piles surgery in Kolkata costs between Rs 35,000 - Rs 55,000 along with multiple other benefits, including free pick-up & drop, discounted diagnostic tests, free consultation, post-surgery follow-ups, etc.

Piles Treatment In Kolkata

If your condition of haemorrhoids is not severe and lies in the range of grade 1 or grade 2, you proctologists might suggest non-surgical treatment of piles. The two most popular piles treatment in Kolkata are listed below:

Rubber Band Ligation: During this non-surgical treatment of piles in Kolkata, a rubber band is placed around the base of the internal haemorrhoid, causing it to cut the blood flow such that the piles tissue eventually shrinks and falls off within 5-7 days.

Coagulation: This non-surgical piles treatment is used to cure small and medium types of internal haemorrhoids. During the procedure, the proctologist focusses an intense beam of infrared light causing it to cut off the blood supply to the swollen tissues.

The initial phases of piles can be managed at home by following a healthy lifestyle. You can include a lot of fibre in your diet, drink plenty of fluids, take a sitz bath and avoid straining during bowel movements.

However, it is recommended that these piles treatments must not be continued beyond a week if the condition is worsening. As mentioned above, these treatments cannot cure piles but can provide temporary relief from the condition. Also, in case of severe grades of piles or appearance of side symptoms, such as dry skin, rashes, etc. you must immediately consult a doctor and get the recommended surgery done.

What is Piles

Cashless Medical Treatment For Piles

Glamyo Health is a patient-centric healthcare service provider. It offers low-cost elective and cosmetic surgeries and improves the treatment experience of the patients. One of the major USPs of Glamyo Health is cashless medical treatment for advanced laser technology piles treatment, thereby ensuring a stress-free experience. The cashless treatment with insurance claim procedure at Glamyo Health involves only four simple steps as explained below:

Step 1: Glamyo Health’s insurance team collects all the insurance-related documents from the patient and sends it for verification.

Step 2: Once the verification is done and the patient selects cashless medical treatment, the insurance team fills the pre-auth form on patient’s behalf.

Step 3: Further, the insurance team of Glamyo Health initiates the claim process and completes the remaining documentation.

Step 4: The insurance team gets the claim amount sanctioned and gets the patient admitted to the hospital.

Apart from providing cashless treatment, Glamyo Health also provides other lucrative benefits, including discounts on diagnostic tests, pick up and drop facility, a private ac room for the patient and the attendant, post-surgery follow-ups, etc. making the piles treatment a seamless experience for the patient.

Piles Treatment Cashless

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Piles surgery in Kolkata


1When do I need piles surgery?

If none of the home remedies, medications, or non-surgical treatments are helping to cure piles, it is time that you need piles surgery to get a permanent cure from the discomfort haemorrhoids are causing.

2 Can piles be cured permanently?

Piles are recurring in nature, if not treated on time they have the tendency to cause more complications. Laser Surgery is the best and the permanent solution to treat piles.

3Can piles reoccur after surgery?

Piles can be treated by surgery. After the surgery, you just need to adhere to the guidance of your specialist to keep the Piles at bay.

4 What is the cost of laser treatment for piles in Kolkata?

Glamyo Health offers the Best Laser Treatment of Piles in Kolkata at an affordable cost. You can contact our medical coordinators for any assistance regarding your treatment.

5 What is the cost of stapler treatment for piles in Kolkata?

Glamyo Health offers the best stapler treatment of Piles in Kolkata at an affordable cost with easy EMI options.

6Do you provide cab services outside Kolkata?

Yes, Glamyo Health provides pick-up and drop services before and after the surgery.

7Is piles surgery covered under insurance?

Yes, piles is a medical condition and therefore its surgical removal is covered under insurance.

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