1How can I permanently cure piles at home in 3 days?

Home remedies and Certain Medications might assist in treating piles in the first stages. But in severe cases, surgery is the only option for removing piles.

2How much piles surgery cost in Delhi?

Piles Surgery Cost in Delhi can vary between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000,depending on a number of factors such as the Type of Surgery, The Hospital, City, Doctors consulation fees, The cost of the room and the condition of the Patient.

3What is the best solution for piles problems?

The Best and the Permanent Solution for Getting rid of Piles is Laser Surgery. Laser surgery is the Latest technology and is a minimally Invasive surgery with no Visible scars.Laser Surgery is Effective with Faster results.

4 Which treatment is best for piles, laser or stapler?

Laser Surgery has better outcomes as compared to Stapler surgery in terms of postoperative pain as well as complications associated with the surgery.Laser Surgery is the first choice of the Doctors for their Patients as it has faster results and is a Minimally Invasive Surgery.

5 Which surgery is better, BEIM or laser, for piles treatment?

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6 What are the causes of piles?

Chronic Diarrhea, Being obese, Eating a Low-Fiber Diet, Not Drinking enough fluids, Stress, Anxiety or Depression, Having Anal intercourse, A side effect of medicine, Pregnancy, Straining during bowel movements, or Sitting on the toilet for a long time are some of the major causes that can lead to Piles.

7What are the types and symptoms of piles/hemorrhoids?

Unreasonable Anal Bleeding, Difficulty in controlling solid discharges, Redness and Swelling around the Anus, Pain around your hips are some of the symptoms of Piles

8 Can third stage piles be treated non surgically?

You may need to undergo a surgery as Piles becomes severe after the first and the second stage and causes a lot of pain and discomfort that is untolerable.An Individual will have to bear a lot of pain while sitting or passing stools.

9How can hemorrhoids be treated?

Yes, Home remedies and Certain medications might give some relief but surgery is the only solution for the permanent relief. as Piles are recurring in nature, you might feel some relief from the Pain for a specific time but, on the other hand it does not mean that they will go away of their own.

10 What are the types of surgery for piles?

Piles can be treated with Hemorrhoidectomy,Hemorrhoidopexy & Laser Surgery.Among these, Laser surgery for piles is one of the most prevalent and cutting-edge treatments for piles that has recently gained popularity. When a patient is suffering greatly and the pain is unbearable, it is considered the greatest treatment.

11Can there be a lot of blood with hemorrhoids?

Internal haemorrhoids are characterised by vivid crimson bleeding that can be extremely brisk. It could be on the toilet paper, trickling into the toilet bowl, or streaked on the stool.When haemorrhoids become damaged or irritated, they might bleed.

12How would you treat bleeding piles?

Bleeding Piles can be treated with Hemorrhoidectomy,Hemorrhoidopexy & Laser Surgery.

13Would piles be able to bleed without solid discharge?

When haemorrhoids are torn or irritated, they might bleed. This bleeding and irritation can usually be treated at home. However, if bleeding persists after a week of home care, you should see a doctor at Glamyo Health for a more thorough examination and treatment.

14What are the additional factors affecting piles surgery costs?

Type of Surgery, Hospital, CIty, Room Carges, Doctors consulation charges, Condition of the Patient ,Diagnostic tests, if needed, Hospital & Services you have selected, and so on are some of the additional factors that can affect the surgery cost of the Piles.

15Is curd good for piles?

Yogurt or curd is an excellent source of probiotics (an ingredient that contains live bacteria). Curd helps to improve Digestion.Including curd into your regular diet will boost your immunity and digestive health, alleviating piles symptoms.

16What is the difference between piles and hemorrhoids?

There is no difference between Piles and Hemorrhoids. Piles is also known as Hemorrhoids.

17What are the foods to be avoided in piles?

Milk,Cheese,Processed Meat,White flour, Fried and Salty Foods should be avoided in Piles as these food varieties takes longer to digest and can aggravate constipation.

18How do I prepare for piles surgery?

Things that you should keep in mind before preparing yourself for Piles surgery includes:The Night before your Procedure, Do not Eat or Drink anything after midnight and with that tell your Doctor about any Medications that you may have been taking so that the Doctor can prepare for the Procedure.

19What is the best cream for piles?

Best Creams for Piles that are easily available in the market includes Safeguard Rectal Ointment, Recticare Anorectal Cream, Tronolane Hemorrhoid Cream, Anovate Cream, Cherioll Hemorrhoids Ointment are known to be Effective for treating First and second grades of Piles.

20How can you cure a case of grade 2 piles?

In grade II or III haemorrhoids, ligation of the hemorrhoidal artery may be beneficial because patients may experience less pain and heal more quickly. If performed within the first two to three days of symptoms, excision of thrombosed external haemorrhoids can considerably relieve pain. Screen reader support enabled.

Pilonidal Sinus

1What is pilonidal sinus disease?

A Pilonidal sinus is a small hole or tunnel in the skin that becomes filled with pus, fluid, and debris, resulting in a cyst or abscess. The fissure at the top of the buttocks is where the Pilonidal sinus is developed. In addition to fluid and debris, a pilonidal sinus is frequently clogged with hair and grime.

2What is the cure for pilonidal sinus?

Surgery is the most reliable way for treating and eliminating a pilonidal sinus,Pilonidal Sinus need emergency treatment and surgery. Contact Glamyo Health to receive the Best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment across India in Budget by the Best Doctors in cities including Delhi,Mumbai,Pune,Hyderabad,Chennai etc.

3How much does it cost to have Pilonidal sinus cured?

The cost of Pilonidal Sinus therapy varies from person to person, city to city, hospital to hospital, and other considerations such as the patient's age, health conditions, diagnostic tests, if needed, hospital and services chosen, and so on.

4What is the cost of pilonidal sinus surgery through laser treatment?

Pilonidal sinus surgery costs between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 60,000.Pilonidal Sinus therapy costs differ from person to person, city to city, hospital to hospital, and other factors such as the patient's age, health conditions, diagnostic tests, if necessary, hospital and services selected, and so on.

5How do you know if you have pilonidal sinus?

Identifying a pilonidal sinus and recognising indicators of infection pain can be the following: When sitting or standing,The cyst will swell. The skin around the affected area is reddish and inflamed. A foul odour is caused by pus or blood oozing from the abscess. a strand of hair projecting from the lesion More than one sinus tract can arise, as well as skin perforations.

6What is a home remedy for pilonidal sinus?

To treat a Pilonidial cyst, it's recommended to start with one of the many home remedies available before opting for surgery including Tea Tree Oil,Castor Oil, Onions, Baking Soda, Honey, Coconut Oil, Black Tea

7Is pilonidal sinus dangerous?

Pilonidal Sinus can become infected and should be treated. When a pilonidal cyst becomes infected, it develops into an abscess that drains pus into the sinus. Pain, a foul odour, and drainage are all symptoms of an abscess and should be treated on time

8How can I recover after having a pilonidal sinus surgery?

After surgery, most patients are able to return to work within 2 to 4 weeks yet, some of the Simple tips to Recover after having a Pilonidal Sinus Surgery are: When you're exhausted, take a break... Every day, try to go for a Walk. As usual, take a shower... Inquire with your doctor about when you will be able to drive again & continue other exercises Until your incision has healed, avoid sitting for long periods of time or sitting on hard surfaces.

9Who is the best doctor for a pilonidal sinus surgery in India ?

So, if you're looking for affordable Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi or anywhere else in India,schedule an appointment with the Best Doctors of Glamyo Health for a hassle-free surgical procedure.

10What is the cost for laser treatment of pilonidal sinus in India?

Pilonidal sinus surgery costs between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 60,000.Pilonidal Sinus therapy costs differ from person to person, city to city, hospital to hospital, and other factors such as the patient's age, health conditions, diagnostic tests, if necessary, hospital and services selected, and so on.

11Is it necessary to have surgery for a pilonidal sinus?

A Pilonidal sinus is a small tunnel or hole in the skin that becomes blocked with pus, fluid, and debris, resulting in the formation of a cyst or abscess. These problems can get worse if they aren't handled right away.

12best pilonidal sinus treatment hospital in india.

Glamyo Health offers best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment hospitals in India with a team of skilled and experienced surgeons who can help with any procedure. Laser Pilonidal Sinus surgery uses advanced technologies to provide the finest results.


1What is the best solution for fistula problems?

An anal abscess, a pus-filled, infected cavity, is the most prevalent cause of an anal fistula and they keep leaking and leading to more painful abscesses.Laser surgery is the Best solution for treating issues related with Fistula

2Can we cure fistula without surgery?

An anal fistula is a tunnel that connects the inside of the anus to the skin near the anus, where waste is expelled. The abscess is usually formed around the anus in the skin, with very little waste (pus) being stored and expelled thereafter. Anal Fistula Treatment needs surgery for the permanent treatment of FIstula.

3What would be the cost for laser treatment for fistula?

Fistula Treatment Cost in Delhi depends on various factors such as the Type of surgery, Hospital, & Room charges,Doctor consulation charges,Patient's condition and reaches from Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000.

4What is laser surgery for fistula?

Anal fistula surgery is a surgical procedure designed to repair your anorectal tissue. The goal is to remove or close the fistula channel

5What are the additional factors affecting fistula surgery costs?

Type of surgery, Hospital, & Room charges, Doctor consulation charges, Severity of the condition etc are some of the factors that can affect the Fistula surgery cost.

6Why should you choose Glamyo Health for your anal fistula surgery?

Glamyo Health's expert surgeons can perform your operation in the premier hospital.Laser surgery requires high accuracy and experience. Our experienced Doctors utilise cutting edge innovation and carefully work on diminishing the root cause of Fistula.

7How does laser surgery help in curing an anal fistula?

Surgery is the only way to remove an anal fistula. Fistula therapy is usually not possible with surgery. Anal fistula laser treatment is a USFDA-approved procedure that cures fistulas quicklyThe procedure uses a radial fibre that is gently withdrawn from the external orifice to transmit laser energy in fistula lumens at 360°. The lumen of the fistula is ablated with a laser that helps to diminish fistula.

8How much does fistula surgery cost in India?

Fistula Surgery cost relies on different factors such as The Type of surgery, Hospital, & Room charges, Doctor consulation charges, Patient's condition and ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs. 50,000.

9What is Anal Fistula ?

An anal fistula is a small tunnel that connects a hole in the anal canal with a hole in the anus's skin.An anal abscess, a pus-filled, infected cavity, is the most prevalent cause of an anal fistula. A fistula can exist with or without an abscess, they keep leaking and leading to more painful abscesses.

10Types of Anal Fistula?

There are various types of Fistula:
1.Intersphincteric fistula.
2.Transphincteric fistula.
3.Suprasphincteric fistula.
4.Extrasphincteric fistula.

11Causes of Anal Fistula?

Anal fistulas are produced in around half of the cases by an anal abscess. Anal fistulas can also be caused by the following factors: An abscess is a collection of body fluids such as faeces and urine that serves as a breeding ground for infectious germs. A fistula forms when the abscess bursts through the skin and into the organ. Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel illness that affects: STIs (sexually transmitted infections), Trauma, Tuberculosis, Cancer.

12What is Ksharsutra? Is it a cure for anal fistula?

ksharsutra is a prominent therapy option for managing fistula-in-ano. It works through excision, scraping, draining, piercing, debridement, and sclerosing while simultaneously mending without the need for surgery. The traditional method of inserting a ksharsutra through an external opening with a metallic probe may cause pain and distress to patients. In some circumstances, this procedure cannot be performed without general anaesthetic.

13What are the precautions for an anal fistula?

For the first week after your treatment, avoid heavy activities. For the first few days, take sitz baths (sit in warm water for 15-20 minutes) three times a day and after each bowel movement. Apply a topical ointment to the anal surface and a small amount to the anal canal 2-3 times a day if you were provided one.

14Where does fistula occur, and are there different types?

There are various Types of Fistula:
1.The anal canal and the skin around the anal entrance form an anorectal fistula.
2. When a hole forms between the rectum or anus and the vagina, it is known as a Rectovaginal or Anovaginal Fistula.
3. A Colovaginal Fistula is a connection between the colon and the vaginal canal.

15What are the different types of fistula?

1.Between the anal canal and the skin covering the anus lies an anorectal fistula.
2.Anovaginal fistula: a connection between the anal canal and the vaginal canal.
3.A fistula between the vagina and the colon is known as a colovaginal fistula.

16Is homeopathy effective in treating a fistula?

Yes, homoeopathic remedies have the power to heal the fistula but to some extent as the time taken to repair a fistula depends on how it developed in the first place, and getting it cured is equally crucial due to its proclivity to recur.thus, Laser surgery iss best advised to get rid of fistula completely.

17Can perianal fistula be treated without surgery?
18How serious is a fistula?

Fistulas can be quite uncomfortable, and if left untreated, they can lead to significant consequences. Some fistulas can lead to bacterial infection, which can lead to sepsis, a life-threatening illness that can cause low blood pressure, organ damage, and even death.

19How do you know if you have a fistula?

You may be suffering from Fistula if you notice any of the below mentioned signs & symptoms:
1.Swelling and pain around the anus.
2. Drainage (pus) from a hole surrounding the anus that is bloody or foul-smelling.
3.Skin irritation around the anus due to discharge.
4.Constipation causes pain.
6.Fever, chills, and a general sense of exhaustion.

20What will happen if a fistula is left untreated?

If Anal Fistula is left untreated for an extended length of time, it may develop malignancy. The majority of fistulas are easy to treat.The tract or fistula can be opened, or the tract and the space inside can be removed completely.


1What is a fissure surgery?

Fissure can now be effortlessly treated involving laser-based medical procedure. The strategy involves minimal postoperative inconveniences utilising general sedative.

2Which is the best clinic for fissure treatment?

Glamyo Health provides advanced laser Surgery for Anal Fissure, which is completed by skilled and experienced doctors who can permanently fix your anal Fissure without any complications. Laser surgery involves no cuts or stitches and is a minimally invasive surgery.

3What is the healing time for a fissure surgery?

You might be advised to take rest for atleast 5 days.It will take time for the wound to heal. As a result, avoid going to work and don't apply any pressure to the affected area. Take your medicine on a regular basis as prescribed by the Doctor.

4What is laser fissure surgery?

A laser-based medical method can now be used to cure fissures with ease. Using a general sedative, the method involves minimal postoperative discomfort.

5Is fissure surgery painful?

Sphincterotomy, or fissure surgery, is less painful than the fissure itself. This procedure causes very minor discomfort while reducing pain and pressure caused by fissures.

6What is the cost of fissure surgery?

Fissure Surgery costs you between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000,depending on a variety of criteria such as the Tpe of surgery, The Hospital, The City, The Fees Charged by Doctors, the Cost of the room, and the Patient's condition.

7Is fissure surgery covered in the insurance

Yes,Laser treatment for fissure is covered by Health Insurance

8Who is the best doctor to treat fissures in India?

Glamyo Health is a leader in minimally invasive elective and aesthetic operations, such as Laser Proctology, Laparoscopic surgery, and Circumcision.

9How do I know if I have a Fissure?

During bowel movements, there is pain, which can be rather severe. Pain that lasts for several hours after bowel motions. After a bowel movement, there is bright crimson blood on the stool or toilet paper. The skin around the anus has a visible crack.

10What is the healing time for a fissure surgery?

You might be advised to take rest for atleast 5 days.It will take time for the wound to heal. As a result, avoid going to work and don't apply any pressure to the affected area. Take your medicine on a regular basis as prescribed by the Doctor.

11How successful is fissure surgery?

Studies have found that for chronic fissure, surgery is much more effective than any other medical treatment and it is mimally invasive that shows faster results.

12What are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

An anal fissure is a term used to describe an open sore or a tear in the skin tissues surrounding the anus. Medications can help to regulate the condition to some extent, but you can also try these home remedies to help.

13What is the process of a fissure surgery?

There are two ways to carry out the process. Your surgeon creates a small cut in your skin to see the sphincter muscle during an open sphincterotomy. Typically, the cut is left exposed to heal. A blade is passed under your skin to reach and sever the muscle in a closed sphincterotomy.

14When is surgery needed for fissure?

If the anal fissure persists for more than 8 weeks, anal fissure surgery is performed,It's frequently recommended for chronic and acute anal fissures. Excruciating pain and blood accompany anal fissures.

15What is the fissure treatment? Is surgery the only option?

Anal laser Fissure treatment is a latest way to treat fissures that does not require any cuts or incisions, according to the physicians. Many of the hazards connected with standard surgery are reduced when fissure laser therapy is used.

16Can I walk after fissure surgery?

Gradually increase your walking time. Walking improves blood circulation and aids in the prevention of pneumonia and constipation. Inquire with your doctor about when you will be able to drive again. After surgery, most patients are able to return to work within 1 to 2 weeks.

17How much time does it take to cure a fissure?

Most short-term anal fissures heal in 4 to 6 weeks with home treatment. Pain during bowel motions normally disappears within a few days of beginning home treatment.

18What is best treatment for old fissure?

Loose, frequent stools may necessitate the use of antidiarrheals. Warm tub baths (sitz baths) for 10-20 minutes many times a day (particularly after bowel movements) are pleasant and induce relaxation of the anal muscles, aiding the healing process.



1Can a hernia grow in size?

Hernias tend to develop bigger over time as the abdominal muscle wall weakens and more tissue bulges through. Many doctors advise surgery because it prevents strangling, an uncommon but deadly issue that needs to be cured by Surgery.

2How can I prevent getting hernia?

When you have a hernia, it is critical to treat it as soon as possible to avoid further issues. The majority of hernias occur in the abdominal cavity between the chest and the hips.you may also adapt some preventive measures like Maintaining your target body weight by eating well and exercising often, Avoiding Smoking can help to control Hernia for the time being.

3How is a hernia treated?

Glamyo Health Doctors are the most Trusted Professionals to Treat Hernia in an effective manner so, if you need the Best and the Most Dependable Treatment for Hernia than get conselling from the Experts now.

4What are the advantages of laparoscopic hernia repair?

The advantages of a laparoscopic treatment over an open operation are numerous. Some instances are as follows:A quicker recovery,Infection risk is reduced,Rather than making a single large cut, smaller incisions are performed,Excellent diagnostic value

5Can Hernia be healed without surgery?

A Hernia, if left untreated, can lead to major consequences such as bowel obstruction (which causes extreme discomfort, nausea, and constipation) or intestinal strangulation (which occurs when the trapped segment of the intestines does not receive enough blood) so, it is important to seek medical help from Glamyo Health Doctors straight once for the permanent cure.

6Is hernia surgery a major surgery?

An open hernia repair is a complex procedure as compared to laparoscopic hernia repair that requires general anaesthesia or local anaesthetic with sedation. One or two standard-sized incisions (three to six inches in length) are used, allowing the surgeon to properly visualise and access the troublesome area.

7What is hernia surgery?

Hernia repair is a surgical procedure that corrects a hernia, which is a protrusion of internal organs or tissues through the wall that surrounds them with the help of Laparoscopic surgical repair.To treat a hernia, Glamyo Health offers scarless, painless, and bloodless laparoscopic surgery. We have advanced and up-to-date technologies to perform the most commonly suggested laparoscopic hernia surgery.

8How much doed hernia surgery Cost in Delhi?

The cost of a laparoscopic hernia repair treatment might range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000. To find out how much hernia surgery will cost you, call Glamyo Health for immidiate medical assistance.

9What is your inguinal hernia repair experience years after surgery?

Mild to moderate discomfort and a feeling of exhaustion are common after effects of hernia repair surgery. It is also typical to experience a sudden short pain in the affected area. Most patients, on the other hand, feel much better within a few days of surgery and significantly better within a week.

10Can you die from hernia surgery?

An Hernia isn't always harmful. However, it does not improve on its own than it could result in life-threatening consequences. In the case of a painful or expanding Hernia, your doctor is likely to prescribe surgery. A popular surgical treatment is Laproscopic Hernia Surgery.

Gall stone

1What causes of gall stones?

Causes of Gallstones inludes: Cholesterol in Excess

  • Calcium overabundance in the bile
  • Gallbladder hasn't been properly emptied.
  • Bile salt levels are low.
  • Bilirubin levels are higher.

2If you have gallstones, what does it feel like?

You may feel Pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen that comes on suddenly and gets worse quickly. Pain in the centre of your abdomen, right below your breastbone, that comes on suddenly and gets worse quickly. Back pain between your shoulder blades. Pain in your right shoulder.

3What are symptoms of gallstones?

Fever Constipation Diarrhoea,Nausea & Vomiting Severe Pain in Upper Mid Belly,Heartburn and gastric difficulties are some of the major symptoms of Gallstones

4Can we treat gallstones naturally

Gallstones can be cured by making lifestyle and dietary changes. gallbladder cleanse, also known as a liver flush or a gallbladder flush, is also a natural way to get rid of gallstones.

5Which is the best hospital for gallstone treatment in India?

Glamyo health medical consultants will aid you with choosing the best doctor and hospital, processing insurance paperwork, scheduling visits and follow-ups, and more, all at no cost to you through EMI. Glamyo also provides pick-up and drop-off services on the day of the procedure..

6How painful is it after gallstone surgery?

Laprsocopic Hernia repair is minimally Invasive surgery that does not involve cuts or stitches.So, if you're looking for affordable gallstone treatment in Delhi or anywhere else in India, go to the Glamyo Health website and schedule an appointment for free counselling and a hassle-free surgical procedure.

7Which hospital is best for gallstone removal surgery in India

Glamyo health medical consultants will aid you with choosing the best doctor and hospital, processing insurance paperwork, scheduling visits and follow-ups, and more, all at no cost to you through EMI. Glamyo also provides pick-up and drop-off services on the day of the procedure..

8How much does gallstones cost in india ?

The cost of gallbladder surgery in India ranges from 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR. However, it may vary depending on the type of clinic, the availability of the specialist, the type of surgery, and the length of emergency clinic stay, as well as the city, hospital, counselling fees, and the post-consultation fees.

9What is the best non-surgical treatment for gallstones?

Oral bile salt dissolve, local methyl-tert-butyl-ether (MTBE) dissolution, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL), and percutaneous gallstone clearance are some of the non-surgical treatment forGallstones.

10How dangerous is untreated gallstones?

If gallstones aren't treated properly, they can lead to life-threatening illnesses like cholecystitis and sepsis. Furthermore, it may increase the risk of developing "gallbladder cancer" in the future.



1How much does circumcision surgery cost in delhi?

Circumcision surgery in Delhi costs anywhere from Rs. 25000 and Rs. 35000, depending on the Hospital,Surgery, Location and the Doctors Counselling Charges.So, if you're worried about your erectile dysfunction, Glamyo Health provides the best circumcision therapyacross India to their patients..

2What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes extra foreskin from the tip of the penis. Hence The foreskin is removed during the circumcision operation (the sheath of skin that surrounds the head of the penis). It's an ancient practice that's still done with new & modern technology.

3What is benefits of circumcision?

some of the Benefits of circumcision are:Get rid of any Foreskin-related health problems for good,Sexual interactions that are both satisfying and joyful,After circumcision, there are no issues or pain in sexual intercourse,STIs and UTIs are less likely to occur and Penile Cancer Poses Minimal Risks.

4What happens during circumcision?

Laser circumcision approach is as less intrusive as possible. The penis is neither shaved or shaved widely. The surgeons use a high-intensity laser beam to remove the skin from the foreskin. The laser light pulses are focused solely on the foreskin, causing no injury to the surrounding tissues. After the patient has been given anaesthesia, laser circumcision can be performed. This also ensures that there will be minimal blood loss.

5Disadvantages of circumcision?

There is a chance that the glans can be irritated.Choosing the finest facility for circumcision is a crucial step. Glamyo Health provides a cost-effective circumcision treatment for phimosis and other foreskin illnesses.

6What is it like to have a circumcision?

For the first two days, your penis may bruise a bit.In most cases, it isn't too painful. You'll probably only need over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. A dressing will most likely be applied to the area or to your entire penis.

7What is it like to be circumcised as an adult?

Circumcision usually causes some discomfort, although the pain is usually not severe because it is a very basic procedure. Medication for pain can be beneficial.Glamyo Health provides the most advanced and effective treatment for a variety of operations. Our clinical specialists are always available to assist patients.

8Types of circumcision surgery?

there are three types of Circumcision surgery 1.Open or Traditonal Method,Stapler Circumcision and Laser Circumcision

9What is the cost of male circumcision surgery?

Circumcision surgery in Delhi costs anywhere from Rs. 25000 and Rs. 35000, depending on the Hospital,Surgery, Location and the Doctors Counselling Charges.So, if you're worried about your erectile dysfunction, Glamyo Health provides the best circumcision therapyacross India to their patients..


1What is the main cause of hydrocele?

A hydrocele can form as a result of a scrotal injury or infection. An infection in the testicle or in the small, coiled tube at the back of each testicle could cause inflammation (epididymitis).

2What is best treatment for hydrocele?

The laser-based Hydrocele Treatment procedure is the most Advanced strategy to treat Hydroceles.The procedure of hydrocelectomy is very recent. This procedure is done out while under the effect of anaesthesia.During laser Hydrocele Treatment, a high-intensity laser beam is used to form an incision in the scrotal area. The fluid, as well as the hydrocele sac, is then removed.

3What happens if hydrocele is not treated?

The size of a non-communicating hydrocele normally stays the same or grows slowly. An inguinal hernia can develop if a connecting hydrocele does not go away on its own and is not addressed. Part of the intestine or intestinal fat pushes through a hole (inguinal canal) in the groyne area in this disorder.

4What does a hydrocele look like?

Inside your scrotum, a hydrocele feels like a little fluid-filled balloon. It is mostly in front of one of your testicles and feels smooth (testes).The size of hydroceles varies widely. Elderly men who have never shown their swelling to a doctor may develop quite huge hydroceles. It could have been becoming bigger for a long time.

5What should I know before hydrocelectomy surgery?

A thorough clinical evaluation, necessary lab tests, and the precautions to be followed before surgery are all part of the process of preparing a patient for surgery.Before surgery, the doctor may order blood and urine tests, as well as any other tests that can aid the surgeon in visualising the patient's condition, such as ultrasound or X-rays. Any unique conditions that may affect the administration of anaesthesia will be evaluated by an anesthesiologist.

6How long does it take for hydrocele to heal?

Simple hydroceles in children frequently resolve without the need for surgery. Hydroceles do not normally go away on their own in adulthood. If surgery is required, it is a simple procedure with excellent results.

7How can you cure hydrocele without an operation?

A Hydrocele usually disappears on its own after six to twelve months. If the hydrocele does not heal on its own, it must be surgically corrected in order to avoid further difficulties.

8How much time does it takes to recover from hydrocele surgery?

Unless their operation was substantial, most patients can resume normal activities in within 2 days. Parents should keep the area as clean and dry as possible for their infants. Adult men should rest for at least two weeks before returning to hard employment or sexual activity.

9What is the complete recovery time after a hydrocele operation?

It's possible that your groin and scrotum are swollen or damaged. This normally improves in two to three weeks. After surgery, you should be able to return to work or school in 4 to 7 days. However, you must refrain from hard exercise or heavy lifting for two to four weeks.

10What will be the cost for a hydrocele treatment?

The cost of Hydrocele is determined by a variety of circumstances (medication, counsel, sedation, and so on) that occur during the procedure.Frenuloplasty usually costs between INR 15,000 and 20,000.


1What does a frenuloplasty do?

Frenuloplasty refers to a urological procedure in which the frenulum, a little overlap of tissue on the underside of the penis, is carefully modified.As a result, frenuloplasty is the most effective treatment for a constricted frenulum. The rest of the foreskin, which is intact remains unaffected.

2Is frenuloplasty same as circumcision?

This is a variation of circumcision that surgeons first try on patients who have a tight frenulum (the tissue between the head of the penis and the underside of the penis).

3How is a frenuloplasty done?

In this Procedure,A cut is made in the frenulum, which is subsequently stretched by extending it. After that, the wound is stitched shut. This lengthens the frenulum, allowing pain and discomfort to be relieved. The procedure can be carried out under general or local anaesthesia

4How do I know if I need frenuloplasty?

Foreskin tearing/bleeding,balanitis, pain during intercourse phimosis , ejaculatory issues, and hygiene concerns are some of the reasons for frenuloplasty

5Why do people get frenuloplasty?

Frenuloplasty is most commonly used to change the frenulum if it is causing discomfort and agony during sexual activity.Uncircumcised men who have concerns with the tightness of their foreskin may require a frenuloplasty.

6What is frenuloplasty surgery?

The best treatment for a tight frenulum is frenuloplasty. The rest of the foreskin, which is intact, is unaffected. There's a good reason to be concerned about the frenuloplasty procedure. Another laser-based medical technique, frenuloplasty, is easy and has a high success rate. The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.

7How much does frenuloplasty surgery cost?

The cost of Frenuloplasty is determined by a variety of circumstances (medication, counsel, sedation, and so on) that occur during the procedure.Frenuloplasty usually costs between INR 15,000 and 20,000.


Varicose Veins

1What is the main cause of varicose veins?

Increased blood pressure in the veins causes varicose veins. Varicose veins develop in the veins near the skin's surface (superficial). One-way valves in the veins direct blood flow towards the heart. Blood can gather in the veins if the valves become weaker or broken.

2How do you fix varicose veins?

Litigation and stripping, laser treatment, or radiofrequency treatment are used to treat larger varicose veins. A combination of treatments may be the most effective in some circumstances. Sclerotherapy or laser therapy on your skin is mainly used to treat smaller varicose veins and spider veins.

3Can varicose veins go away?

Varicose and spider veins do not disappear on their own, however they can fade in appearance. Symptoms may also disappear for a short period of time, especially if you lose weight or increase your physical activity. Your vein symptoms, on the other hand, are likely to recur with time.

4What happens if varicose veins are left untreated?

Varicose veins can develop into more than a cosmetic issue. If left untreated, they might cause major health problems. These difficulties can range from mild to severe, including superficial venous thrombophlebitis, bleeding episodes, and (hopefully) deep vein blockages.

5Why do I have varicose veins at 20?

Spider veins are more common beyond the age of 50, although manyindividuals aged 20 can also see these web-like veins on their legs and faces. Broken blood vessels, on the other hand, can be concerning at such a young age.

6Can you reverse varicose veins naturally?

It is feasible to treat varicose veins at home, and dietary and lifestyle adjustments may help to alleviate symptoms. People with severe varicose veins may want to seek medical treatment to help them look better and feel better.

7When should I be concerned about varicose veins?

Leg discomfort and swelling that is severe and persistent. Legs feel heavy and/or dull and achy at the end of the day or after strenuous activity. Varicose veins are reddish-brown in colour, and they are warm and delicate to the touch. Varicose veins can bleed on their own or as a result of other factors.

8Can you reverse varicose veins naturally?

It is feasible to treat varicose veins at home, and dietary and lifestyle adjustments may help to alleviate symptoms. People with severe varicose veins may want to seek medical treatment to help them look better and feel better.

9When should I be concerned about varicose veins?

Leg discomfort and swelling that is severe and persistent. Legs feel heavy and/or dull and achy at the end of the day or after strenuous activity. Varicose veins are reddish-brown in colour, and they are warm and delicate to the touch. Varicose veins can bleed on their own or as a result of other factors.

10Symptoms of Varicose Veins?

Most people do not initially feel any pain or discomfort, however they may notice:

  1. The veins appear twisted, swollen, and rough in appearance (bulging)
  2. Have a blue or dark purple appearance.
  3. Legs are heavy, especially after a workout or late at night.
  4. Swollen ankles
  5. A shiny skin discoloration, usually brown or blue, occurs along varicose veins.
  6. The skin in the affected area is red, itchy, and dry.

11Causes of Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are caused by weakened (incompetent) valves in the veins, which enable blood to pool in the veins rather than flow to the heart. Veins that are twisted and swollen are known as varicose veins. Varicose veins can develop near the skin's surface (superficial) veins.


1What are the 5 signs of varicocele?

A scrotal bulge, heavy sensation, swollen veins, dull or acute pain, and reproductive concerns are the five indications of a varicocele. Asymptomatic varicocele is common, however it can grow more noticeable over time. Men may feel symptoms when a varicocele reaches a specific size.

2What is varicocele?

Varicocele (VAR-ih-koe-seel) is a condition in which the veins in the loose bag of skin that holds the testicles grow (scrotum).

3What is the main cause of varicocele?

Varicoceles are thought to be caused by faulty valves in the veins of the scrotum, which are located immediately above the testicles. These valves normally control the flow of blood to and from the testicles. Blood backs up when regular flow is disrupted, causing veins to widen (enlarge).

4What happens if varicocele is left untreated?

They can induce testicular atrophy if left untreated (shrinkage of the testicles). There's also a substantial link between varicoceles and infertility in men. Varicoceles have been associated to sperm count and motility declines, as well as an increase in the number of malformed and useless sperm.

5Is a varicocele serious?

Varicoceles are not life threatening, however they can be linked to serious illnesses in rare cases. If a varicocele arises on the right side of the abdomen rather than the left, for example, make sure there is no lump or other abnormalities in the abdomen that could be causing it.

6Can varicocele be cured naturally?

For people who want to avoid surgery, natural varicocele treatment and minimally invasive methods are available. Always with your doctor before deciding on the best course of action.

7Symptoms of varicocele?

Pain. When standing or later in the day, a dull, agonising ache or discomfort is more common,The scrotum has a bulk. A "bag of worms"-like lump may be visible above the testicle if the varicocele is large enough,Infertility due to different-sized testicles.

8Diagnosis of varicocele?

Your doctor can detect a varicocele by visual and tactile examinations of the scrotum. Both lying down and standing up, you will probably certainly be examined. Your doctor may advise you to take a deep breath, hold it, and bear down while standing, similar to the pressure you'd feel during a bowel movement.



1Does LASIK permanently fix eyes?

LASIK is considered a permanent vision correction procedure.Lasik is a laser-assisted surgery in which the cornea is reshaped using a laser. The cornea's curvature changes contribute to reducing eye power.

2What is Lasik surgery done for?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a procedure that can be used instead of glasses or contact lenses. A unique form of cutting laser is used during LASIK surgery to accurately alter the shape of the dome-shaped transparent tissue at the front of your eye (cornea) in order to improve vision.

3What are the disadvantages of Lasik surgery?

Dry eyes and temporary vision difficulties like glare are frequent adverse effects after LASIK eye surgery. They normally go away after a few weeks or months, and just a few people think they're a long-term issue.

4Is LASIK painful?

LASIK eye surgery is not painful, fortunately. Your surgeon will put numbing eye drops in both of your eyes right before the procedure. While you may experience some pressure throughout the treatment, you should not experience any discomfort.

5Will I still need glasses after LASIK?

After the procedure, you should be able to see clearly in about a day, though this depends on the individual. After LASIK surgery, you will still need to wear sunglasses. You won't have to wear them indefinitely, but you'll need them to safeguard your eyes following the treatment.

6How many years does LASIK last?

LASIK is a procedure that can last a lifetime, 20 years, or ten years. The operation's long-term consequences are determined by a number of factors, including the patient's age at the time of the procedure and any medical issues that may emerge as one grows older and damage vision.

7Can we do LASIK twice?

There is no specific age and the need to undergo Lasik Surgery now and then. Besides being free of glasses and contacts, you will be able to see clearly and carefree once more. for a longer period of time.

8What age is good for LASIK?

Most LASIK eye surgeons agree on 25-40 as the ideal age range for candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. When you reach the age of 25, your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions have probably stabilized. LASIK candidates who have stable prescriptions are good candidates for LASIK.

9How much is a Lasik eye surgery cost?

The cost of Lasik eye surgery is determined by numerous factors and ranges from 45,000 to 11,000 rupees.LASIK represents laser in situ keratomileuses, which involves non-invasive laser surgery.

10How many times can you have LASIK?

There is no limit to how many LASIK procedures you can have in your lifetime. There are several factors that determine whether you are a good candidate for enhancement surgery. Thickness of the cornea is one of the main determinants of the safety of multiple LASIK surgeries.


1Can cataract be cured?

Once cataracts have formed, the only way to get rid of them is through cataract surgery. Neither medication nor eyewear can completely eliminate cataracts already present.

2What are the 3 types of cataracts?

Cataracts are divided into three primary categories: nuclear sclerotic, cortical, and posterior subcapsular.

3What age do cataracts usually start?

Around the age of 40, the majority of people begin to get cataracts. However, symptoms are unlikely to appear until after the age of 60. Cataracts are caused by a congenital abnormality in a small percentage of newborns.

4What will happen if cataract is left untreated?

Cataracts deteriorate over time and begin to obstruct eyesight. Important skills, including as driving, might be harmed, and vision loss can impact one's general quality of life in a variety of ways, including reading, working, hobbies, and sports. Cataracts will eventually cause total blindness if left untreated.

5What are the 3 types of cataracts?

Cataracts are divided into three primary categories: nuclear sclerotic, cortical, and posterior subcapsular.

6What age do cataracts usually start?

Around the age of 40, the majority of people begin to get cataracts. However, symptoms are unlikely to appear until after the age of 60. Cataracts are caused by a congenital abnormality in a small percentage of newborns.

7Is cataract surgery painful?

No, cataract surgery is not an unpleasant procedure. You won't feel any pain because numbing eye drops were given to the surface of your eye before the surgery. Within cataract surgery, these drops will wear off after a few hours. You may feel some little discomfort as a result of this.

8How can I cure cataracts naturally?

No, there is no natural way to get rid of cataracts. Natural therapies can help to prevent or delay the progression of cataracts, but they cannot be cured.

9What is the main cause of cataract?

The most common cause of cataracts is a change in the tissue that makes up the lens of the eye due to aging or injury. The lens' proteins and fibers begin to break down, giving blurry or unclear vision. Cataracts can be exacerbated by inherited genetic abnormalities that cause other health issues.

10At what stage should cataracts be removed?

Cataracts need to be removed only if they are causing considerable vision loss. The only way to know for sure is to have your progress monitored by an eye doctor.



1Whats is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is any surgery that involves the development or recreation of the vagina. This might be acted in ladies who experience vaginal muscle detachment that further results to sexual brokenness, urinary incontinence, and pelvic prolapse.

2What happens during a vaginoplasty?

During a vaginoplasty as a component of orientation assertion medical procedure, the male outside genitalia is to some degree eliminated and reconfigured. The skin of the penis and scrotum are utilized to make a vaginal trench and labia.

3What are the benefits of vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty can fix the vagina and carry it to a similar size as it was before labor. The labia's appearance can be improved, which will help to boost self-confidence in women.

4What does it feel like after a vaginoplasty?

individuals might encounter clitoral sensation after a vaginoplasty, in spite of the fact that it can vary for every person. Nerve recovery might start around 3 weeks following a medical procedure, however now and then, it might require a year or more to experience the sensation

5How effective is a vaginoplasty?

Friction is expanded during intercourse and causes more noteworthy excitement and joy during sex. There is an increased improvement in their sexual life after Vaginoplasty Procedure.

6How painful is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty Medical procedure can be awkward for the initial days as these regions will quite often stay sore for half a month following a medical procedure.It is important to adhere to the Doctor's advice after the surgery.

7Why do some people choose to get plastic surgery?

The objective of undergoing plastic Surger medical procedure is to work on an individual's appearance, confidence and self-assurance. Restorative medical procedure can be performed on any piece of the face and body.

Vaginal Tightening

1What is Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginal Tightening is a surgery that fixes the free muscles of the vagina brought about by labor, age intrinsic, or hormonal reasons. The system vows to reestablish the strength and versatility of vaginal muscles, along these lines empowering better climaxes, better grease, and pleasurable intercourse.

2Can you get vaginal tightening?

Vaginal tightening is a Medical Procedure that helps to "tighten up" a vagina that's become saggy or soft since birth or aging. some Doctors believe that it can even improve sensitivity.

3What can cause vaginal tightening?

some of the causes of vaginal Tightening include Childbirth, yeast infections, and Sexually Transmitted disease, apart from this other causes include conditions like vaginismus, endometriosis, and menopause.

4What is vaginal tightening good for?

Vaginal tightening helps to restore the strength and elasticity of the pelvic & the vaginal muscles. Thus, this eventually helps to make them tighter again and enables the vagina to contract again and experience increased friction during sexual activities for a Better orgasm.

5What can cause vaginal tightening?

some of the causes of vaginal Tightening include Childbirth, yeast infections, and Sexually Transmitted disease, apart from this other causes include conditions like vaginismus, endometriosis, and menopause.

6Do vaginal tightening products work?

so far, no Medication or Cream has been introduced that can help in Vaginal Tightening as the vagina is a stretchable organ and when it stretches during childbirth it doesn't really recover easily.

7How do you know if your vagina is tight?

There are a few things you might experience when your Vagina is tight including Extreme pain during sexual activity, this is somewhat a temporary issue and eventually goes away after stopping sexual activities, yet, you are prone to experience extreme pain for initial days.


1What is hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is a procedure performed to remove the uterus. It may also include the removal of the cervix, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and other surrounding structures. Hysterectomy is performed by a Gynecologists.

2What happens to your body when you have a hysterectomy?

You may notice some traces of blood and discharge after your surgery, and you'll not get regular menstrual periods. you may also feel pain, burning, and itching around the incision site after your surgery.

3Is hysterectomy major surgery?

A Hysterectomy is a somewhat major operation as after the medical procedure, you can be in the hospital for up to 5 days and it normally takes around 6 to 8 weeks to recover completely.

4What is the downside of a hysterectomy?

For many women, the biggest issue with a hysterectomy is loss of fertility. Once you undergo a hysterectomy procedure, it is almost impossible for you to conceive.

5How painful is a hysterectomy?

In the initial days, You may feel uncomfortable, and notice redness bruising, or swelling at the incision site. You may also experience a numb feeling around the incision and down your leg.

6What is the average age for hysterectomy?

On the off chance that you have not previously gone through menopause, you'll never again have periods, no matter what your age. Numerous ladies have a hysterectomy. It's more normal for ladies matured 40 to 50.

7Does hysterectomy cause weight gain?

There is a possibility that you may notice a sudden increase in your weight post-surgery which is quite common and does not require any urgent care.



1Will there be a scar after the surgery?

The expert surgeons at Glamyo Health make the incisions in the natural folds of the skin, such that the scars are barely noticeable. Moreover, the patients cure and get back to normal life within three-four weeks post surgery.

2Does exercise help in gynecomastia?

No, mostly not. Since exercise helps in reducing fat, it cannot help in buring grandular tissues. Even high intensity work out and proper diet plan cannot help in reducing male breasts. The only way to get rid of Gynecomastia is surgery. Mostly Liposuction is considered the best way to reduce male boobs.

3How much time does it take to recover from male breast reduction surgery?

The recovery time post Gynecomastia surgery is mostly three to four weeks depending upon the grade and severity of the condition. Glamyo Health surgeons mostly recommend complete bed rest of two to three days immediately after the surgery so that the healthy process becomes quicker.

4Will there be a recurrence of the gynecomastia after the surgery?

Mostly, gynecomastia surgery performed by expert surgeons with advanced technology give prolonged effects. However, in a few cases, gynecomastia can return if required precautions as suggested by surgeons are not followed wisely.

5Is gynecomastia a safe surgery?

Generally, Gynecomastia surgery performed by expert surgeons is extremely safe. Moreover, with Glamyo Health, the entire surgery procedure is supervised by trained medical coordinators who manage the entire process smoothly succh that no complications occur.

6What are the side effects of gynecomastia surgery?

Some of the common side effects post gynecomastia surgery include swelling, bruising and soreness. However, the patient returns to normal life within three to four weeks. Mostly, gynecomastia surgery is extremely safe and does not involve much side effects if all the precautions as advised by the surgeon are diligently undertaken.

Hair Transplant

1Are there any Side - effects of the Procedure?

At Glamyo Health, The expert surgeons perform a 100% safe surgery to regain natural Hair. It is a daycare procedure that is performed with 100% accuracy and brings out the desired results in just 30 minutes with no chances of side effects.

2Is the Procedure Painful?

A Hair Transplant is not painful. While no medical procedure can be totally effortless and some short and probable impermanent degree of uneasiness is conceivable, a hair transplant is the best way to regain natural hair without much hassle.

3Is there any Non-surgical method for Hair Transplant?

The best non-surgical hair rebuilding procedure is platelet-rich plasma PRP) Platelets produce PRP in the patient's blood and, when infused once again into the scalp, can invigorate hair follicles to help in hair development. Yet, a Hair transplant is considered t be the Best &permanent solution for hair regrowth.

4Does the Procedure require Hospital Stay?

It is a daycare procedure at Glamyo Health that hardly takes 30 minutes to be completed. The patient can return to his home on the same day.

5Are the results for Transplant permanent?

the treatment of hair transplant is viewed as long-lasting in light of the fact that you can't reverse the surgery and it shows the desired results without any issues.

6How successful is a hair transplant?

At Glamyo Health,The expert surgeons perform a 100% safe surgery to regain natural Hair. It is a daycare procedure that is performed with 100% accuracy and brings out the desired results in just 30 minutes with no chances of side effects.


1Are the results of liposuction permanent?

After the Liposuction treatment at Glamyo Health, Fat doesn't occur again whenever it has been eliminated from a body part. the procedure is safe and shows 100% desired results.

2How much time is needed to recover from 4d VASER liposuction?

Vaser liposuction recovery may take 2 to 3 days However, it is advised to rest for 2 to 3 weeks for complete recovery.

3Is liposuction surgery painful?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment that causes negligible pain or discomfort. specialist at Glamyo Helth perform the surgery with utmost care.

4How long does Lipo last?

Whenever fat cells are taken out through liposuction, they are gone until the end of time and do not occur again. The specialist at Glamyo Health performs the Liposuction treatment for a better outcome.

5How much weight can you lose on liposuction?

The liposuction procedure enables to lose a certain amount of fat from the body. Most Likely, You can lose weight upto 2 to 7 kgs after the procedure.

6How is liposuction surgery done?

The Liposuction surgery is performed under sedation. Little cuts are then made to get to the fat. A pull gadget is then embedded through the entry points and the fat between the muscles and the skin is taken out.


1How do I know, If I have a Lipoma?

Lipoma is an accumulation of fatty tissues underneath the skin which causes a physically visible oval-shaped lump that is rubbery in texture. Therefore, through a physical examination, if the skin is found bulging with a rubbery texture and moving sideways on touch, it can be a lipoma. However, a patient should always consult an expert to get more tests done before coming to a conclusion.

2What is the best treatment for Lipoma?

The most common way to get rid of lipoma is its surgical removal. Alternatively, liposuction can also be a method to remove lipomas wherein a long, thin needle is inserted into the affected area to eject out the fat.

3What can make Lipoma worse/Dangerous/Life-threatening?

Although lipomas are not as dangerous as tumors but they can be life threatening in case of excessive growth. Sometimes, widespread of lipomas can lead to pressure on vital nerves making it a fatal condition.

4Does Lipoma go away on its own?

Although lipomas are not dangerous, however, the only way to get rid of them is a surgical approach. Lipomas can grow in shape and size but they mostly do not go away with any kind of medication. Hence, lipoma patients need to remove them via surgery or through liposuction.

5What is the main cause of lipoma?

Lipoma formation is mostly hereditary or as a side effect of some acute diseases, including Dercums’s disease, Gardner syndrome, Madelung’s disease, etc.

6Which is the best treatment for lipoma?

The best treatment of lipoma is liposuction wherein a long, thin needle is inserted into the lipoma and the fatty tissues are ejected out. This is an incredibly safe and quick process which involves minimal pain and minute invasion that is mostly invisible.

Mole Removal

1Are all Moles Cancerous?

Most Moles are Non-cancerous and are not harmful. it is still necessary to monitor the changes in your moles and other pigmented patches are critical to identify skin diseases, particularly dangerous melanoma.

2Is Mole Removal Painful?

Doctors at Glamyo Heath are experts, before Performing a mole removal procedure, they utilize Local anesthesia so that you do not experience any sort of pain during the procedure.

3Is it safe to get a Non-Cancerous mole removed?

Moles, especially non-cancerous ones, can be successfully diminished with minor surgery. Moles can be carefully removed with extreme Laser surgery.

4How should I check my Own Moles?

If you are in doubt, you must consult with a specialist at Glamyo Health to have a proper look at your moles and suggest you with the laser treatment.

5How much did it cost to remove a mole?

Advanced Laser Mole removal surgery at Glamyo Health is performed by a specialist on budget with no incision, marks or Blood misfortune with the best outcome

6Can moles be completely removed?

A specialist could reduce a skin mole by performing a Laser method that is safe & the best procedure for removing moles from your skin. Contingent upon the size of the mole, the specialist will execute the entire mole treatment.


1Is Hymenoplasty Painful?

The Entire Hymenoplasty method is a minimally invasive procedure as it is performed under local anesthesia. Under the effect of local anesthesia, you do not feel anything during the procedure.

2When can you resume Sexual intercourse after Hymenoplasty?

Specialists advise that you wait for at least 6 two months prior to engaging in sexual relations after your hymenoplasty medical procedure to allow the wounds to be heal completely.

3Can Hymenoplasty affect Pregnancy?

Since no regenerative organ/tissue is upset through the hymen fix process, it doesn't influence a lady's fertility or have any effect on their future pregnancies.

4How Long Does Hymenoplasty take?

At Glamyo Health, Hymenoplasty medical procedure requires at least 15 to 30 minutes to be completed.it is a day care procedure with faster results.

5What is the purpose of hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty Procedure can fix a hymen for ladies who need to restore it because of social or any personal reasons.It is a safe procedure with assured results

6How much does hymenoplasty cost?

Hymenoplasty cost can vary from INR 25,000 to 50,000 depending on the condition of a patient, hospital and the city.


1Is there any Side - Effects of Labiaplasty?

Soon after labiaplasty surgery, the patient may feel soreness, bruising and swelling near the affected up to two weeks. During this time, peeing and sitting may also be uncomfortable. However, this reduces gradually and the patient returns to normal life if all the necessary instructions are followed diligently as advised by the surgeon.

2Is Labiaplasty Painful?

The labiaplasty surgery is performed under the influence of anesthesia, therefore, the patient feel minimal pain and discomfort during the surgery. As far as post surgery condition is concerned, the patient is mostly exposed to painkillers which minimizes the pain and soreness.

3Does Labiaplasty require a hospital stay?

Labiaplasty is performed within 45-50 minutes, therefore it is a daycare procedure. Thus, there is no need to stay in the hospital. In some circumstances, a hospital stay may be necessary depending upon the patient's comfort.

4Does Labiaplasty leave any Scar?

The truth is no surgery is performed without leaving any scar. But most Glamyo Health surgeons make tiniest of possible invasion specifially in the hidden folds of the skin, such that no visible marks are seen.

5Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

While most women undergo labiaplasty to reduce the excess labia which twists and turn to causes pain and irritation, others opt for the surgery to regain their youthfulness and reverse ageing.

6Does labiaplasty make you tighter?

Yes, mostly labiaplasty is performed to reduce the size and improve the shape of labia minora and labia majora. Thus, during the surgical procedure, the surgeon trims the excess labial tissue to make it tighter.


1Is Rhinoplasty a Painful Procedure?

Rhinoplasty is performed by expert aesthetic surgeons hence it involves minimal pain. Mostly soon after the surgery, the patient might feel soreness, pain, bruises and a little discomfort. However, pain and discomfort is taken care of by surgeons with painkillers, while soreness and bruises go away within two-three days. Moreover, it is observed that the patient returns to normal life within three to four weeks from the date of surgery.

2Are there any scars from Rhinoplasty, and are they permanent?

Rhinoplasty incisions are mostly minute and are made within nose curves, therefore scars are not physically visible. Also, in case of closed rhinoplasty, no scars are visible because no external incisions are made. In case of open rhinoplasty, surgeons mostly prefer not to prefer the same during summers so that scars do not become visible in sun. Thus, on an average rhinoplasty does not leave any visible scar.

3Are there any scars from Rhinoplasty, & are they permanent?

In open rhinoplasty, the scars might become permanent if exposed to sun. Therefore, the surgery is mostly preferred during winters. In case of closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made in the nose curves so that no external scars are visible.

4When will I see the Final Result of my Rhinoplasty?

Most of the Glamyo Health patients feel contented with their new nose structure within two weeks as soon as the swelling gradually starts to reduce. The final rhinoplasty results are mostly visible at the three-month mark.

5How much does it cost rhinoplasty?

The average cost of rhinoplasty range between Rs 25,000 to Rs 55,000 depending up on the location and specifications as diagnosed by the expert surgeon.

6Is a rhinoplasty painful?

No, mostly patient do not feel any pain post rhinoplasty. Mostly, rhinoplasty surgery is performed under anesthesia and soon after the surgery the pain is controlled with required painkillers.


1Is PRP Safe?

Yes, PRP is one of the safest therapies which is administered by expert surgeons. It does not pose any danger of allergy, reaction, hypersensitivity or infection. It is considered as the most successful and safest treatments if performed by trusted health partners like Glamyo Health.

2Are there any side effects of PRP?

Since injecting PRP involves using a person's own platelets thus the precdure involves minimal side effects. Therefore, PRP treatment is completely safe that includes less than 1% chance of local infection.

3Is PRP a Painful procedure?

Mostly patients can feel little to no pain after receiving a PRP injection. However, in case the patient feels unbearable pain and sore (that mostly faints within two to three days), the doctor prescribes pain medication to ease the discomfort.

4How quickly does the PRP procedure work?

Depending on patient's condition, one can witness PRP results between two-six weeks after receiving the injection. Mild injuries or chronic pain cases typically delays the results until first two weeks, however, as soon as the sonreness faints, the results become more evidently visible.

5What is PRP treatment good for?

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) treatment is one of effective cosmetic procedures that boosts hair regeneration naturally wherein patient’s own blood cells are used to boost the natural growth factors of the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

6How long do PRP treatments last?

The results of PRP are not permanent, they can last up to an average of 18 months, with two years being the longest reported effect. Additionally, patients need to visit for follow-up treatment once a year. However, it is noticed that PRP results can be prolonged by taking good care of the body and following the instructions suggested by the doctor diligently.



1What are the types of dental treatment?

Dental treatment can include brdges, crowns, fillings, root canal, braces, aligners, dentures, etc. As far as Glamyo Dental is concerned, we in rectifying malalignment of the teeth with best aligners that are transparent, flexible and easily removable. Apart from this, we also offer Dentures as a replacement for a missing teeth.

2What is the best treatment for teeth?

If you have a missing teeth then dentures can be the best treatment recommended for you. However, if you are suffering from malalignment of teeth, then aligners could be the perfect treatment. Moreover, Glamyo Dental has a plethora of trained dental experts who can suggest you the best treatment with advanced diagnosis.

3What is dental treatment called?

Dental treatments are most commonly referred to as orthodontic treatment, dental restorations, root canal, among others.

4What are routine dental treatments?

Tooth colored fillings, gold & porcelain crowns, amalgam/silver filling replacement, dental bridges, dentures, bonding, veneers, hygiene are an integral part of dental treatments.

5Are aligners good for your teeth?

Yes, aligners can be the best option to get malalignment of teeth fixed. Glamyo Health aligners are flexible, smooth, comfortable, nearly invisible and removable. Also, aligners can improvise oral health altogther and can bring a flawless smile that adds to your persona. Thus aligners are completely safe and good option for teeth.

6Are teeth aligners better than braces?

While braces are better for people with severe crookedness and mostly preferred for kids and teens, the aligners are best for adults who want a nearly invisible and more comfortable teeth straightening method.

7What is the cost of aligners for teeth?

The cost of aligners for teeth vary as per the severity of the requirment. With Glamyo Dental, the surgery is conducted by experts dentists with the most advanced technology, and yet it is affordable. The surgery can land expenses up to Rs 55,000 inclusive of transparent, flexible and easily removable aligners.

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