ZSR Circumcision is the most commonly performed method of circumcision. It was developed in China for use in developing countries, but it has also been adapted for use in developed countries. This method uses a stapler to close off the foreskin and create a scar on the penis. 

The advantages of using this method are that it can be performed without stitches or surgical cuts; it takes less time than other methods, and there is only mild discomfort during the procedure itself. 

However, more information about ZSR Circumcision will help you decide if this procedure is right for your son. After reading this article, you will learn all about ZSR Circumcision procedures, including their advantages and disadvantages, and what type of anaesthesia doctors recommend during this surgery.

What is a ZSR Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision is a non-surgical method of circumcision that entails the use of ZSR gel. It is painless, quick and safe. Unlike other methods of circumcision, there are no stitches or sutures required. The procedure takes just a few minutes and can be performed by any doctor or surgeon in their office or clinic. 

This process involves applying ZSR gel to the foreskin, then pulling it over a small device called an applicator and removing it after 10 minutes.

The cost of this procedure ranges anywhere from $100-$200, depending on where you live and what type of insurance coverage you have.

What are the advantages of stapler (ZSR) circumcision?

The ZSR Circumcision is a safe and quick procedure. With the ZSR, circumcision is an effective and painless procedure. The ZSR is also a cost-effective procedure.

The ZSR Circumcision is a permanent procedure that helps you avoid further complications of foreskin retraction as well as painful skin tears (frenulum). It produces immediate results without any need for a dressing after treatment or medication.

The entire process takes less than two minutes to complete, with no postoperative complications such as bleeding or infection occurring in most cases.

What is the duration of ZSR circumcision?

The duration of ZSR circumcision is 2-3 minutes. This is much shorter than conventional circumcisions, which usually last between 10 and 20 minutes.

What are the Types of ZSR Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision is a type of surgery that uses a stapler. It is also known as preputial plasty.

ZSR Circumcision is a minor surgery performed under local anaesthesia, but you must have an adult present who can drive you home afterwards if you do not have anyone to stay with you at home.

Is ZSR Circumcision Painful

The pain of ZSR circumcision is not as bad as traditional circumcision, but it is still painful. Painful for adults and children both. For many adult men, this pain may be less than the pain they feel from phimosis or balanitis. The more you are aware of what your body needs to do to get through this process quickly and efficiently, the easier it will be for you.

For adults who have been circumcised before and had a difficult time with this process, we recommend trying out our other method (4-hour ZSR). It’s equally effective but much quicker for those who have already experienced significant discomfort during their previous circumcisions.

ZSR Circumcision Stapler Procedure

The stapler is a device that is used to perform circumcision. This device is used to cut off the foreskin. It comes in various sizes and shapes depending on the purpose of use and its application. The staple gun has been around for many decades now, but it was not until recently that it gained popularity as an alternative method for circumcising babies and young boys.

You need to understand how this device works so you can be confident about using one if needed. This can be done by reading reviews from other people who have gone through this procedure before and understand how it works, or by asking questions from your doctor who knows what they are doing when he performs circumcision procedures on children under his care.”

ZSR Circumcision Stapler Removal

Once the stapler is removed, your child will be given an ice pack to keep on the area for 15 minutes. They may also be prescribed pain medication in the form of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). They are able to return home after this time has passed.

The decision to have a circumcision should be made with both parents and their paediatrician in consideration. You must be comfortable with your choice before deciding whether or not to proceed.

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ZSR Circumcision Recovery Time

After ZSR circumcision, the patient can expect a variety of symptoms and changes to occur. Most cases, these effects are temporary and can be managed with medication.

A common complaint among patients is pain. The level of discomfort varies from mild soreness up to extreme pain in some cases. It is important to understand what you can expect so you can take steps to alleviate any discomfort early on.

The other side effect common following the ZSR circumcision procedure is bleeding, which may occur during or after the procedure has been completed. Blood loss from this procedure may be minimal or severe—depending on several factors, including how much area was removed during surgery—and patients may require additional surgery or other procedures in order for bleeding to stop completely.

ZSR Circumcision Before and After

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis. The procedure is performed by a doctor or specialist, usually in an outpatient setting.

Circumcision is usually done on newborns but can be done at any age. It’s not recommended for adults because it can lead to complications like infection or loss of sensitivity in the penis.

The procedure is typically done with local anaesthesia (numbing medicine), but some doctors may use general anaesthesia if they think your child may need it.

If you’re considering having your child circumcised, talk with your doctor about the potential benefits and risks of the surgery. If you’ve decided to go ahead with circumcision for your child, learn more about what happens during the procedure and how long it takes.A short introduction to this procedure

ZSR circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin is removed. The procedure is done by using a stapler. ZSR Circumcision is painless and can be completed in one to two minutes, depending on how much foreskin needs to be removed. Because of this, it’s an excellent option for parents who want their son to have a quick and efficient circumcision without having to make multiple trips back and forth to their paediatrician’s office or hospital over multiple days or weeks (as may happen with traditional methods).


In conclusion, we can say that this procedure is quick and effective. The recovery time is very short and does not require stitches. This method also has fewer complications than other types of circumcision procedures such as Plastibell or Mogen clamping methods. 

However, there are some risks associated with ZSR Circumcision surgery because it uses an instrument to cut off the foreskin rather than an incision made directly on the penis shaft as traditional circumcision methods do; this requires more precision from your surgeon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, ZSR or laser circumcision?

There is no clear answer as to whether ZSR or laser circumcision is better. Both techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. One key factor that may influence your decision is the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure. Other considerations include cost, recovery time, and potential side effects.

Laser circumcision involves using a laser to remove the foreskin from around the penis. This technique can be more expensive than ZSR circumcision, but it often results in less pain and bleeding. Recovery time is typically shorter than with ZSR circumcision, although there may be some discomfort during urination for a few days afterwards. As with any surgery, there are also risks associated with laser circumcisions, such as infection and scarring.

Ultimately, the decision of which technique to use should be made by you and your surgeon based on your individual circumstances.

ZSR circumcision side effect?

There are a few potential side effects associated with ZSR circumcision. These include pain, bleeding, and infection. There is also a small risk of scarring. Recovery time is typically shorter than laser circumcision, although there may be discomfort during urination for a few days afterwards. Ultimately, the decision of which technique to use should be made by you and your surgeon based on your individual circumstances.

Is ZSR Circumcision Good?

There is no simple answer to the question, “Is ZSR circumcision good?” The answer depends on a number of factors, including your personal beliefs and values.

ZSR circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin, or skin covering the tip of the penis, is removed. It is typically performed on newborn boys for religious or cultural reasons.

Some people believe that ZSR circumcision is beneficial because it can help reduce the risk of certain medical conditions, such as UTIs and STIs. Others believe that ZSR circumcision removes an important part of the male anatomy and can cause physical and psychological damage. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to circumcise your child is a personal one.

How many times can ZSR circumcision be used?

There is no definitive answer to how many times ZSR circumcision can be used. This will depend on a number of individual factors, such as the size and shape of your penis, the skill of your surgeon, and your personal preferences. It is important to note that this procedure is not typically reversible, so you should be sure that you are comfortable with the decision before proceeding. You may want to consult with multiple surgeons to get their opinion on whether or not ZSR circumcision is right for you.

After ZSR circumcision, we will see the metal pins in the skin or not

After ZSR circumcision, the metal pins will not be visible on the skin. If they are visible, they will eventually fall out on their own. If they are not visible, they will need to be removed by a doctor.

What are the disadvantages of ZSR circumcision?

There are a few potential disadvantages associated with ZSR circumcision. These include pain, bleeding, and infection. There is also a small risk of scarring. Recovery time is typically shorter than laser circumcision, although there may be discomfort during urination for a few days afterwards. Ultimately, the decision of which technique to use should be made by you and your surgeon based on your circumstances.

Which Method Of Circumcision is Painless, Normal Or ZSR?

There is no one definitive answer to which method of circumcision is painless. It depends on individual circumstances, such as your surgeon’s skill and pain tolerance. Many people report that ZSR circumcision is relatively painless compared to other methods. Recovery times also tend to be shorter with this method, although there may still be some discomfort during urination for a few days afterwards. Ultimately, the decision of which technique to use should be made by you and your surgeon based on your individual circumstances.

If I Have Phimosis, is Circumcision Surgery necessary?

If you have phimosis, surgery may be necessary to correct the condition. Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back from the head of the penis. This can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty urinating. Surgery to correct phimosis is called circumcision. It involves the removal of the foreskin. Circumcision can be performed using a number of different techniques, including ZSR circumcision. Recovery times vary depending on the technique used but are typically shorter with ZSR circumcision. You should discuss your options with your surgeon to determine which technique is right for you.

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