Yoga is one of the effective methods of reducing back pain, and the problem of back pain is mainly found in elder and older people. Yoga is a gentle practice that helps maintain back strength and flexibility as it helps strengthen and stretch the back muscles, which helps improve the movement. It includes many poses and postures as well as breathing exercise, which helps increase strength and flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and improve bone strength. Yoga is helpful for the muscles which support the back and spine.

Many people suffer from back pain, so doctors have suggested doing yoga. It is a therapy that belongs to our mind and body and can also treat back pain and stress. The Right poses help to relax and strengthen your body.

After doing yoga for a few minutes, you will get to know about your body, and you will also know where you are carrying tensions and imbalances. So it can help you in improving balance and alignment in your body.

10 Yoga For Back Pain

Cat cow is a backbend pose that strengthens the back, shoulders, and neck.

The downward-facing dog is a traditional forward bend that helps strengthen the back and shoulders and reduces back pain.

Extended triangle – It is a standing pose that helps reduce the pain in the back and neck. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety and strengthens the shoulder, and stretches the spine, groin, and hips.

Sphinx pose – It is also a backbend pose that helps strengthen the spine and buttocks. It stretches the chest, shoulder, and abdomen and also relieves stress.

Cobra poses – It is similar to the sphinx pose, but in this, you have to move your hips from side to side to release tension from the lower back. It strengthens the spine and soothes sciatica.  

Locust poses – It is also a backbend pose that helps relieve back pain and fatigue. It helps in strengthening the back, torso, arms, and legs. In this, you have to touch your big toes together.

Bridge pose – A backbend and inversion pose that can helps in stimulating and refreshing. It stretches the spine and helps in relieving back pain and headaches.

Half lord of the fishes – It is a twisting pose that energizes the spine and helps to relieve backache. It stretches the hip, shoulders, and neck. It reduces fatigue and stimulates the internal organs.

Two-knee spinal twist – This twisting pose helps in movement and promotes mobility in the spine and back and stretches it. It helps in reducing the pain and stiffness in the back and hips.

Child’s pose – The most effective way to reduce the tensions in the body, mainly in the neck and back, strengthens the back and stretches the thighs and ankles. It also helps in reducing stress and tiredness.

Benefits Of Yoga For Back Pain

  • 1. It relaxes and stretches the muscles and promotes better sleep.
  • 2. It strengthens the muscle
  • 3. Improves blood circulation
  • 4. Maintaining the natural curvature of the spine
  • 5. It helps in improving mental health
  • 6. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • 7. Maintain body posture, balance, and alignments.
  • 8. Improves body awareness.
  • 9. It gives relief to sciatica.
  • 10. It improves heart health.
  • 11. It also promotes self-care.
  • 12. It helps in reducing loneliness by socializing with people.
  • 13. It controls the weight.

Risks factors Of Yoga For Back Pain

It is usually considered a safe physical activity to do for healthy people when it is performed well. The common injuries we can get are sprains and strains and injuries in the knees and lower leg. Injury is not as harmful as compared to other physical activity.

Many exercises and poses are unsafe for some people as they impact wrist health, knees, and other body parts. If you do it regularly when you have an injury already, then it worsens the pain. Mainly strain and sprains occurred due to yoga.

Higher risk is associated with headstand, shoulder stand, downward facing dog, and seated like a crossed leg. Much attention is given to the spine as it is the essential part of the body, as the highest number of injuries happens there.

People with osteoporosis or facet disease have the highest chance of getting a spinal injury. A lumbar disc injury can happen due to this. The highest number of injuries happened due to repetitive strains. Yoga will cause injury if it is overused, and yoga trainers could cause it by performing the yoga for a long duration and with high intensity with the increased number of frequencies.

It would be best if you always choose well-trained and qualified trainers for practising yoga.

Yoga for Upper Back Pain

  • 1. Cat-cow pose
  • 2. Thread the needle pose
  • 3. Hero and eagle pose
  • 4. Extended puppy pose
  • 5. Camel pose
  • 6. Reclining bound angle pose

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

  • 1. Downward facing dog pose
  • 2. Child’s pose
  • 3. Pigeon pose
  • 4. Triangle pose
  • 5. Cat-cow pose
  • 6. Upward facing pose
  • 7. Upward forward bend pose

Yoga for Back Pain During Delivery

  • 1. Goddess poses– helps in opening up the hips.
  • 2. Sumo squat – from goddess pose, we can transition to sumo squat pose. 
  • 3. A wide seated forward fold helps ease the discomfort of the growing belly.
  • 4. The table top – stretches back and opens up the shoulders, which is a great balance exercise.
  • 5. Child’s pose – good for back and shoulders.

Yoga for Back Pain After Delivery

  • 1. Cat-cow pose
  • 2. Plank pose
  • 3. Revolved triangle pose
  • 4. Legs up the wall
  • 5. Mountain pose
  • 6. Bridge pose
  • 7. Standing forward bend
  • 8. Child’s pose

These poses and postures help improve blood circulation, reduce back pain and neck pain, and open the pelvic floor, hips, and lower back. It helps in relieving the discomfort from the spine. It stretches the muscles and relaxes the body.

After delivery, every woman has to start practising yoga for their benefit as it alleviates the pain in their body.

Best Age For Yoga

  • 1. Yoga can be done at any age and by people of any age group, as many poses and postures can be performed by any age group by their preferences. Whether it helps keep the body flexible, strengthens the body, and gives relaxation to the body.
  • 2. In kids, it will be done by them only if they can understand the instructions. Children who are more than 4 can start practising yoga.
  • 3. Older people can start practising yoga by performing easy poses like warrior-II, tree pose, bird dog, cobbler’s pose, etc.


Yoga can be the best option for people suffering from back pain because yoga is considered to be an effective method of reducing back pain, and the problem of back pain is mainly found in elder and older people. The asanas recommend for back pain can help increase strength and flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and improve bone strength. However, you need to ensure you are performing yoga with guidance because if it is not performed well, it may harm or injure you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of back pain?

Prescription pain relievers, good posture, better sleep, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle can help relieve your back pain.

How do I get rid of lower back pain from yoga?

Yoga poses like Cat-cow pose, Upward facing pose, Upward forward bend pose, and many other yoga poses can help relieve lower back pain. 

Should you do yoga every day?

Yes, it will be great if you do yoga every day. It will be safe and beneficial for you if you do a moderate amount of yoga regularly. 

Are 20 minutes of yoga a day enough?

Yes, 20 minutes of yoga can help in improving your overall flexibility. However, just 20 minutes of yoga will not be effective for weight loss and enhancing endurance. 

Is yoga good for over 60?

Yes, it will help hold the key to ageing well, benefiting your heart rate, back pain, blood pressure, and more.

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