A new subvariant of omicron is taking its position in India, with five new cases. As reported by the Union health ministry, one hundred seventy-three new coronavirus infections have been recorded in India, and the active cases reached 2670. 

According to the INSACOG, the first case of the new subvariant emerged in Gujarat last week. After that, three more samples from Gujarat and one from Rajasthan and Karnataka were positive for the new subvariant. XBB.1.5 has become so common in the US that 40% of COVID cases are due to this new subvariant. 

“Regular assessment of all the 5 patients infected with the new subvariant has been carried out, but they are not showing any different symptoms”, reports INSACOG official. This subvariant XBB.1.5 is no more different than previous COVID infection symptoms. These new variants are no special threat to India. However, Indians must follow appropriate COVID measures to avoid getting into lockdowns as long as the infection spreads.

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