“Journey from developing Piles, trying out home remedies, surgery options, getting done with surgery, complete recovery, the risk associated and finally some insightful as well as interesting facts about Piles” (World Piles Day)

Every year, ‘World Piles Day is celebrated on 20th November. This year too on 20th November 2022, we have joined hands to make our best efforts to help the people rise above the myth and learn the correct information. 

Therefore, the main idea behind dedicating this day to an ailment so common is to make people consciously aware and discuss it with one another. Let’s together, filter what has been spread incorrectly and bring light to only the facts.

Definition of Piles 

Piles, also known as ‘Haemorrhoids’ is the formation of a painful lump, inside or around the anus area. 

Generally, people who are facing bowel obstruction for a long time, unconsciously make multiple attempts to forcefully put pressure on their abdomen from the inside. Therefore, this excessive straining results in developing Piles. 

Launch Date 

20th November 

Celebrated (Every Year) 

20th November 

Medical Name 

Haemorrhoids or Hemorrhoids 

First discovered 

1700 BCE 

Commonly onset (Age)

45 years and above 


Proctologist or General Surgeon 

Common in (Gender)

Both: Males & Females 


  • According to position




  • According to Grades 

Grade 1:No sign of Bulge

Grade 2: Bulge but goes away naturally

Grade 3: bulge but needs to be pushed manually

Grade 4: painful bulge that does not go away naturally or by pushing


Obstructive bowel movement, constipation, heavy weight lifting, pressure or strain, obesity, poor diet, pregnancy. 


External Piles: Intense Pain, swelling, irritation, itching, and burning sensation

Internal Piles: Painless Bleeding  during bowel movement, pain, irritation, and discomfort 


Medical History of the Patient 

Physical examination 

Examination through symptoms 

Digital Examination 

Visual examination: proctoscope, anoscope, or sigmoidoscope

Home Remedies 

High Fibre diet 

Drink more fluids 

Stay clean and hydrated 

Sitz Bath 

Apply Ice pack 

Regular light exercises 

Over-the-counter medications

Surgical options 


Hemorrhoidal artery ligation 


Coagulation therapy


During Surgery

Surgery will be done under local anesthesia 

Recovery time 

2 Weeks

After Care

Complete rest 

Take proper dosage 

Regular follow-ups 

Consult a doctor in case of emergency 

A healthy diet and healthy lifestyle 

Risk Factors 

Bleeding when passing stools 


Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids 

Severe pain in different parts of the body 


Unable to urinate 

Other complications 

Peritonitis, abscess, hemorrhage, and sepsis

Interesting facts about Piles 

  • 1. At Least 70% to 75% develop the condition of Piles at least once in a lifetime.
  • 2. In most cases, Piles can be cured naturally, through home remedies or medicines. 
  • 3. Light exercises can be done while dealing with the problem of Piles 
  • 4. Piles can affect both males and females 
  • 5. Piles can also occur in people below the age of 40, but the chances are comparatively less.

When to Consult a Doctor? 

Consulting a specialist either for consultation or for surgery becomes necessary when the patient starts to experience physical symptoms and fails to recover through home remedies. 

Glamyo Health gives a complete solution to the process from consultation to planning for surgery. Get affordable deals, consultations with experienced doctors, good hospitality, and more medical-associated facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why will my Piles not go away? 

Piles can give complications and sometimes won’t recover naturally or by medications. The reasons can be either inflammation or obstruction of passing feces that results in inflammation. Therefore, without a delay get in touch with an experienced doctor for the best guidance and treatment. 

Q. Is Piles a permanent problem? 

Usually, Piles go away on their own or without a few days through home care. But, some Piles can feel more severe and can take longer time to heal. 

Q. Can Piles cure without surgery?

Yes, treating Piles without always approaching for Piles surgery is possible and effective. Usually, those patients with minor symptoms and mild to no pain try out various home remedies and medications in an attempt to get rid of Piles. 

But, for others who are not able to cure it in these natural ways, that’s when surgery becomes a must, as per the recommendation of the concerned doctor. 

Q. Can stress cause Piles?

Stress may indirectly have an impact on developing the condition of Piles. Stress gives a person straining, causing the digestive system to function very weakly, further leading to constipation and bowel movement obstruction. 

Q. What is the latest treatment for Piles? 

To start with, the best treatment for Piles can be by taking a good amount of fluids, fresh and high fibre based foods, some over-the-counter medications, and pain relief and in some cases, surgery can help completely get rid of Piles 

Q. What habits cause Piles?

Excessive straining, imbalanced body weight, poor lifestyle choices, poor sleep cycle, and unhealthy foods can lead to developing Piles.

Q. What is the last stage of Piles?

There are four major stages in developing Piles. Grade 4 is considered the last stage of Piles. 

This is when the lump formed isn’t able to push back on its own and therefore needs immediate medical assistance

Q. Why do Piles get bigger? 

In some patients, it has been detected that Piles are growing bigger or are found in enlarged shapes. This is generally due to immense pressure put on the anal canal.

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