Eye emergencies are required to be immediately addressed and treated. Though, it can seem like a minor cut or a flare up pain but it is not correct to wait longer for the consultation and possible treatment. 

For this a specialist opthamologist can be the right person in front of whom the condition can be addressed and discussed. With their experience, expertise and knowledge

Some eye emergencies are cuts, scratches, burns, eye injury, eye infection, persistent black eye, pink eye, red eye, chemical exposures, vision changes. 

Addressing some of the common eye emergencies 

Cuts and scratches 

While dealing with cuts or scratches the patient must take every step carefully. The injury can be very difficult both at personal level for the patient and for the surgeon to carefully treat it. Therefore, while reaching out for medical help, make sure to keep the area clean, safe and wrapped up with a bandage. But, make sure to avoid any kind of pressure to strain the eyes. 

Pink or red eye 

A conjunctivitis is yet relatively a less urgent case. At times the patient usually is cured without any treatment neither requires rushing to the hospital and nor is the case of treating within 24 hours. But, this isn’t really a situation with all those diagnosed with a pink eye or red eye. In certain situations, pink eyes or red eyes have the risk of becoming infectious, can spread person to person and can become infectious. This is why, just like other eye emergencies it is essential to get a pink or red eye checked by the eye doctor. 

Chemical injuries to the eyes 

While working closely with chemical materials or in chemical industries, it is possible that due to the lack of safety and care chemical may get into the eyes. This is an extremely serious condition and should not be avoided. The patient must rush to the hospital as soon as possible. 

Vision changes 

Initially, vision changes may not come in notice but as it comes or if the condition is rapidly worsening, such decrease in the vision can affect the daily lifestyle of a person. Letting it be a case of temporary condition is not safe. At times, it can be difficult to treat it once it has become severely damaged. Therefore, if facing any suspicious change, talk to your doctor and get it treated. 

When to take an emergency call for an eye emergency? 

The call for emergency can be addressed primarily based on one of the following symptoms. 

  • 1. Diminishing of the vision 
  • 2. One eye not moving same as the other eye  
  • 3. Blood found in the white area of the eyes 
  • 4. Extreme itchiness 
  • 5. Light sensitivity 
  • 6. Eye burn or injury 
  • 7. Discharge coming from the eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common eye emergencies? 

Some of the most common eye emergencies are cuts, objects in the eye, injury to the eyes, burns, wounds or chemical exposures to the eyes, infections or threatening eye conditions. Many of these are treatable but in these situations the patient must be immediately rushed to the hospital without delays.

How do you deal with an eye emergency? 

Eye emergencies are simply a matter of medical assistance. The patient with eye emergency must be rushed to the hospital on an urgent basis and the eye specialist should be available to check the condition and recommend treatment. 

What is emergency eye pressure? 

Eye emergency pressure is associated with intraocular pressure, when the pressure is somewhere between 30-70mm or even higher at times it may result in severe conditions like intense pain, cloudy vision, vomit or nausea. 

What are the common types of eye hazards? 

Some common eye hazards include getting different object, different chemicals, different ultraviolet radiation or other harmful materials inside the eye. These are mostly a serious concern that needs urgently checked by the eye specialist. 

When is vision an emergency? 

When a person starts facing decreased vision or certain changes that bothers their day to day life, this needs medical consultation and assistance. Eye specialist can look deeper into the condition and tell the cause and cure of it. 

What are 3 ophthalmic emergencies? 

Chemical exposure, objects in the eye or blunt cuts in the eye are the serious cases of immediate emergency.

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