Piles surgery is now possible through a minimally invasive laser procedure. There are multiple benefits linked with the effective and advanced laser surgery procedure. Here, listed are the top 13 must-know benefits before planning for your piles surgery (Laser Treatment for Piles).

Laser treatment for Piles 


Local anesthesia

  • Safely performed under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia 
  • Free of any side effects and risks.
  • Less discomfort and temporary pain. 

Blood loss is minimal 

  • Due to no use of cuts, patients experience minimal blood loss.
  • Blood vessel clotting is done through a laser. 

Use of non-invasive procedure

  • Non-invasive procedures are more widely preferred. 
  • Everybody, especially those who are scared of undergoing surgery. 

No open cuts or sutures 

  • No cuts were made, and no sutures were given by the doctor. 
  • No hassle of regular dressing changes. 
  • Ensures minimal pain. 
  • Patients can have a comfortable experience. 
  • No risk of post-operative infections 

Surrounding tissues of the affected area remain to safeguard. 

  • Laser is an accurate and safe technique. 
  • Laser beams ensure keeping the surrounding area unaffected. 
  • No damages are caused to the surrounding area. 

Low risk and no compilation

  • Since no general anesthesia is involved, the patient is safe from postoperative side effects, infection,  bleeding, and pain. 

The success rate is higher

  • Easy healing post-surgery 
  • No long-term complications faced 
  • Better success rates.

Relaxation from Pain and discomfort 

  • No reason to fear anymore, laser surgery ensures minimal to no pain during surgery 
  • Minimal tissue damage. 
  • This reason itself makes laser surgery a more preferable treatment option. 

No excessive hospital stay 

  • Laser is an out-patient procedure.
  • No need for a hospital stay for days. 
  • Same-day discharge allowed. 

Fast pace recovery

  • Less pain and discomfort means quicker recovery. 
  • Nerd does not require intense postoperative observing of the patient’s health.
  • Less healing time is required. 

Less number of follow-ups required

  • Recovery monitoring becomes easier because pain and complications are less. 
  • No risk of emergency follow-up requirements. 

Quick resuming daily routine and activities.

  • Easy to resume activities without waiting for weeks. 
  • No need to take a long week or rest. 

The recurrence rate is less 

  • Piles can reoccur again. But, fortunately, the rate of occurrence is less in the laser technique. 


Some quick advantages and disadvantages of laser surgery

It is interesting to note that laser surgery has multiple advantages whereas low to zero disadvantages. 

Advantages: Quick and hassle-free treatment, no longer hospital stays number of follow-up visits, no side effects, complications, and without experiencing any pain or discomfort. 

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of laser surgery is its expense which may occur slightly higher than other laser surgery options. Rest, laser surgery is successful, pain-free, and done without any cuts. 

When to consult the doctor? 

Piles can be effectively treated through laser surgery. Therefore, consulting a doctor becomes important the moment when the person starts to experience initial physical signs of developing it.

Glamyo Health had come forward with effective and advanced laser surgery to help the person have a seamless surgery experience. 

Glamyo Health offers free consultation for Piles Treatment in major Indian cities:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will piles come back after laser surgery? 

Post piles surgery, it is possible that piles might recur. But, by choosing a laser surgery option, the recurrence rates have been noted to be much less. 

Therefore, with the advanced laser process, patients experience long-term relief from piles disease and with the high success rate of the laser technique, patients are generally found to be satisfied. 

Q. Can laser cure piles permanently? 

The effective laser procedure used for relief from piles gives the patient a pain-free and minimally invasive experience. 

Though the recurrence can happen, the gap of occurrence increases. Therefore, giving the patient longer duration comfort. 

Q. How painful is laser surgery of piles? 

Laser surgery is designed with such advanced techniques, patients remain at complete ease during the whole procedure. 

Therefore, no pain or discomfort is felt during the whole procedure. Post-surgery too, only some temporary amount of pain while healing can occur. 

Rest, as the healing process speeds up, patients become cautious of their dosage and regular check-ups, and temporary pain completely goes away. 

Q. Is laser surgery better for piles? 

Yes, laser surgery for piles is the perfect solution for those afraid of cuts, pain, and bleeding. Laser surgery allows patients to have pain-free, minimally invasive surgery without any bleeding. 

Additional benefits of laser surgery include quick procedure, quick recovery, easy technique, risk-free and free of any post-surgery side effects. 

Q. Can grade 3 piles be cured with a laser?

Yes, the laser technique for the treatment of piles is very effective. It has high success rates. The laser gives a painless and quick surgery option, especially for patients in grade 3. 

For those with grade 4 or grade 5 piles problems, the stapler treatment option is widely preferred.

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