There are numerous conditions that can cause white particles to appear in your urine. In many cases, it is not dangerous at all, but you may face serious problems as a result of this.

Usually the color of urine is light yellow and no particles or particles of any kind are visible in it.  But in some cases, such as pregnancy, infection and kidney stones, some white particles are seen in the urine, due to which the urine becomes cloudy.  Pregnancy and urinary tract infection are among the common causes of change in color of urine.  But such symptoms appear when there are many other types of diseases.  So let’s know why white particles are seen in urine and when you should see a doctor.

Reasons for the appearance of white particles in urine:

Pregnancy- During pregnancy, there are many changes in the hormones of a woman, due to which many types of symptoms can be seen due to vaginal discharge. It mixes with urine while leaving the body. Due to which white particles are seen in the urine. There is nothing to be worried about. If you are pregnant and you notice signs of itching, burning along with the color of the discharge becoming dark, then you should contact the doctor.

UTI- It is quite common to see white particles in the urine due to urinary tract infection. When bacteria enter the bladder, kidney or vagina through the urethra, they reach there and increase even more. After this they spread the infection, then it is called urinary track infection. Men including women also have to face urinary tract infection and white particles can also be seen in the urine.

Ovulation- Some women have a lot of production of white colored sticky substance from the vagina during ovulation. Its color can be milky or creamy. Sometimes this sticky substance also comes out with urine. In such a situation, if you get a foul smell from this sticky substance, then it is necessary to contact the doctor.

Kidney stone- Kidney stone occurs when the level of certain substances like uric acid or calcium oxalate in the body increases too much. Due to the high amount of both these things, they get deposited in the urinary tract which can later turn into kidney stone.

When the size of the stone is small, it easily passes out of the body with urine, which can be seen as white particles.

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Prostatitis- Inflammation that occurs in the prostate gland is called prostatitis. It is usually caused by bacteria. Due to this, while passing urine, white particles can also be seen in it.

Yeast Infection- Yeast infection can also cause white particles in the urine. A fungus called Candida albicans is found naturally in a healthy body, but in some situations, it can grow rapidly in the vagina and cause infection.

A yeast infection often results in a thick, chunky discharge that may look like cottage cheese. This discharge may mix with urine and white particles may appear.

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