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Which medicine is best for Piles? A Lot of individuals go through extreme pain & bleed unexpectedly causing a lot of discomfort while passing bowel movements. There are various medical treatments & medicines available to treat Piles. Yet, very few medicines are capable of treating Piles completely without any side effects.

In this article, We will get to know about the best medicine for piles that are known to be helpful in treating Piles at the initial stage.

Numerous doctors utilize a method to categorise hemorrhoids along four phases:

First-degree hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids that bleed, yet don’t prolapse. These are marginally expanded hemorrhoids, yet they don’t distend outside the anus.

Second-degree hemorrhoids:

These might emerge from the anus during specific exercises like passing stool, and afterward return back inside the body.

Third-degree hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids that prolapse & are required to be moved back in by a finger.

Fourth-degree hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids that prolapse and can’t be pushed back in the anal canal that eventually causes bleeding & unberable pain.

Different medicines for piles might be recommended for various symptoms of piles. Here is a list of all the medicines that are possibly useful in treating Piles including:

Pain killers 

Utilizing pain relievers such as paracetamol or Anadin offers relief from discomfort for hemorrhoids for some time when u think that there are symptoms of piles. 


Corticosteroids are helpful in  reducing the pain and irritation in the anus. Hydrocortisone, fluocortolone and prednisolone are usually utilized as corticosteroids. 

Hydrocortisone: It is a corticosteroid that is regulated for hypersensitivities, pain in joints, asthma & other different skin sclerosis. 

Intestinal medicines: 

Purgatives are utilized for relaxing the stool. It assists in controlling the pressure caused during bowel movements.

Stool conditioners: 

To avoid piles, stool conditioners are also used in a couple of cases. 

Docusate: Docusate is a stool conditioner that is  suggested for managing piles.

Fluid Paraffin for piles: Every evening, before going to the toilet you should drink 20 ml of fluid paraffin.

Doxycycline tablets for piles 

This Pill is mostly prescribed to treat bacterial contamination. The specialist advise these tablets if your hemorrhoids in the anal area are painful and cause  a lot of irritation. 

This medication limits bacterial protein combination and consequently fixes the contamination. Other than these preventive measures you can try out these pills. 

These medications are sometimes very effective, However, does not guarantee a permanent cure and should be taken under the guidance of a specialist only. For a safe and permanent solution, doctors recommend going through a laser surgery as it is painless & provides  permanent Relief from Piles.

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