Circumcision is the surgical removal of the excess foreskin from the head of the penis. Circumcision can be done traditionally with a scalpel or with a laser. A surgeon removes the excess foreskin off the head of the penis using a scalpel in traditional circumcision. In laser circumcision, however, a surgeon utilizes a laser beam to perform the procedure. Circumcision by traditional methods involves a large incision, bleeding, pain, and discomfort. In addition, there is a considerable risk of infection and other problems during or after a traditional circumcision. However, with today’s improved laser circumcision, this is not the case. Laser Circumcision is a very advanced and minimally invasive method, But What to Expect Days Of Laser Circumcision?  

Laser circumcision is a minimally invasive treatment that doesn’t require a large incision, bleeding or pain. During this surgery, there is no risk of infection or negative consequences. Laser circumcision is a quick and painless surgery that takes around 15-20 minutes. The patient is discharged 3-4 hours after the surgery is completed. The procedure is carried out under the influence of local or general anesthetic.

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Circumcision by laser can be performed for a variety of reasons, including religious, cultural, or medical reasons. In most situations, laser circumcision is used to treat phimosis and prevent urological complications such as paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis, which can occur if the condition is left untreated. Foreskin issues such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis occur when the foreskin becomes too tight to pull or retract. Other major issues arise as a result, including sexually transmitted illnesses, infections, penile cancer in men, and cervical cancer in female partners. All of the disorders listed above, as well as a number of others, are treated with laser circumcision.

Advantages of Laser Circumcision: 

  • 1. No Bleeding 
  • 2. No Cuts 
  • 3. No Stitches 
  • 4. Painless Surgery 
  • 5. 10 mins surgery 
  • 6. No Scar
  • 7. No Wound 
  • 8. No Side Effects 
  • 9. No effect on Fertility 
  • 10. Increased Sexual Pleasure
  • 11. Better Aesthetics 
  • 12. Minimum risks of Infections
  • 13. No Recurrence
  • 14. Same-day Discharge 
  • 15. Next-Day resumption to normal Lifestyle 
  • 16. Sex and masturbation can be resumed after 3 to 4 Weeks


In addition, there is a risk of infection with traditional circumcision. Laser circumcision, on the other hand, eliminates the danger of infection, bleeding, and other typical adverse effects associated with traditional circumcision.

What to Expect After 3 to 4 Days of Laser Circumcision?

After Hospital Discharge, 

If the patient is given a local anesthetic before the procedure, he will be released 3-6 hours later.

When the patient is ready to return home, he can resume his normal routine the next day.

After laser circumcision, there is a dressing. There is no need for the patient to wear regular dressings. As a result, there is no need to return to the hospital on a frequent basis to change the dressing.

3 to 4 days after Laser Circumcision:

After laser circumcision, the patient would have no pain or discomfort. Following surgery, the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics or other drugs to aid recuperation and alleviate any discomfort. Make sure to take your prescription meds on time and to follow the surgeon’s recommendations. The patient should try to move a little and keep his or her body moving (if he or she is physically capable of doing so). As a result, avoid staying in bed for long periods of time. To avoid any hazards, the patient is urged to take a bath and maintain adequate hygiene.

The patient may experience little edema in some circumstances. If the swelling is accompanied by pain, it will not go away in 1-2 days.

After 3-4 weeks, the patient is free to have intercourse. The sutures used in this technique dissolve approximately 12-15 days following the procedure. For the first 7-10 days after the surgery, avoid rigorous physical workouts and long-distance travel. Laser circumcision has no effect on male sexual health or fertility.

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Result of Laser Circumcision: 

The surgery’s outcomes are mostly determined by the rationale for the procedure.

The operation is 100 percent successful if the patient selected circumcision to halt or prevent infections or physical concerns like phimosis. After the laser surgery, the patient will not have to deal with the condition again because there is no possibility of recurrence.

The outcomes vary from patient to patient. The operation has no effect on sexual function, urination, or sensitivity for the vast majority of people.

Special Upshot!

Laser circumcision is a painless operation with no side effects or hazards.

Consult your doctor if you experience any uncommon complications following circumcision, such as:

  • 1. Swelling or severe pain
  • 2. Severe Bleeding 
  • 3. Foul Smelling Drainage from the penis 


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