What is Tympanoplasty? 

Tympanoplasty Surgery – Tympanoplasty is a medical term given to, when two words, ‘Tympano’ the name given to the tympanic membrane (present in the middle ear) and ‘plasty’ the process of grafting, moulding or simply the formation of any specific part in the body, are combined. 

What is Tympanoplasty surgery? 

Tympanoplasty surgery is a short procedure of repairing both eardrums from the defect of a hole that is found in the middle ear and otherwise does not get repaired on its own. 

The result of this surgery is generally positive. It largely impacts the hearing abilities of a person and keeps the ears protected from water getting inside. 

Types of Tympanoplasty? 

In the given order Tympanoplasty can be classified into five major types. Each type serves a separate purpose. 

  • 1. Type 1 It only includes Normal Tympanic membrane repairing and is without any abnormality spotted in the middle ear.
  • 2. Type 2 This includes bone eroding, careful repairing of the tympanic membrane as well as the middle ear and the grafting of the membrane. 
  • 3. Type 3 In this, the tympanic membrane and the bone (states) repairing is done and some defect is present in the malleus bone and incus bone. 
  • 4. Type 4 A simple grafting of the Tympanic membrane to the stapes. 
  • 5. Type 5 Repairing of the stapes footplates which is a fixed part and is present in the ear. 

The surgery options for Tympanic membrane or eardrum repair? 

  • 1. Myringoplasty surgery is Mostly suggested by the surgeon for those with small-sized holes in the tympanic membrane. In this technique, through a thin paper-like tissue, the hole is patched. This is a small surgical procedure that can be done by giving the patient local anaesthesia and hardly takes 20-30 minutes. 
  • 2. Tympanoplasty surgery This is a more commonly performed surgical procedure. The surgeon performs this on a person with a chronic infection in the ear or in a condition where the hole is comparatively larger. 
  • 3. Ossiculoplasty surgery This is more likely performed when three bones on the middle ears are found with defects or are damaged due to some past trauma or infections. The procedure follows giving the patient general anaesthesia and under this, the surgeon carefully replaces the infected bones. 

The procedure of Tympanoplasty surgery?  

Tympanoplasty surgery for repairing the eardrums is considered the most suitable surgical option. The procedure of the surgery follows Microscopic and Endoscopic techniques. 

Firstly, the patient is put under general anaesthesia and therefore remains unconscious during the surgery. The surgeon uses either the incision process to make the cut or the repair is done by reaching the ear canal. 

To start the procedure, the excess tissue or the built-up tissue is removed carefully, through a taser method. Next, a small amount of the patient’s tissue is taken and grafted to close the hole in the eardrum. 

Recovery after Tympanoplasty surgery?  

The general recovery time after Tympanoplasty is 10 days to 14 days. During this initial healing time the patient will be provided with some post-care guidance to follow strictly. 

Take it easy

The very first thing to follow after Tympanoplasty is to relax completely. Stress is an invisible factor with various implications. Instead, know that if proper guidelines are followed, the recovery will be speedy and smooth. 

Rest well The

Best way to recover fast is to do less and rest more. Give oneself full rest. Don’t strain the body and don’t get into situations that trigger mental, emotional and physical health. 

Regular follows up

Consulting regularly with the doctor, and keeping updated on the recovery is a must. With this, the patient gets many chances to keep their health in the best shape. 

Proper dosage of Medicines

Post tympanoplasty surgery, recovery ultimately depends majorly on if the patient is following all the medications and their dosage regularly or not. Medicine is the way to heal the area affected by the surgery.

During an emergency, contact the doctor

While recovering from the surgery, there may or may not come moments when the patient faces some complications. Thus, conveying this to the concerned doctor as soon as it appears helps the patient get an immediate cure and not let it grow any further. 

Healthiest Diet

A good and healthy diet filled with nutrition, proteins and fibre-based food gives a person all the required strength. No matter if the surgery is a minor or a major one, a good diet means excellent health. 

Is Tympanoplasty surgery painful? 

The pain is generally minor or mild. Post tympanoplasty surgery, the patient can feel some amount of temporary pain, hearing difficulties and soreness or bloody fluid around the cut made or behind the ear. 

Who needs Tympanoplasty surgery?  

People with a hole in the eardrum, which doesn’t get repaired otherwise need immediate consultation and a tympanoplasty surgery. The surgical procedure is smooth and safe. 

When to see a Doctor? 

Once the surgery is successfully done. The need to visit or consult your doctor remains the same.

The patient must stay in touch with the concerned doctor for post-surgery follow-ups and most importantly, in case of experiencing any side effects or health combinations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How successful is a Tympanoplasty surgery? 

It has been noted that more than 85% to 90% of patients with Tympanoplasty surgery experience are pleased with their successful surgery. 

Most of the patients have given positive responses and shared that they felt no minor or major complications during and post tympanoplasty surgery. 

Q. Can I travel after Tympanoplasty? 

Travelling can be risky post-tympanoplasty surgery. In initial recovery days, it is advised that the patient must avoid flying, travelling, scuba diving or doing other physical activities. Thus, before scheduling any travel plan, one must consult the concerned doctor.

Also, To let the surgery recovery be done properly, take extreme care of all the post-surgery guidance given by the doctor and make sure to follow other health measures. 

Q. Is Tympanoplasty a major surgery? 

Tympanoplasty surgery is a quickly done, minor surgical treatment. The surgeon usually performs this treatment within their office and under local anaesthesia. Thus, no minor or major risks are involved and no pain is felt during the surgery. 

Q. When does hearing come back after Tympanoplasty surgery? 

The complete recovery of the child post-Tympanoplasty and their ability to hear accurately can take up to two or three months.

Generally, the hearing is restored soon after surgery but to have the full impact and feel the post-surgery success, waiting for the given time to see the results is more likely the correct thing to do. 

Q. Does Tympanoplasty improve hearing? 

Yes. Tympanoplasty does improve the hearing ability of the patient. The treatment is designed for this purpose only.  

Tympanoplasty is most effectively done to repair the eardrum and close the hole in the tympanic membrane which does not close on its own.

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