Lasik eye surgery recovery time, as many have asked. It is all set to be revealed here with other relatable knowledge that will help the patient to have hassle-free post-lasik surgery healing. 

Soon after Lasik eye surgery patients are advised to take rest for some time. This time is crucial as it is essential for complete recovery. So, let’s learn all about the amount of time one needs to take care of and how. 

In the case of LASIK surgery, how long does it take for the patient to fully recover

Lasik eye surgery recovery time Lasik surgery is one of the most commonly done eye vision correction surgeries. The surgery is done within half an hour, patients are sent home the same day and they are expected to recover completely within 4 weeks to 2 months. 

But, the recovery time usually differs for each patient according to how accurately the surgery is done and the amount of post-care the patient takes. 

Also, the initial few days to the first week after the surgery is very essential in terms of healing properly. During this time, following some post-care like keeping water away from getting into the eyes and following a good healthy diet ensures fast LASIK eye recovery time.

Femto LASIK eye surgery recovery time For patients who have undergone Femto LASIK eye surgery, the recovery time can take an estimated time between 3 months to 5 months. 


The Recovery Process

Post Lasik surgery, the doctor will give some guidance and tips for a fast recovery. That is, one cannot just immediately get back to the regular lifestyle without resting for some time and letting the healing take place. This guidance includes rest, diet to ear and avoiding. 

General recovery guidelines While recovering from Lasik eye surgery the guidance given by the doctor includes dos and don’ts which results in the effectiveness of the surgery and shows how successfully it has happened. 

Do’s & Don’t after LASIK eye surgery 


  • 1. Complete rest
  • 2. Healthy diet
  • 3. Stay clean and in good hygiene 
  • 4. Stay indoors
  • 5. Zero use of gadgets
  • 6. A regular dosage of medications 
  • 7. Regular follow-ups
  • 8. Wearing eye protection shades


  • 1. Avoid heavy lifting 
  • 2. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • 3. Avoid wearing makeup 
  • 4. Avoid strenuous activities 
  • 5. Avoid playing sports
  • 6. Avoid water getting into your eyes 
  • 7. Avoid watching TV

4 fast healing tips from LASIK surgery 

Healing tips can help you to ensure a fast recovery. Read, understand and follow these healing tips for a fast recovery from Lasik eye surgery.

  • 1. Make sure to take all the dosage of your medicines 
  • 2. Don’t miss any follow-ups with your doctor 
  • 3. Wear eye protection till recovery 
  • 4. Avoid direct sunlight or harmful rays

What should I expect after LASIK surgery?

Post LASIK surgery the patient can expect some temporary side effects. These usually go away as the patient proceeds toward the LASIK eye surgery healing period. The common side effects are  

  • 1. Mild to intense pain or discomfort 
  • 2. Uneasiness while opening eyes 
  • 3. Sensitivity towards light 
  • 4. Night vision difficulty 
  • 5. Trouble while driving 
  • 6. Some coloured patches on the eyes
  • 7. Halos or glare vision 
  • 8. Hazy or blurred vision

When to see a doctor? 

Post LASIK eye surgery, the patient is advised to get in touch with the doctor for regular follow-ups as well as whenever experiences any pain or discomfort. 

The doctor can look for any complications and provide required medications or further assistance. Anyone looking for the best doctor’s consultation must get in touch with Glamyo Health experts as well as experienced eye doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How long does it take to fully recover from Lasik surgery?

Lasik surgery complete recovery can differ from one individual case to another individual’s case. Where most patients generally recover within 6 weeks, some might recover within 2 months to 6 months. 

The recovery period of each case de certain factors such as the amount of self-care the patient takes and how regularly they visit the doctor for follow-ups. 

Q2. What can’t you do after laser eye surgery?

Some measures need to be taken such as avoiding putting pressure, avoiding heavy lifting, avoiding skipping any medication, avoiding unhealthy foods, avoiding exercising and avoiding wearing makeup.

In case of any difficulties or complications feel free to reach out to Glamyo Health’s expert eye doctors. Get the right way forward and medical facilities. 

Q3. Can I watch TV after LASIK?

Watching television soon after LASIK can affect the recovery or reverse it. This is because the sensitivity of the harmful rays that come out of the TV or any other relatable gadgets can be very harmful to the eyes, especially after getting eye vision correction surgery done. 

Q4.How long will my eyes be blurry after LASIK

The business from the eyes is a normal side effect of the LASIK eye surgery. This blurriness is only temporary and usually goes away with time. 

As the person goes on to recover by taking proper medication, rest and doctor’s follow-ups, they will find the vision gaining clarity and blurriness fading away. 

Q5. How can I heal faster from LASIK?

Especially during the initial two weeks, you are advised to properly follow all the indications and their proper dosage, maintain good health by eating right and regular sleep and get in touch with your doctor for regular follow-ups. The healing can only start and completely get recovered when consciously following the guidance given by the doctor.

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