Tonsillectomy as the operative procedure has derived its name from combining two words ‘Tonsils’ are two soft tissues present at the back area of the mouth and ‘ectomy’ is the surgical method opted to carefully extract it. 

What is Tonsillectomy Surgery?  

Tonsillectomy is known as the most effective surgical procedure to completely remove the tonsils formed in the throat.  The surgery is best performed by an experienced ENT doctor.

Two specific reasons that tonsillectomy becomes an urgent need are due to either restore the sleep disorder or bring the body remedy from the developed infections.

Types of Tonsillectomy? 

Two significant types of tonsillectomy can be classified with the following names. 

  • 1. Traditional tonsillectomy In this extracapsular procedure of removal of tonsils from the affected area, the procedure also includes the removal of the capsule along with removing the tonsils. 
  • 2. Intracapsular tonsillectomy In this type of tonsillectomy, the capsule is left behind and the procedure only focuses on the removal of the tonsils from the affected area. 

Surgery options for Tonsillectomy? 

  • 1. Cold Knife Tonsil surgery With the help of a medical tool named a scalpel, adenoids and tonsils are carefully removed. It is the safe, oldest form of surgery with lower chances of any bleeding after surgery. 
  • 2. Electrocautery Tonsil removal surgery This procedure effectively burns down the tonsils carefully removes the tonsils and stops any bleeding. Another smoothly done surgical technique. 
  • 3. Bipolar Radiofrequency ablation Through the transferrin got energy to the tonsil tissues, they are separated and destroyed without any pain. 
  • 4. Ultrasonic Dissection A high vibrational scalpel blade is used and this vibrational frequency reaches the tissue and at the same time, the tissue is carefully cut by the surgeon. 
  • 5. Microdebrider Tonsillectomy surgery Under this procedure the surgeon uses special devices and shaves the tonsil tissues. Though in this, the tissue shaved is not completely removed from its roots rather, some part of it is left behind.

The Procedure of Tonsillectomy 

The procedure of Tonsillectomy starts with the surgeon giving general anaesthesia to the patient. Thus, the patient is put in an unconscious or sleep state. 

Now, with the help of a safe medical tool called a scalpel, the surgeon carefully cut the infected tonsils. 

Also, for this, sometimes heat-based, high-energy heat or sound waves are preferred too. Finally, the infected tissues are destroyed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Tonsillectomy done? 

Earlier, the main purpose of Tonsillectomy was to reduce inflammation and infections. 

Now, the purpose of tonsillectomy has advanced to cure sleep disorders and breathing complications. 

Q. What are the signs you need your tonsils removed?  

Some signs that show that it’s time for the person to get tonsils removed are when repeatedly a person faces difficulties while sleeping at night, when sudden growth is experienced around the tonsils or simply when tonsils become severely infectious. 

Q. Is removing Tonsils good for you?  

Having tonsils removed partially or totally can both give health benefits especially when the tissues have become severely infectious and may infect other tissues in the throat. 

Removing the tonsils can be relaxing as it doesn’t leave any more risk of tonsils or infections recurring. But, at the same time, the throat can still get infected due to other tissues. So, equal care should be taken. 

 Q. Are you put to sleep for tonsil removal? 

Yes, the patient undergoing tonsillectomy is put under general anaesthesia. That is the patient is unconscious for some hours. This keeps the person from experiencing any physical pain. 

Q. Is there an alternative to tonsillectomy? 

The alternative to tonsillectomy can be laser tonsil ablation. This method is used to alter the tonsils instead of removing them completely. 

Also, the laser is used to remove the infected tissues of the tonsils. This method has been proven to be successful in most cases and very effective.

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