Mole Removal Scar – The number of cases has been rising with the demand to get mole removal done from different locations of the body. 

But, at the same time, it’s after effects such as scars left behind and healing from the procedure are of huge concern. So, it’s time to learn some simple preventive tips to minimize the scarring. 

Mole Removal – An Overview 

Some quick concerns of the people are often noted to be either the awkward location of the mole formed or simply because it may become cancerous. 

May it be for any of these two reasons or something else, the worry that the procedure may leave mole removal scars behind, makes people nervous while deciding whether to opt for it or not. 

Therefore, it’s time to understand the procedure of mole removal and how one can prevent leaving mole removal scars behind. 

Mole Removal – How is it Done?

Firstly, know that attempting to remove the mole on your own isn’t successful and fully possible. 

Additionally, this has a higher risk of infection or scar formation due to mole removal. So, the best way to get a mole removed is to get medical support. 

The mole removal procedure of a single mole is simple and can be effectively done within a single sitting. 

The procedure of such a mole removal can be done through Radiofrequency, shave excision, or surgical excision procedure. 

Mole Removal – Procedure 

From the given procedures, the best one or the safest one is believed to be the radiofrequency procedure. 

The reason is, it is minimally invasive and does not perform any discomfort in the skin area while removing the mole. 

Under this, the method used is an electrosurgical feathering method. Through this, the surrounding of the treated skin is blended in such a manner that no physical scar is visible post-surgery. 

How to Prevent Mole Removal Scar After Removal?

Now, the procedure is clear and simple. But, even after undergoing the safest of available procedures for mole removal. 

It is very essential that a person strictly follows some of the important preventive measures to ensure no scarring after the procedure is done. 

In other words, the recovery time for any surgery is crucial. Absolute care and focus must be given during this to avoid any scars or other side effects.

Must follow tips to Prevent After the Mole Removal Procedure 

  • 1. Regularly massage the scarred skin 
  • 2. Avoid direct or indirect sunlight 
  • 3. Apply sunscreen as a priority 
  • 4. Keep the skin moist 
  • 5. Ensure that the treated skin stays dry and clean 
  • 6. Apply pressure therapy 
  • 7. Be aware of the condition of the treated area
  • 8. Avoid stretching the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What not to do after mole removal?

Especially to or around the site of mole removal avoid activities that cause excessive straining to the area, avoid any direct exposure to water, avoid shaving in or around the treated area, avoid skin products around the area and be cautious of the medications you use. 

Q. How do you take care of your skin after mole removal?

Taking care of your skin should be the primary concern. This means, making sure to regularly keep the treated area clean, hygienic, and away from dust or water, once or twice gently cleaning the area is advised, and lastly, use of bandaging only if the clothes are rubbing off the area. 

Q. Do scars from mole removal go away? 

Yes, the scar caused due to the removal of a mole through a surgical procedure often fades away on its own and with the help of some medications. This usually just requires some patience and time. 

Q. Can Dermatologists remove moles without scarring? 

An experienced dermatologist can successfully remove the mole from the face or any other part of the body without scarring. 

Now, new techniques have been developed such as laser treatment for mole removal which has high success rates, is painless, and gives quick results. 

Q. How long does a mole removal scar last?

After undergoing mole removal treatment, reaching a successful result of proper clearing off the area from any redness or scarring after mole removal can take 4-8 months. 

Q. Does freezing a mole leave a scar? 

Freezing, burning, or cutting the mole are all the traditional methods of mole removal. These are now less likely done because it usually leaves a scar.

Instead, new developments have introduced minimally invasive laser treatment for the removal of moles, with highly effective and high success rates. 

Q. What is the scarless mole removal procedure called? 

The scarless removal technique to remove moles safely is the radiosurgery removal technique, shave biopsy, or excisional biopsy.

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