The following blog is for those who are looking for what the LASIK eye surgery procedure includes. The answers are given below and implied terms. 

Lasik eye surgery: Detailed Procedure 

Lasik procedure is conducted by eye specialists and is significantly divided into three major steps that are given below. 

Step 1: With the careful use of a medical specialised microkeratome or a femtosecond laser, a mechanical tool, a flap is drawn in the cornea of the eyes. This is followed by the surgeon carefully folding the flap to get direct access to the cornea. 

Step 2: In this next step, as the surgeon has reached the underlying cornea, an excimer laser is used, a highly classified laser that with the help of ultraviolet light beams, some amount of tissues and reshapes the cornea. 

Step 3: It is the closing step of the whole procedure where the flap is placed back and the cornea heals naturally. After surgery, give complete rest to the eyes for proper healing. 

Lasik Eye Surgery What to Expect 

Before LASIK eye surgery 

The initial step taken by the doctor is to simply perform a thorough examination to see if you are well qualified for the LASIK surgery. The thorough examination includes various eye tests to check if your eyes meet all the eligibility criteria for LASIK eye surgery. 

The essential steps also include corneal topography and wavefront analysis to ensure the vision and functioning of the inner layer of the eyes as well as the cornea. 

Further, the eye specialist will properly guide you through the protocols that need to be followed one or two weeks before the eye surgery. This includes avoiding contact lenses and any medications that may impact eye vision. 

During LASIK eye surgery Now, just before the surgery starts, the eye surgeon puts numbing eye drops in the patient’s eyes to help him prepare for the laser surgery. 

During the surgery, the patient’s eyelid is kept open by using a lid speculum and the surgery takes an estimated 10-15 minutes in which the surgeon reshapes the cornea and as it is done, he places back the corneal flap which heals without stitches. 

After LASIK eye surgery Initiapost-surgery very the patient most likely experiences itchiness, irrit, action, or blurriness to some extent instantly after the laser surgery and the doctor recommends complete rest. 

Next, the patient is discharged the same day and driven home by a family member or a friend. At home, the patient is already provided with all the essential guidance that includes what to do and. what not to do. After this, in a day or two, the patient is asked to pay a follow-up visit in which the doctor checks for how the healing is taking place. 

Don’t expect an immediate transformation, rather the patient is asked to wait for a few days to a week to experience the actual result of the LASIK surgery. 

Lastly, the patient must ensure to take all the medications and precisely follow all the guidance given by the doctor for a fast recovery   

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Lasik procedure? 

The most estimated time of LASIK eye surgery is approximately 15-30 minutes. Within this time frame, almost all LASIK surgery are successfully done. 

How long does the pain last after a LASIK surgery procedure? 

Lasik eye surgery is an extremely safe procedure that does not cause much pain. Though, post eye surgery, for 2 hours to 4 hours it is normal to experience some amount of pain, discomfort, burning sensation, or sensitivity to light. But, these fade away eventually. 

Is the Lasik procedure painful? 

Lasik eye surgery is completely painless and quickly performed. The surgeon uses laser technology to correct eye vision. Before surgery, numbing drops are put inside the eyes and as the surgery is done with the least technology, it is safe, painless, and minimally invasive. 

What happens if you blink during a LASIK procedure?

It is harmless to blink or sneeze during Lasik eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery is an advanced method that takes less than 20 minutes to complete and the patient is in a comfortable position. 

Some of the side effects of the LASIK eye procedure that the patient may or may not experience include 

  • 1. Dry eyes 
  • 2. Itchiness 
  • 3. Light sensitivity 
  • 4. Pain or discomfort 
  • 5. Glares or halos

What is the procedure for LASIK surgery? 

The main idea or the process of LASIK eye surgery involves the surgeon carefully reshaping the cornea according to the requirement. As it is done, the flap is placed back in its original position which heals naturally. 

Can you sleep during the LASIK procedure?

The patient must remain asleep during LASIK eye surgery. The surgery takes 10-15 minutes and is quickly performed without any pain or discomfort. 

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