Laser mole removal is a recently advanced technique brought up for those who are troubled with various moles. Some may be visible and others have hidden moles on different parts of their body such as moles on the face, moles on the neck, moles around the ear, and so on. 

Looking for effective laser surgery for moles? Need not worry, your cost estimation is here to help you plan for the mole removal without any hassles or difficulty. Read along to discover the estimated cost and factors that make the mole removal laser surgery cost differ for each individual. 

Mole Removal – An Overview 

It is not a brand-new discovery, but rather a common acceptance that moles are a part of our daily lifestyle. Some may enjoy having it, while others may be bothered or irritated, especially the moles that are directly visible on the face. 

Therefore, it has become a common demand of many to get rid of moles. For this reason, cosmetic procedures have been advanced to provide hassle-free, risk-free, fast, and affordable laser mole removal surgery costs.

Factors affecting the laser mole removal surgery cost 

Laser mole removal surgery cost has the following factors that differ the cost of mole removal for each patient individually. 


Depending on the condition of the mole that an individual patient is dealing with, the doctor determines the price for the individual patient’s mole removal cost. If the condition is unaffected, it may cost less than other cases where the mole may be affected and may require the surgeon to take extra care and precautions while removing the mole. 


Moles are formed in different sizes for different patients. This is the most common factor that is looked after by the doctor to determine the cost of the removal cost of the mole surgery. Some moles may be simply very small in size, some are moderate in size and others may be large. Costing is affected by this as well. 


Next, moles are located or developed at different locations such as the face, scalp, between fingers, between toes, under your nails, and armpits. So, this variation in the growth of location differs as well. 

Number of moles 

Further, it can be possible that the same person may have multiple moles and may want to undergo mole removal of more than one mole. Therefore, in such a situation, the cost of the surgery is the total number of moles along with other factors. 


There are 4 types of mole removal surgery: Freezing, shaving, laser treatment, and surgical excision. The cost depends on the type of mole removal method used for an individual patient’s procedure. 

Other factors include the cost of the doctor, the cost according to different cities, the cost of other medical needs, and the cost of the clinic in which the mole removal is done. 

Laser Mole Removal Cost in India 

Many cases of laser mole removal have been reported all over India. The estimate of the whole country can be seen somewhere around Rs 10,500 – Rs Rs 35,000. As much as the cost differs according to the above factors similarly per different cities, the cost can differ. 

Cost according to city



Laser mole removal  cost in Delhi NCR 

Rs 5,000

Rs 10,000

laser mole removal  cost in Mumbai 

Rs 9,000

Rs 15,000

laser mole removal  cost in Indore

Rs 3,000

Rs 9,000

laser mole removal  cost in Chennai 

Rs 6,000

Rs 15,000

laser mole removal  cost in Patna

Rs 1,500

Rs 3,500

laser mole removal  cost in Pune 

Rs 5,500

Rs 15,500

laser mole removal  cost in Chandigarh 

Rs 7,000

Rs 18,000

laser mole removal  cost in Bangalore

Rs 4,000

Rs 10,000

laser mole removal  cost in Hyderabad 

Rs 15,000

Rs 25,000

Laser mole removal  cost in Mangalore

Rs 7,000

Rs 12,000

Laser mole removal  cost in Ahmedabad 

Rs 8,000

Rs 13,000

Laser mole removal  cost in Mysore 

Rs 10,000

Rs 20,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a laser for a mole? 

The cost of laser mole removal may estimate at around Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. Though this cost can go up and down according to various factors that may differ it. 

Is a laser good for mole removal?

Laser is a safe and highly effective mole removal surgical procedure. A laser mole removal technique especially ensures to reach and treat moles that are on the ears, face, or nose. At the same time, it can help in treating multiple moles at the same time. 

How much will it cost to remove a mole? 

The removal of a mole may differ according to various factors that include the size of the mole, the location of the mole, and so on. But, it generally ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 11,000. 

Can moles grow back after laser? 

Though, it does not happen in all cases. But, the mole may grow back, while shaved or removed, especially if not removed completely. If the cells are left untreated, it may risk the occurrence of the mole. 

Does laser mole removal leave scars?

Firstly, this depends on the particular condition of the patient’s mole, its condition, and other essential factors. After laser mole removal, most scars aren’t left behind. With good prescribed medication, the temporary scars fade away completely. 

Does laser remove mole permanently? 

Yes, safely done and safely taken. Post care after mole removal, the removal remains permanent without any side effects or risk factors. But, as noted in some cases, mole removal may reoccur, this can be due to improper care taken during healing, or the surgery does not go as planned.

How much does laser mole removal cost in India? 

The estimated of laser mole removal surgery cost in India is around, starting from Rs 10,000 to Rs 35,000. This contains other expenses and the cost may differ for each patient. 

Is mole laser painful? 

Initially, a slight sting may be felt while the general anesthesia is given. But, moving further it is a pain-free procedure with no complications. 

While the mope is removed through the help of a laser, it is safely and carefully done, and the patient does not feel any pain. After the surgery, as all the recovery guidance are well provided, this will help speed up your pain and bring relief from scarring after the mole. 

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