Contract surgery is a highly advanced and safely performed surgery for eye problems. More importantly, when performed by an expert ophthalmologist, one who is skilled in his tasks, the surgery assures to be turned out as a seamless experience. 

Therefore, after undergoing cataract surgery by an experienced and qualifying surgeon for eyes. It is rather the start of a new phase for the patient. This is the most relaxing yet most alarming step in the whole procedure of cataract surgery ‘The recovery time’. 

The Recovery from Cataract Surgery 

Soon after the cataract surgery, it is said that the surgeon’s major task is done. But, this does not set the patient free immediately to resume daily tasks and get back to routine life. 

Rather, the patient is provided with prescriptions and guidelines to follow. This is the recovery stage that appears the very moment after the cataract surgery. In these initial days to the days that are going to come. The patient is likely to feel mild pain, feel restless and as the vision takes time to adjust, the patient will start seeing gradually. 

Be Calm, Eat Light Food, and Stay Healthy 

Be Calm, eat light food, and stay healthy

It is normal to experience some amount of pain and discomfort after cataract surgery and it can be stressful for the patient to handle the sudden side effects or post-surgery care that is required. 

But, being worried will only make it more difficult. Rather, you must undergo the surgery only with the prepared mind that slight discomfort or blurry vision is just a temporary state and it will ease as the patient moves along the recovery. 

Strictly avoid doing strenuous activities 

It is very essential that the patient fully understands that eye surgery or even any other type of surgery needs utmost care. Particularly in the case of cataract surgery, post-operation, eyes require a sufficient amount of relaxation. 

Any amount of stress, strain, or pressure on the eyes is harmful and may bring complications to the process of recovery. Therefore, activities that can cause pressure are weight lifting activities, swimming, and exercising. All these activities need to be avoided for at least 2 weeks to 4 weeks and further as guided by the doctor. 

Avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching your eyes 

Avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching your eyes

The eyes are a very sensitive part of the human body. After cataract surgery, the patient must protect their eyes with absolute care. Rubbing, scratching, or touching the eyes can cause infections and lead to serious complications. 

Especially, during the recovery process, when the eyes are weak and are already struggling to adjust to the new vision. Know that this is temporary itchiness and usually goes away naturally. 

Be attentive to the guidelines given by the surgeon 

Your surgeon has prior experience in treating similar cases and has studied your case thoroughly. Therefore, with the proper understanding he can. 

Be the best to guide you to successful surgery and post-surgery care. The patient’s firstborn job is to follow the doctor’s full guidelines, take the medications as prescribed, and regularly visit the doctor for further consideration. 

Be regular and punctual regarding your follow-ups with the doctor 

Generally, one or two follow-ups are sufficient to be attended. But, it, more importantly, depends on the individual’s case and their satisfaction with reaching full recovery. Let the doctor be your supporter. In case of any uneasiness or side effects, don’t hesitate to immediately connect with your concerned doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after cataract surgery can you do normal things? 

Initial rest needs to be taken first for 1-2 days, followed by being careful for 1-2 weeks at least. To resume a normal routine, start very slowly, bit by bit, and eventually, as your medicine dosage is complete, you become healthier and you can fully get back to doing normal activities. 

What can I do 3 days after cataract surgery?

As per the doctor’s prescription, on the initial day post-operation the patient needs to be very careful. First 3 days, it is prescribed to do complete rest. After that, little movement in the body can be done, followed by resuming normal activities in a week or two. 

How can I recover faster from cataract surgery? 

The simplest steps to recover faster from cataract surgery are: 

  • 1. Stay fully relaxed for a week or two. 
  • 2. Be regular with your follow-ups.
  • 3. Take all the prescribed medications as per the dosage given. 
  • 4. Eat healthy, take no stress, and be easy on yourself. 
  • 5. In case of experiencing any discomfort don’t leave it untreated. Reach out for help immediately. 

Can I do cooking after cataract surgery? 

It is in the guidelines of recovery from cataract surgery that for at least one week or 10 days the patient must avoid cooking or going near the heat. This can be dangerous for the eyes as it’s too early after eye surgery. Before resuming such activities, consult with your eye specialist.

How long after cataract surgery can I bend over?

One of the most serious complications due to bending over soon after cataract surgery is it may result in delaying the whole healing process. Therefore, for at least 2-3 weeks avoid any pressure or bending the body. 

Can I climb stairs after cataract surgery? 

Climbing stairs can be one of the activities that can be resumed soon. But, it largely depends on the number of stairs you climb and the pressure it puts on your body. For some days give yourself complete rest and eventually, you can start walking and climbing stairs. 

What are the most common problems after cataract surgery? 

Post cataract surgery, common applications may include discomfort, mild to moderate pain, pressure to the eyes, allergic reaction, infection, swelling, or bruising. If experiencing any of these, get in contact with your eye specialist. 

How many days should we wear sunglasses after cataract surgery? 

To protect your eyes and ensure their proper recovery, wear your sunglasses for at least 2 weeks. This helps protect the eyes from direct rays of light. 

Can we use mobile phones after cataract surgery?

Using any source of light: a flashing light or harmful direct rays. These are harmful after cataract surgery. The doctors recommend avoiding mobile phones, television, or any gadgets at least for one or two days. 

Can I sleep on my side after cataract surgery? 

Doctors strictly recommend avoiding sleeping on the sides, especially that side which was particularly treated. Taking such precautions can protect you from infection or any allergies.

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