Hernia Surgery – An overview 

In the case of hernia condition, two of the most preferred hernia repairs such as inguinal hernia surgery are open hernia surgery and laparoscopy. 

These two have proven to play a crucial role in hernia treatment. But, the decision of choosing one of the two is completely the role of the concerned hernia specialist doctor. 

As for this correct diagnosis and understanding of the condition of an individual is essential. Here, we will go through both of these separately and then combine them. 

Open surgery for Hernia? 

Firstly, an open hernia surgery is an old form of surgery. the procedure is also called traditional hernia surgery. 

Under this, the surgeon performs the procedure by making a careful incision to repair or replace the damaged tissue or an organ. Surgeons use clean and medically approved instruments to perform the surgery. 

This majorly includes surgical staplers which have multiple uses such as cutting through and removing remove an organ that has been damaged.  

Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia?

Laparoscopic surgery is the modern style of hernia surgery which has a wide number of benefits such as the incision being small, and the pain experienced being less is especially used for the treatment of the abdomen or pelvic area. 

The main equipment used is a long and thin tube called a laparoscopy along with a high-resolution camera. Through the incision, the instrument as well as the camera moves inside and the camera sends imaging for the accurate procedure to follow. 

Open surgery Versus Laparoscopy for Hernia 

Open surgery and laparoscopic surgery are two different surgical procedures with the major difference being the size of the incision cut made. 

In open surgery, the cut is larger and only a single cut is made whereas in laparoscopic surgery there are few cuts but the cuts are minimally invasive and small in size. 

This also shows the amount of pain felt in both conditions is felt comparatively lower in laparoscopic surgery procedures. 

Also, the technology used in laparoscopic spherical procedures is said to be advanced and when it comes to recovery time, laparoscopic surgery that is simply less painful, minimally invasive, and quickly performed, the patient recovers faster. 

Which is a better approach for a hernia? open surgery or laparoscopy surgery? 

As the advancement in medical development has been continuously growing, new technologies for surgical procedures are becoming minimally invasive. 

In such a situation, the main question that many worry while thinking about is whether to go for open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. 

After learning the benefits that come with laparoscopic or keyhole surgery it is highly recommended for hernia repair surgery and equally for other medical conditions to choose a laparoscopic surgery without any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which surgery is best for hernia open or laparoscopy? 

While open has been the traditional form of surgery and laparoscopy is the modern form of surgery recently developed. Laparoscopy has the higher response these days and so can be considered best for a hernia. 

Q. Is open hernia surgery safe? 

Yes, open surgery is a safe surgical procedure. Many have already had hernia surgery through an open surgery approach and shown positive responses with a success rate. 

Q. Why is laparoscopic surgery better than open?

For many positive reasons, laparoscopy is viewed as a better option for hernia repair. 

Some of the reasons associated are decreased pain or bleeding, no large open wounds, and minimized incision. 

Q. Who is a candidate for hernia surgery repair? 

Anyone dealing with a hernia, especially a large hernia, recurrence of the hernia, ventral hernia, or bilateral inguinal hernia is well suited to undergo laparoscopic hernia surgery repair treatment. 

  1. Laparoscopic hernia versus open mesh repair for the treatment of recurrent inguinal hernia? 

In terms of such a medical condition appearing, both open as well as laparoscopy gets equal preference. 

But, often laparoscopy is given the first consideration for the treatment of recurrent hernia repair due to its advantages such as fewer incisions and fewer hospital stays. 

Q. Can hernia be treated with laparoscopy?

Yes, the hernia can be effectively treated with a laparoscopy form of hernia repair surgery. This is conducted with general anesthesia and under the absolute observation of experienced surgeons who perform the surgery carefully.

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