What is MRI Scan – Facing problems or unexplained discomforts in the soft tissues? The doctor might ask you to have an MRI done for that part so that he can diagnose the concerned internal organs. MRI diagnostic tool generates images of non-bony tissues. 

Two forms of MRI scans are:

  1. Plain MRI
  2. Contrast MRI (more detailed imaging procedure) 

Purpose of this diagnostic techniques

MRI scans are frequently utilised to evaluate or diagnose or monitor the following conditions,  

  1. 1. Lymph nodes
  2. 2. Blood vessels
  3. 3. To monitor the organs in chest region 
  4. 4. To detect problems of abdominal region
  5. 5. Organs of the pelvic region

Doctors use interpretations from MRI to diagnose the below-given conditions:

  1. 1. Tumors
  2. 2. Heart problems
  3. 3. Fetus
  4. 4. Liver cirrhosis
  5. 5. Bile and pancreatic duct problems

Prepare yourself before taking an appointment for an MRI scan: 

When you are getting scanned through MRI, you can consider yourself safe compared to other scans. Because MRI is not MRI based on ionizing radiations. However, this magnetic scanning works on powerful magnets. They may be dangerous at the time when the fields are distracted by some outside metallic objects. 

So gear up yourself before MRI:

  1. 1. Remove your jewellery beforehand
  2. 2. Remove metal studs 
  3. 3. Remove clothing that contains chains, or accessories
  4. 4. Ensure to inform your doctor regarding their surgical implants or any metallic substance inside the body, like
  • A. Pacemakers
  • B. Vagus nerve stimulators
  • C. Loop recorders
  • D. Implantable cardioverter
  • E. Insulin pumps
  • F. Defibrillators
  • G. Cochlear implants
  • H. Endoscopy capsules 
  • I. Deep brain stimulators

Frequently Asked Questions

How risky are MRI scanning procedures?

  1. 1. Metallic objects, if they come under the magnetic fields of an MRI scanner can be dangerous
  2. 2. Unbearable sounds of MRI scanner
  3. 3. Twitching sensations due to repeated on and off switching of the magnetic fields.
  4. 4. Contrast material is risky for people having kidney problems.
  5. 5. Pregnant ladies undergoing MRIs are risky. The magnetic interactions can affect the fetus’s development 
  6. 6. Claustrophobic people cannot tolerate the MRI machine for longer periods. 
  7. 7. You can try these things to cope up with anxiety inside MRI scanner-
  • A. Listen to songs
  • B. Cover your eyes

What are the conditions when we are not allowed to consume any type of food  before going for an MRI scan?

Patients going for a plain MRI scan are generally allowed to eat food and drinks before MRI scan unless restricted by your doctor but due to some reasons.  However, in case of contrast MRI, patients are advised to stop eating 3 hrs before MRI.

  1. 1. If the doctor say so
  2. 2. Patients with overactive bladder
  3. 3. Patient is on Anxiety medicines 
  4. 4. For bowel difficulties and faecal urgency
  5. 5. For oesophagal reflux

Are there any Drawbacks of Brain MRI?

The brain MRI is a very useful tool to diagnose various brain-related problems. However, due to some reasons, there are various drawbacks to this technique:

  1. 1. Difficulty in lying still for long
  2. 2. Oversize and Weight limitations of MRI scanner
  3. 3. Irregular heartbeat fades the result
  4. 4. Contrast material is not safe for the fetus
  5. 5. Implants or metallic objects can pose serious problems.
  6. 6. MRI must be delayed for severely injured people
  7. 7. No difference in oedema and cancer tissues
  8. 8. MRI test is generally more expensive than CT scan

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