What is Erection?

Erection is the phenomenon of filling penile chambers with the blood that makes the penis firm.  

Mechanism of penis Erection Involves 

  1. 1. Imagination – penile erection is an involuntary movement initiated by imagination
  2. 2. Moisture – lubrication of genitals increases the passage
  3. 3. Testicles- function as a fulcrum to support the erect penis

What Causes Erections?

Biological reason behind erection 

In the case of sexual arousal, the penis gets stimulated by nerve impulses from the brain. Corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue that forms the penis) relax and are engorged with a lot of blood, eventually filling all the spaces. The filled-in blood spaces develop enhanced pressure to expand the penis, leading to an erection.

Types of Erections

Reflexogenic erection: It is the erection that occurs due to touch

Psychogenic erection: Sexual thoughts and fantasies also cause an erection called psychogenic erection

Nocturnal erection: Type of erection that occurs at night during sleep. It has been estimated that five-six nocturnal erections occur at night, lasting almost 30 minutes.

How to avoid Erection?

To avoid erection, some of the measures are :

Distraction- Penile erection can be avoided by distracting one’s mind from all the thoughts that lead to an erection. This can be achieved by focusing on some problem-solving or riddle-solving activities. 

Shifting position – Changing sitting or standing position to avoid erection. 

Meditation – Taking a deep breath and focusing on breathing sounds. 

Calming yourself – sitting calmly and breathing slowly to relieve anxiousness

Taking a cold shower– A cold shower is considered a traditional method for some men to avoid erection.

Erection dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the impotence or the inability to keep the penis firm for enough time for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Does ED (erectile dysfunction) Hurt?

An excessive erection that lasts abnormally for a long time is called priapism. It hurts a lot and tends to damage the penile tissues permanently.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • 1. Difficulty in getting a penile erection.
  • 2. Difficulty maintaining penis erect for the long period 
  • 3. Reduced firmness of the penis 
  • 4. Loss of erection after penis penetration.
  • 5. Unsatisfactory intercourse
  • 6. Comparatively less sexual desires

Risks Factors

Problems related to physiology

  • 1. Heart disease
  • 2. High cholesterol
  • 3. High blood pressure
  • 4. Diabetes
  • 5. Obesity
  • 6. Smoking
  • 7. Metabolic syndrome
  • 8. Alcohol consumption

Sedentary lifestyle

Psychological issues 

  • 1. Depression
  • 2. Anxieties
  • 3. Stress
  • 4. Relationship problems
  • 5. Mental health issues 

When to see a Doctor 

To discuss the issues related to erectile dysfunction, a family doctor would be beneficial, to begin with:

  • 1. If an individual experiences low desires and delay in ejaculation 
  • 2. In case a person has diabetes or heart disease affecting the erection
  • 3. If there are symptoms related to erectile dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an erection?

Erection is caused by the following:

  • 1. Sexual arousal
  • 2. Nerve stimulation of penile tissues
  • 3. Blood rush through the penis

What does your erection mean?

Erection means:

  • 1. Sexual arousal
  • 2. Hardening of penis
  • 3. Blood rush to the penile spongy tissue
  • 4. Nerve stimulation 
  • 5. Pressure build-up in the penile muscles

How long can a man stay erect?

Erection depends on a large number of factors like 

  • 1. Age – age is an essential factor determining the erection time. On aging, the arteries lose elasticity and do not expand enough to ultimately fill the blood to the tissues. 
  • 2. Sexual activity – decline in sexual activity decrease the time of erection
  • 3. Overall health – healthy body has more chances of staying erect for an appropriate time
  • 4. Certain medications – medication may have a negative impact or side effects on the erection time
  • 5. Mental health – mental health directly impacts the period of erection.

Therefore, the time of erection may vary few minutes to almost half an hour. 

What makes a man release quick (premature ejaculation)?

Various factors associated with premature ejaculation:

  • 1. Physical /chemical factors
  • 2. Psychological/emotional factors

Physical /chemical factors

  • 1. Erectile dysfunction
  • 2. Hormonal problem 
  • 3. Low serotonin (hormone for excitement and sexual desires)
  • 4. Extra sensitive penis

Psychological/emotional factors

  • 1. Performance anxiety – after a long sex abstinence period
  • 2. Nervousness – New partner 
  • 3. Lack of confidence
  • 4. Guilt
  • 5. Stress
  • 6. Depression

What Can I Do to Avoid Getting Erections?

Specific measures to avoid getting excess erections:

  • 1. Wait calmly – waiting calmly to diminish the blood rush and excitement helps avoid erection. 
  • 2. Meditate – meditation allows controlling in all situations that may lead to penile erection.
  • 3. Distract – focusing on some crucial things to do and planning for it
  • 4. Reposition – repositioning the state where there is more chance of getting an erection help to avoid erection. If a person is lying, he may sit or stand to avoid erection.
  • 5. Cold shower – traditional method to help diminish thoughts that are erection provoking
  • 6. Warm bath – in some men, a warm bath may help calm down and prevent excessive erections.
  • 7. Mild exercise -mild exercises allow control over our body and thoughts.

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