What is a Vaginal Tampon?

Vaginal tampon are small cylindrical-shaped menstrual products for women to help absorb menstrual blood during periods. The vaginal tampons are inserted into the vagina and are easily disposable. 

What is a vaginal tampon used for?

Vaginal tampons are used to collect or absorb the blood coming from the vagina during menstrual periods in women. They are made of highly absorbent material in a cylindrical shape with a small plug at one of its ends. 

Types of vaginal tampons

There are different classifications of vaginal tampons on the basis of insertion and tampon size.

Two main types of vaginal tampons based on the insertion way:

  • 1. Digital tampon
  • 2. Applicator tampon

Vaginal tampons on the basis of sizes and flow of blood:

  • 1. Light tampon
  • 2. Regular tampon
  • 3. Super tampon
  • 4. Super plus tampon
  • 5. Ultra absorbent tampon

How to use a vaginal tampon?

Guide to use vagial tampon:

  • 1. Wash hands properly and lies in a comfortable position.
  • 2. Insert the vaginal tampon into the vagina using an applicator or using your fingers. This step depends on the type of vaginal tampon being used.
  • 3. It is advised to properly dispose off the wrapper and applicator in the dustbin and not to flush it in the toilet.

Note: It is recommended to change the tampon after every 4-8 hours.

How to remove a vaginal tampon?

Guides to remove the vaginal tampon:

  • 1. Relax the entire body, especially the pelvic muscles.
  • 2. Using clean fingers, grasp the tampon string and pull it outwards gently
  • 3. After removing the vaginal tampon, wrap it in toilet paper and discard it in a dustbin

In case the string of the vaginal tampon gets broken.

  • 1. Wash your hands with warm soap and water
  • 2. Sit on the toilet seat or in a position that is comfortable and relaxed
  • 3. Insert two clean fingers inside the vagina, feel the tampon and grab it in between two fingers and pull it out gently. 

Vaginal tampon side effects

  • 1. Vaginal ulcers 
  • 2. Altered mucosal lining
  • 3. Toxic shock syndrome

Vaginal ulcers occur due to prolonged or excessive use of tampons in the upper area of vagina where the tampon presses onto the vagina. Fortunately, 75% of cases get cured spontaneously. 

Alteration of mucosal lining include the drying of epithelial layers and mucosa due to superabsorbent property of tampons. Chronic alterations in mucosal lining may lead to vaginal lesions or ulcers.

Toxic shock syndrome occurs due to toxins released by the bacteria that become trapped in vagina when tampons are used continuously. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is better, tampons or pads?

Tampons are preferred in certain situations over menstrual pads. Tampons are becoming more popular among women as vaginal tampons can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Women start using menstrual pads but eventually switch to tampons for convenience.

Q2. Does a tampon feel good?

Vaginal tampons are convenient and easy to use if inserted into the vaginal appropriately. There might be immense discomfort if the vaginal tampon is not inserted far enough inside the vagina. 

Q3. Can I feel the vaginal tampon inside with my fingers?

Vaginall tampons can be felt inside the vagina with the fingers as our fingers can be stretched to the length of the tampon location. If the fingers can grab the string of the vaginal tampon, it can be pulled out easily. The other way, if the string gets broken, the fingers are used to grab the tampon itself to pull it out when required.

Q4. Do we get tampons in India?

Vaginal tampons are available in India. They can be ordered online from various known brands of menstrual products. It is possible that the vaginal tampon may not be available at every shop, like the availability of menstrual pads, as there is still less knowledge on tampons to increase their demand. 

Q5. How are tampons used?

Vaginal tampons are used by inserting the tampon inside the vagina, either with or without the applicator. Vaginal tampons are meant to be used only once. 

Q6. Can a woman sleep with a tampon in her vagina?

It is considered safe to sleep with the vaginal tampon inside the vagina if it is inside the vagina for less than eight hours in order to avoid toxicity.

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