Malaria is a potentially fatal disease that affects millions of people worldwide. If left untreated, it can cause major health consequences such as fever, chills, and even death. Malaria rates have increased in recent years, and one of the most frequent treatments is falcigo injection. Falcigo injection is a novel malaria preventive therapy that employs a vaccine to help guard against the disease. This article will cover the applications, cost, dose, and advantages of falcigo injection. So, whether you want to avoid malaria or learn more about this medication, keep reading!

Falcigo Injection

Falcigo injection is extremely beneficial for treating severe malaria triggered by Plasmodium falciparum variants when other failed treatments. It cannot, therefore, be applied to treat malaria. This medicine’s main ingredient is a water-soluble hemisuccinate analog of artemisinin. It can be injected into a muscle or a vein or taken orally.

Generally, the body tolerates this medication well. It does not seem to be harmful when used during nursing or pregnancy. If you have ever experienced a serious allergic reaction to this medicine, you must avoid using it. Because it contains amiodarone, isoniazid, ketoconazole, methoxsalen, desipramine, methoxsalen, letrozole, and tranylcypromine, it needs to be avoided.

Falcigo Injection Uses and Benefits

Falciparum malaria is treated with falciparum injection. Falcigo injection is an injectable version of the medication artesunate that is typically administered in a single dosage every four hours for a total of six doses. The following are some of the advantages and applications of Falcigo injection:

  • 1. It can immediately reverse the symptoms of falciparum malaria and increase your chances of survival.
  • 2. It has few adverse effects, making it an excellent alternative for persons prone to such issues.
  • 3. Addresses symptoms like fever, general malaise, enlarged lymph nodes, rash, or skin sensitivity improvement.
  • 4. Lowers the danger of bacterial infection.
  • 5. It is simple to administer and does not necessitate any equipment or preparation.

Causes of Falcigo Injection

Falcigo Injection is a synthetic form of the falciparum malaria parasite used to treat illnesses caused by this strain of malaria. Falcigo Injection was developed particularly to fight and perhaps kill numerous strains of the malaria parasite, making it more successful than conventional therapies. It protects against falciparum malaria, the deadliest type of disease. It prevents sickness by preventing parasites from replicating in the body once they enter through the skin or mucous membranes. This injection is presently used to treat severe instances or complications of falciparum malaria, including cerebral malaria (a life-threatening condition caused by extended parasite exposure) and failed therapy with traditional antimalarial drugs.

Side Effects of Falcigo Injection

Falcigo Injection is a chemotherapy drug used to treat many forms of cancer. It targets and destroys tumors, potentially producing transitory adverse effects. The following are the most prevalent adverse effects of falcigo injection:

  • 1. Headache
  • 2. Loss of appetite
  • 3. Dizziness
  • 4. Weakness
  • 5. Nausea
  • 6. Sickness
  • 7. Anemia
  • 8. Abdominal discomfort or pain
  • 9. Injection site reactions

On the other hand, these extreme side effects must not be taken lightly, and anybody experiencing them must seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Falcigo Injection Price in India

Falciparum malaria therapy with falcigo injection is both reliable and safe. It is a generic drug often sold at a lesser price in India. It is a novel falciparum malaria therapy that is now accessible in India. The cost might range between Rs. 388 and Rs. 485.12 (MRP).

How does falcigo injection work?

Falciparum malaria injection is a medicine used to treat patients who have proven or probable falciparum malaria. It prevents blood parasites from reaching the body and causing anemia. It can also assist in lowering fever and improve overall clinical symptoms. Falcigo should only be taken under medical supervision because of the risk of serious allergic responses. Please seek emergency medical help if you encounter any side effects after receiving a falcigo injectable for malaria therapy.

Falcigo Injection Composition

Falcigo Injection is a treatment for falciparum malaria, caused by the parasite Falciparum. It contains the antimalarial medication artesunate, which is among the most efficient on the market.

Dosage of Falcigo Injection

Falcigo Injection is a generic drug that is accessible at most pharmacies. Your doctor will usually set the dosage depending on your unique medical condition and available treatments. However, it is usually between 1mg and 1.5mg. The most frequent dose is 1mg, which is often given intravenously. It is typically considered safe and well-tolerated, with few adverse effects. However, like many drugs, it might have certain side effects if not used as directed.


  • 1. Falcigo injection contents are excreted in breastfeeding. This injection cannot be used while nursing.
  • 2. It has no impact on your driving capacity, but you must stop driving until you are entirely recovered.
  • 3. This injection does not appear to interfere with alcohol. But, if you use alcohol excessively, consult your doctor.
  • 4. Furthermore, see your doctor if you get rashes, irritation, or difficulty breathing, and contact your doctor immediately.
  • 5. Since this medication may disrupt various blood counts, you might need regular blood testing.

When to use falcigo injection?

Falcigo injection is a therapy for falciparum malaria that is often used when a person has a high fever, severe muscular discomfort, or severe headaches. This injection is administered by IV infusion as part of an IV treatment regimen. It belongs to the quinolone antibiotic family and operates by disrupting the parasite’s growth cycle and limiting future multiplication. It might help with the chills, fever, body pains, headache, and weakness produced by falciparum malaria.

When not to use falcigo injection?

Falcigo injection is a malaria vaccination that protects against falciparum malaria. It should not be used in pregnant women, nursing, or anybody with a significant health condition that the vaccination might exacerbate. It should also not be used if you have any other vaccine-preventable infections. This injection can potentially induce serious allergic responses, necessitating immediate medical intervention. If you get a fever, chills, muscular pains, or a broad rash after receiving a falcigo injection, seek medical attention immediately.


It is past time to abandon old malaria treatment approaches. Numerous new drugs available today have no side effects and can relieve symptoms even in severe situations. If you want a quick and effective way to get rid of malaria, consider Falcigo Injection. You must be familiar with the beneficial applications of Falcigo Injection. It is also commonly recognized that it has certain benefits, like improved antibodies and immunity against various illnesses. So, give this drug a try and see the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of falcigo injection?

This injection is used for the treating malaria. However, it is not used to cure or prevent severe symptoms of malaria.

Is Falcigo antibiotic?

It is an antimalarial drug that may be used alone or in combination with other treatments to combat malaria.

Is it safe to inject falcigo?

Falcigo injectable is safe if used according to your doctor’s instructions. Consult the doctor’s instructions and notify them if any adverse effects trouble you.

How do you give an Artesunate Injection?

Artesunate injection can be administered intramuscularly (IM) or intravenously (IV) (IV). However, intravenous delivery is the recommended method.

How do you take Falcigo plus?

Get falcigo plus medication according to your doctor’s instructions.

What is the way to administer falcigo?

A healthcare practitioner gives Falcigo injection as an injection. Please refrain from self-administration. It is used when oral delivery is not possible.

How do I apply the falcigo kit?

Falcigo kit should be used with meals. Even if you start feeling better, do not miss any dosages and complete the whole course of therapy. Stopping it too soon may cause the illness to resurface and become more difficult to cure.

Who should avoid receiving falcigo injections?

Individuals sensitive to falcigo and its constituents should refrain from receiving falcigo injections. Talk to your doctor if you are not conscious of any allergies or if you are taking falcigo injection for the first time.

Is it safe to inject falcigo?

Falcigo injectable is safe when used according to your doctor’s instructions. Take your doctor’s exact steps and notify them if any adverse effects trouble you.

Is Falcigo injection efficient against all kinds and phases of the malaria parasite?

No, falcigo injection is inefficient towards Plasmodium hypnozoite liver phase variants. As a result, another antimalarial medication is used in addition to this one to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated.

Is Falcigo Injection useful for treating quinine-resistant malaria?

Yes, falcigo injection works in situations of quinine resistance.

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