LASIK Surgery Myths – Is anyone looking forward to planning Lasik eye surgery? It is suggested to stay completely away from myths or rumours that direct the focus and correct knowledge that every patient must have. Always keep your mind open to an extent that you know and learn only the right facts about a specific medical condition and its surgical procedure. Having wrong values added to your awareness can misguide you. 

Therefore, it is important to only and only follow the information given by a certified medical professional. Following are the myths about Lasik surgery that need to be unlearned by anyone to everyone. 

Myth 1: Your Vision Won’t Ever Change After Lasik 

After Lasik surgery, it is likely possible that the patient’s vision may start to show some changes. The changes are generally natural and age-related, as with time age grows and its eyes get weaker. 

Further, It is correct that after lasik the patient’s eye vision gets improved and the patient can see much clearer. It is also correct that under Lasik eye surgery, the surgeon performs a simple surgical procedure where the cornea of the eye is adjusted in such a way that the eyes can see clearly. 

Myth 2 Lasik is a Painful Surgery 

Lasik eye surgery is doubtlessly a very safe and highly recommended eye treatment procedure. Before the procedure begins, numbing eye drops are used. During the Lasik operation, only slight tingling or pressure is felt and the surgeon ensures that no pain is experienced even after the surgery for these eye drops for regular use are provided.

Therefore, the procedure is designed in such a way that the patient experiences no pain, the procedure is done within 15 minutes and no major care is required. 

Myth 3: Everyone is equally eligible for Lasik 

It is not true. Not everyone can be equally taken into consideration for Lasik eye surgery. Your eye specialist will examine your eye condition, learn your personal history, go through your medical reports, and accordingly determine if you are particularly suited for Lasik eye surgery. 

One who qualifies for Lasik eye surgery must clear the following requirements 

  • 1. Be above 18 years of age 
  • 2. Have a stable eye vision prescription for at least one year. 
  • 3. More preference is given to those above the 20s as young adults have more likely stable eye prescriptions. 
  • 4. Also, anyone with no past eye injury, cataract surgery, dry eyes, or infection is correct for Lasik surgery. 

Myth 4: Lasik surgery gives the same result to everyone 

Firstly, Lasik eye surgery is a great and very effective choice. Its success rate is high but its outcome depends significantly on the skill of the surgeon performing the surgery. The doctor’s experience and the way to tackle the surgery are very important in treating any medical case. 

So, before taking any final decision, ensure to be sure of the surgeon you’re approaching and understand with absolute care your diagnosis and other medical details that the surgeon discusses with you. 

Myth 5: Blindness occurs due to LASIK 

No such reports have been recorded of a person having even the slightest risk of blindness due to Lasik eye surgery. Post Lasik surgery, loss of the eye patients have experienced a safe and smooth recovery without any risk or complications caused to the eyes. 

Myth 6: Having complications after Lasik is common 

Lasik is a proven highly safer eye correction operative procedure. Though any operative technique has its side effects and complications when it comes to Lasik specifically, it is a safe and trustworthy eye treatment. Many have already approached it and many continue to do so without hesitation. 

Myth 7: Wearing contact lenses is safer as an option in comparison to Lasik surgery 

LASIK Surgery Myths

In comparison to contact lenses which have their side effects and maintenance, LASIK eye surgery is a much better, safer, and hassle-free surgical option. 

Myth 8: Recovery from Lasik is very slow 

Lasik surgery is a quickly done surgery. It is an outpatient procedure, performed in such a manner that the patient is awake, the surgery is done within 10-15 minutes and the patient is sent home the same day.

Further, as compared to other eye surgeries, after Lasik, the patient often starts to settle into routine life within a day or two. Eventually, the patient was allowed to resume fully within a few days to a week. 

Myth 9: Those with astigmatism cannot have Lasik 

When the Lasik procedure was still a new advancement, this was considered true for that time. But, as the advancement has taken place, Lasik is now able to treat patients with astigmatism without any complications. 

Myth 10: Lasik surgery gives permanent dry eyes 

This is a complete myth that LASIK gives permanent dry eyes. Rather, the patients have just been found temporarily reporting dry eyes post-operative days which go away eventually with medication and rest during recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of Lasik? 

Lasik does not cause any dangers to be worried about. But, after Lasik surgery, some temporary side effects can be experienced such as dry eyes and visual problems. Though, it goes away as the patient heals from Lasik surgery. 

Why is a vision not perfect after Lasik? 

Post-Lasik surgery, it is alright to have a blurry or cloudy vision. Know that this is temporary and often goes away with time. Also, if it continues to trouble the eyes and does not get better, reach out to your surgeon for consultation. 

What is the warning about Lasik? 

Every patient is asked to note some side effects that may occur after Lasik eye surgery which include dry eyes, eye pain, or double vision. But,  know that it is not a matter of much worry, often such side effects go away on their own or when interacting with the doctor. 

Can Lasik damage your eyes? 

Lasik is a safe and effective eye surgery procedure. It does not cause any serious damage to the eyes post-operation. Though, it might just lead to temporary dry eyes. 

Who should not get LASIK? 

People with a history of any previous cataract surgery, currently dealing with diabetics, are below the age of 18 years, do not have any past injuries, or those whose prescription keeps on changing are not suitable for Lasik eye surgery. 

Is lasik better than glasses?

Glasses have way more limitations than Lasik. With glasses, it is most likely that in years to come, vision experiences change and the patient needs to get a new power lens every few years. But, in LASIK the eye power remains stable for a longer time.

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