Hemorrhoid surgery is becoming common these days. The number of cases of hemorrhoids problem is rising. Therefore, the need to learn about it is increasing too. 

Planning to undergo hemorrhoid surgery? Need not worry, Here, we will share some significant details about hemorrhoid surgery, its purpose, its types, and its recovery process. 

What is Hemorrhoid Surgery? 

A hemorrhoid surgery is required in patients with swollen veins in or around the rectum area. This has become widely common among people these days. 

When a person experiences pain, discomfort, or chronic constipation simply due to extreme straining or pressure, it causes hemorrhoids (piles) problems and eventually needs surgical treatment. 

What is the main purpose of Hemorrhoid surgery? 

The purpose of hemorrhoid surgery is to release any to all symptoms of hemorrhoids that develop in people and bring absolute relief from its causes.

Though in many cases, home remedies work effectively in reducing the pain, getting rid of it, and the need to undergo surgery for hemorrhoids. 

But, at the same time, surgery is considered and highly recommended by experienced medical doctors or piles specialists. So, let’s finally learn the best of the surgery options available and their procedure.

What are the main types of Hemorrhoid surgery 

Now, when it comes to surgery, multiple types of hemorrhoid surgeries are available. The most preferred is a hemorrhoidectomy but all the types of surgery options are effective and recommended by the doctor according to the individual case.

One thing that is common in all these surgery types is the common aim of the surgeon while doing the surgery.


The procedure is performed by an experienced doctor in the hospital under local anesthesia. The central aim is to carefully perform the procedure to remove the hemorrhoids. 

The procedure includes opening the anus area and carefully cutting away the hemorrhoids that are causing discomfort. For this, a variety of surgical equipment is used. 

After the procedure is done, either the wound is left open or is sealed carefully by the surgeon. Though, usually, the sealing method is opted but sometimes due to the location of the wound or other concerns the surgeon light has to leave the wound open. 

Rubber Band Ligation

This type of procedure is preferred more commonly in cases where bulging rather than falling out or bleeding occurs to the internal hemorrhoids. 

This process includes placing a rubber band on the base area of hemorrhoid which eventually blocks the blood flow and finally results in the falling out of hemorrhoid. 


This technique results in hemorrhoids falling off and as a result bringing absolute relief. 

The process consists of an experienced surgeon performing the surgery by carefully injecting a chemical solution. Into internal hemorrhoid. This solution that is injected inside, releases any discomfort and pain. 


Best for bleeding internal hemorrhoid medical conditions. Under this process, the surgeon will make use of electric current to create scar tissue on internal hemorrhoids precisely. 

It blocks the blood flow and as a result, the hemorrhoid that has been causing discomfort falls off. 

Hemorrhoid stapling

Firstly, for this surgery, the patient will be given anesthesia. The procedure follows using a special device used for medical treatment such as carefully stapling hemorrhoids. 

This results in normal positioning of hemorrhoid, blocking of the blood flow, and finally reduction of the size of the hemorrhoid. 

What is the recovery time after Hemorrhoid surgery? 

The recovery procedure and time from hemorrhoid surgery vary according to the treated opt and the condition an individual patient is in. Some of the common recovery steps that have their own healing time are as given here. 

Hemorrhoid Banding Recovery:

Under this recovery comes after a minimum number of sitting that requires fully removing the hemorrhoid. The gap between two sittings is generally 6 weeks to 8 weeks. 

Surgery Recovery:

The recovery time after surgery can take up to 3 weeks.

Blood Flow Restricts Recovery:

Some hemorrhoid surgery includes a method of blood flow restriction. That is, as a result, hemorrhoid falls off. This may take several days. 

Wound Healing:

Finally, the healing of a wound after the hemorrhoid treatment can take up to 2 weeks to recover. 

Above all, this depends on the amount of care and attentiveness the patient gives to their healing. That is if the diet, rest, regular follow-ups, regular medication, and other things are not properly taken care of, affects the recovery. 

When to see a doctor? 

Hemorrhoid is most effectively treated by an expert surgeon only. So, make sure to reach out to the concerned doctor within the time for consultation, accurate diagnosis, and final treatment. 

Also, note that Glamyo Health, a leading healthcare surgery and service provider gives quick responses with taking care of your complete safety as the top priority. So, reach out to the Glamyo Health doctor and get rid of your health issues today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is hemorrhoid surgery very painful? 

Usually, hemorrhoid surgery is painless and when done by an experienced surgeon, the patient can plan for it without worry. 

Though, after surgery, slight or temporary pain is expected, that too goes away with proper me#ication and guidance by the doctor. 

Q. Is hemorrhoid surgery worth it?

Certainly, hemorrhoid surgery always has remarkably higher success rates. It gives long-term relief from chronic pain and helps prevent other ailments from occurring. 

Q. Is it worth getting surgery for hemorrhoids? 

Yes, especially for those suffering from unbearable or severe hemorrhoids condition, hemorrhoid surgery is ultimately the best solution to get fast relief. 

Q. What should you not do before hemorrhoid surgery?

Some basic instructions are given by the surgeon for the patient to prepare themselves before the surgery.

This includes not eating anything for at least 8 hours before the scheduled surgery, keeping your health in good condition, ensuring to come for the surgery with a good amount of sleep, and getting it done with a calm mind. 

Q. How long does it take to heal from Hemorrhoid surgery? 

A variety of healing takes place. In many cases, it generally takes 1 to 3 weeks for the hemorrhoid patient to start recovering. 

Further, it depends on patient to patient, their separate condition, the type of treatment they took, and most importantly the amount of care they do.

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