Many get confused between sarcoma and lipoma. The terms may seem similar but are separate in their respective meaning. Here, let’s look at what separates these two terms from one another. 

Sarcoma vs Lipoma 


A sarcoma also called a lipscrona that starts by damaging the bones or soft tissue that surrounds the body. It is a commonly developed cancer type that may be found in different parts of the body. , as the location of this formation differs along with it the difference is seen in its type of sarcoma. 


A lipoma is simply known as a fatty lump that can be either one or multiple. It develops in different parts of the body. The location as defined is mostly spotted between the skin and the underlying closest layer to the muscles. 

Difference between Lipoma vs Liposarcoma?

Following listed are the main differences between Lipoma and liposarcoma:




  • Non-cancerous 
  • Soft and movable when touched
  • Harmless 
  • Smaller in size: 2 inches 
  • Not tender when touched 
  • Remove if bothers
  • Cancerous 
  • Firm or hard tissue when touched 
  • Can be painful as grows 
  • Larger in size: 5 inches long 
  • Tender when touched 
  • Urgently needs to be removed 

What are the symptoms of lipoma vs liposarcoma?

Following are the symptoms of lipoma and liposarcoma. Some signs and symptoms are the same or similar whereas others are separate for each condition. In a comparison of Lipoma and Liposarcoma, sarcoma shows more frequent physical symptoms whereas Lipoma may develop without any symptoms in many cases. 



  • Anywhere on the body
  • Painless 
  • Moveable 
  • 2 inches sized lump 
  • Round or oval shaped
  • Anywhere on the body
  • Painful 
  • Stuff 
  • 5 inches long
  • Swelling 
  • Changes in weights 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Blood in stool

What is the treatment for Lipoma vs Liposarcoma?

Lipoma at times can be left untreated whereas liposarcoma requires surgery. The following are treatment options for each. 


Lipomas are harmless and painless and do not always cause surgery. Initially, a lipoma can be corrected through a simple process of the lipoma removal procedure. But, in some cases where it is bothersome and the patient needs it to be removed, it can be surgically removed. 

For this, lipoma excision or other lipoma removal recommended surgery can be performed which is decided and prescribed by the surgeon after proper examination and diagnosis of the individual patient. 


Liposarcoma is more likely to be treated through surgery only. Though, this more precisely depends on the location of cancer and the possible surgery options including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. 

When to See a Doctor? 

Confused between Sarcoma and Lipoma? It is highly advisable to consult the best Lipoma surgeon as soon as possible. The surgeon has the skill to help you clarify your doubts and concerns and provide you with accurate information regarding your condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sarcoma be mistaken for lipoma? 

Yes, sometimes people easily get confused between a sarcoma and a lipoma. Sarcoma is a cancerous lump whereas lipoma is a noncancerous lump. 

How do I know if my lump is sarcoma?

To identify or diagnose sarcoma, the only possible way is to perform a biopsy. The process gives a clear report of a lipoma becoming cancerous ( Liposarcoma). The process to perform a biopsy includes taking a small sample of a lump which is sent for test and the cancer cells are checked.

Are sarcoma tumors hard or soft?

As the origin of the sarcoma is found to be from the soft tissue of the body, it is a malignant tumor or cancer that is soft. It may seem harmless at once, but as it develops it becomes more severe a concern. 

How do I know if my lipoma is cancerous?

For a thorough medical examination to check the lipoma for cancerous sarcoma the best possible test is a biopsy which is a medical pathway to examine the growth of a lump and an MRI that provides a close look up to the blood vessel, nerves, or nm muscles that are damaged by it. 

How do you rule out sarcoma?

A series of proper diagnostic tests are conducted to determine a sarcoma that shows an accurate stage and development of sarcoma. 


  • 1. A proper physical examination 
  • 2. Imagine test 
  • 3. Biopsy

Do sarcomas hurt when pressed?

Initially, sarcoma does not cause any pain, discomfort, or hurt. But, as it grows it may start showing signs of pain, swelling, growing lump, and complications if the lump is being pressed toward the muscles or nerves. 

Are sarcomas painful to touch? 

In the beginning, it was not at all painful. But, as the lump grows red and swollen, it starts to cause pain and becomes tender when touched and may become infected.

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