Hemorrhoidectomy is a highly recommended, preferred, and safest surgical procedure for those severely affected by Piles. The condition of piles is common and 1 in every 20-50 people is found with this condition. The time that is moving forward, effective procedures and simplified surgical solutions are appearing and one of these is hemorrhoidectomy. Within the short time of its introduction, it has proved to be extremely effective and beneficial.

The following list of benefits is noteworthy and sufficient to gain a clear understanding of why hemorrhoidectomy can work well for all.

A minimal amount of pain

To get started the most common yet very necessary benefit of this advanced procedure is an assured pain-free experience in comparison to the conventional way of open piles surgery that used to cause severe amounts of pain. 

Gets discharged the same day

Another benefit is the shorter stay in the hospital. This is honestly a big relief to consider. Hemorrhoidectomy is a quickly performed procedure and the patient is often discharged the same day. 

Safer Surgical Option

Hemorrhoidectomy is the safest possible procedure with the least to no risk or complications to worry about. Along with safety, it ensures minimal pain and no discomfort. The surgeon performs it so skillfully that it assures to be safe, seamless, and satisfying surgery with the best results. 

Quick Healing

This advanced form of piles surgery is done in such a safe and minimally invasive manner that it takes just 3-4 days for the patient to start living a normal life post-surgery. Whereas, the. Compared to the conservative form of piles surgery, it takes a longer time to heal, complications may occur, and is painful. 

Effective Results

As good as the healing speed when it comes to hemorrhoidectomy, equally effective are the results of the surgery that can be witnessed soon after the surgery is complete. In almost all cases, the results turn out to be positive and highly successful. 

A Minimal Amount of Bleeding

Another huge advantage of laser surgery for piles is to experience no minimal bleeding. During a hemorrhoidectomy, the surgeon closes off the blood vessel with the use of a laser so that no blood drains during the procedure. Therefore, hemorrhoidectomy for piles is best if you are scared of blood loss. 

Easily Performed Operation

The biggest advantage of laser hemorrhoidectomy is all about choosing a skilled surgeon. If the surgeon has experience of already treating different types of possible cases it becomes easier, uncomplicated, and has no risk. 


As we have gathered information and benefits that are sufficient to ensure that hemorrhoidectomy laser piles surgery has many advantages and less to no disadvantages. We suggest if a person is recommended or is planning to get hemorrhoidectomy laser surgery for piles, sit back, don’t worry, and get it done without a doubt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the operation of piles necessary?

This completely depends on the severity of the piles a person is dealing with. At times, piles get resolved on their own, with home remedies or medications. But, if it does not subside the pain, medical assistance is required and surgery is the best possible cure. 

Can piles come after surgery? 

Piles may come back after a surgical procedure in at least 1 in 50 people. But, it majorly depends on the care taken by an individual and how well they can bring lifestyle changes in their habits. 

Is it good to remove piles? 

Getting hemorrhoids removed is an effective way to keep your body away from health issues, pain, and discomfort. But, along with it one must also assure to be high on fibres, take good care of regular bowel movements and prevent constipation as it can lead to developing new hemorrhoids. 

Can I avoid piles surgery?

A piles condition can often be cured without surgery but if pain continues to get worse and if home remedies or medications are not sufficiently able to cure it fully, surgery need not be avoided. 

What size piles need surgery? 

Initially, piles with grade 1 or grade 2 don’t require medical assistance or surgery. But, those in grade 3 or grade 4 are more severely the case of immediately consulting a piles specialist and getting it treated. 

Is piles surgery painful?

Healing after surgery is a time taking process but if it is about laser hemorrhoidectomy, minimal pain is expected, both during and after the surgery. Recovery is quick and the patient does on to live a normal life within a few days. 

Is piles surgery permanent?

Hemorrhoidectomy gives a minimal amount of pain, and no bleeding, recovery is fast and the surgery procedure is safe. Pile surgery many a time fixes the issue for as long as the patient regularly assures to take post-surgery care.

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