Blood clots in the brain are hard to break safely because any surgical interventions or catheterization pose a potential risk of harm to the brain and often cause damage to the blood vessels. This creates an urgent need for a better alternative treatment procedure that can not pose any harm. In view of this issue, Researchers perform multiple experiments to break down the blood clot using ultrasonic radiation. One of these experiments was followed by vortex ultrasound, and they got appreciable results with no harm to the body.  

According to researchers in North Carolina, a new technique using ultrasonic waves in a tornado motion targeting the brain can help in breaking down blood clots. Brain catheterization is always risky, and there is always a potential risk of damage to blood vessels. To find the solution to this problem, researchers target ultrasonic waves to get through. 

Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique and does not pose harm to the blood vessels. The vortex ultrasound can be simply referred to as the sound waves targeted at a blood clot in swirling motion (just like a tornado). Compared to previous invasive techniques, vortex ultrasound is not a time-consuming procedure and is not that much risky for the patient.

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