Vitamin E for hairs is supportive in hair growth and maintenance of hair and scalp health. Vitamin E is natural antioxidant that help in neutralizing free radicals and oxidative stress reduction. The hair follicles and scalp is protected from the harmful effects of oxides and free radicals by vitamin E used for hair. 

What is vitamin E?

There are various fat soluble vitamins and vitamin is one of them. It exists in several forms but the alpha-tocopherol is a form of vitamin E that can be absorbed in the body.

What can vitamin E do for your hair?

Vitamin E can help hair in many ways like

  • 1. Preventing hair loss
  • 2. Improved circulation in scalp
  • 3. Balance the production of essential oils in scalp
  • 4. Support the maintenance of healthy scalp

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How to use vitamin E for your hair? 

  • 1. Diet
  • 2. Supplements
  • 3. Vitamin E oil
  • 4. Shampoo and conditioner
  • 5. Hair mask

What are there potential side effects? 

  • 1. Nausea
  • 2. Diarrhea
  • 3. Intestinal cramps
  • 4. Fatigue
  • 5. Headache
  • 6. Blurry vision
  • 7. Rashes
  • 8. Weakness

Is there a recommended time to take vitamin E ?

Vitamin E is recommended to be taken with night meal. As taking the the vitamin E with meals allow best absorption in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vitamin E be applied directly on scalp or hair?

Vitamin E can be applied directly on hair or along with oil, shampoo, or conditioner. Vitamin E can also be used in hair mask to be applied on hair.

Does use of vitamin E as hair oil increase growth of hair?

Vitamin E is helpful in supporting hair growth and also maintain the health of scalp and hair. Vitamin E is natural antioxidant that help in reducing amount of free radicals that cause oxidative stress to the cells of hair follicles thus preventing breakdown of scalp.

Is it okay to leave vitamin E oil in my hair?

Vitamin E oil can be left for at least an hour before rinsing the hair for its improved effectivity. Some experts advice to keep the vitamin E hair oil overnight and rinse the hair in morning to let the hair absorb and full advantage.

How much vitamin E should I take daily for hair growth?

A balanced diet have enough amount of vitamin that suffice the daily requirement. According to NIH recommendations, 1,500 IU of vitamin E can be taken per day for hair growth.

What are the side effects of vitamin E?

Normal intake of vitamin does not pose any health risk but if taken in higher amounts may cause following:

  • 1. Headache
  • 2. Dizziness
  • 3. Vision problems
  • 4. Nausea
  • 5. Fatigue

How often the use vitamin E oil good for hair?

It is advised to use vitamin E oil 3 times in a week on the scalp and hair. The vitamin E oil can be massaged at least for 5-10 minutes and rinse it off from the scalp in an hour.

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