Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones – Are you struggling with kidney stone pain and need to find some relief? Well, we believe varunadi kwath may work effectively in not just bringing relief but other benefits too. 

Kidney Stones – An Overview 

The number of patients dealing with prolonged kidney stone pain has been increasing every day. Some handy natural medications must be within reach for either those with small-sized stones or at least those who are in the queue, waiting for their consultation. 

Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones 

Varunadi kwath is a diuretic ayurvedic medication that has continuously proven to show effective results. 

Its benefits, ingredients used to prepare, dosage, side effects, and other details are covered here in simple terms. 

Benefits of Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones 

  • 1. Gives quick relief from many of the symptoms of kidney stones.
  • 2. Helps smoothly expel the stones from the body. 
  • 3. Helps in dealing with multiple urinary tract issues or disorders. 

Uses of Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones

It has multiple medicinal benefits, get to the roots of the problem, and treats different health concerns of a person. Varunadi kwath is generally prescribed for 

  • 1. Quick removal of kidney stones.
  • 2. Flushing out of small-sized stones from the kidneys and urinary tract. 
  • 3. Used for kidney and other disorders. 
  • 4. Helps in fighting urinary tract infections. 
  • 5. Given for relief from other medical complications. 

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Ingredients Varunadi Kwath

These listed are the ingredients selectively used for the preparation of this effective ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone removal and relief. 

  • 1. Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rhizome 
  • 2. Pashanbheda Bergenia ligulata Rhizome
  • 3. Gokshura Tribulus terrestris Fruit 
  • 4. Varun Crataeva nurvala Bark 

When to use Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones

A person with kidney stones can take 40 ml of varunadi kwath and this has to be repeated twice a day. 

Further, the correct dosage of the medication, may it be varunadi kwath or any other is to be taken as prescribed by the doctor to the individual patient. 

Side Effects of Varunadi Kwath

Natural Ayurveda medications do not show any side effects or health problems after taking them. 

But, for safety purposes, it is advised to read the label or written instructions that must be given inside the medication box before starting to take it. Also, overdosage is strictly not allowed before a doctor’s prior prescription. 

Before Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones

Before taking the medicine make sure that the medication is prescribed by your doctor. Look for the necessary details and understand the instructions carefully. 

After Varunadi Kwath for Kidney Stones

Know that any medications, especially natural medicines take the proper time to show desired results. This means you cannot rush for relief from the condition instantly or in a day. 

Further, after waiting for a sufficient amount of time, if it isn’t helping your health to get better, talk to your doctor for correct guidance. 


Generally, the dosage needs to be continued for 2-3 months ( as per the doctor’s direction) for the desired results. 

Varunadi kwath when taken with proper instructions for small-sized stones often shows positive results, helps in the dissolving of the stones and smooth flushing out of the stones. 

When does Kidney Stone Surgery Become Urgent? 

If you have made all possible attempts with natural remedies or watching the condition get erased naturally. If the pain does not get any better or if it is growing worse. 

Well, it is the time when immediate action to consult an experienced doctor is necessary before the size of the stones increases. 

Understanding the concern that kidney stones are not a medical condition that can be left untreated or always dependent on natural remedies, the ultimate management is to decide for urgent surgical removal of the stones. 

Why choose Glamyo Health for Kidney Stone Surgery 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones?

Ayurveda has prepared effective diuretic herbs for the treatment of kidney stones. It comes with a lot of ayurvedic healthy medications for presentation and at times treatment of kidney stones. 

These medications are concentrated on the breaking down of kidney stones and their easy passage from the body. 

Q. What is the use of Varunadi Kwath?

Varunadi kwath has many benefits such as it majorly helping in releasing indigestion, constipation, urinary tract issues, and lung health. It’s known to show remarkable results for those dealing with different medical issues. 

Q. Are Varunadi and Varanadi Kashayam the same?

Varunadi and Varanasi kashayam differ in their benefits as varunadi helps with urinary tract issues, digestion, and constipation release. 

On the other hand, varanadi kashayam helps in the management of health concerns such as low digestion strength, headache, and obesity. 

Q. What dissolves kidney stones fast?

Kidney stones dissolve as best possible through the surgical procedure. But, if you’re still preferring natural ways to be tried out, apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy as it is helpful in smoothly dissolving most types of stones. 

Q. Can a 7mm kidney stone dissolve?

Smaller stones are possibly to be flushed through the body easily, a slightly bigger picture may require medications but stones above 6mm such as 7mm stones are more likely to be dissolved only through surgical procedures and medical care. 

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