Do you frequently bear the problem of muscular soreness, especially in the lower legs? Then you have a symptoms of  varicose veins, a relatively frequent medical condition characterized by swollen, inflamed veins that are most typically found in the feet and legs. This ailment can be caused by various factors, such as extended standing, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, or even digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea.

Although a few occurrences of varicose veins are minor and may not require sophisticated treatment, some cases of damaged or injured veins require therapy. Furthermore, varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda can adequately manage the issue and avoid the damage in the coming future. In this article, we will help you to explore some of the best varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda to look over.

What is Varicose Veins Treatment in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that promotes body, mind, and spirit harmony to attain cognitive and emotional wellness. Ayurvedic medicine has addressed a wide range of diseases for centuries, and varicose veins are among them. Varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda might include a variety of methods. Ayurvedic medications, massages, and nutritional adjustments are examples of such therapies.

Top 5 Ayurvedic Methods to Treat Varicose Veins

In Ayurveda, varicose veins are known as “Siraja Granthi,” with “Siraja” referencing the tubular structures and the veins in blood flow and “Granthi” meaning a cyst-like enlargement. However, there is more than one solution for varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda. These are as follows:

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1. Ayurveda Massage

An ayurvedic massage concentrates on activating pressure points to promote the body’s internal equilibrium. The massage involves herbal oils and moderate pressure on painful places. The massage improves blood circulation, which alleviates varicose vein problems. Swedana, an Ayurvedic therapy for varicose veins, uses steam to help blood flow freely upwards. A Veshtana wrapped tightly over the afflicted legs may also be used by a holistic practitioner. Veshtana improves muscle strength while alleviating the discomfort, stiffness, and numbness caused by varicose veins.

2. Vasti Herbal Enema

Enema therapy is another best varicose veins in legs treatment in Ayurveda. It removes toxins and enhances blood circulation. Vasti in this therapy implies ejecting body contaminants with medicinal oils or liquids. In addition, it helps remove toxins through the urethra, anus, or vaginal canal.

Vasti can stay in our body for a long time and nurtures the body with the medicated oils or liquids flowing towards the colon and intestine. Moreover, the vasti seems to be one of the most effective solutions for detoxing. For example, people suffering from varicose veins can get rid of agony, inflammation, and discomfort using this treatment. Also, this ayurvedic therapy boosts hydration and skin health and eliminates the chances of recurrence of this issue.

3. Lifestyle and Diet Adjustments

Changing your diet and lifestyle can improve the chances of preventing varicose veins. First, maintain a healthy diet and workout routine. Exercising regularly decreases inflammation and enhances blood circulation. Also, it promotes good health by lowering your blood pressure, balancing your hormone levels, and appreciating weight loss. All of these can be a cause of the occurrence of your varicose veins ailment.

Moreover, consuming an anti-inflammatory diet prevents and cures this disease. Eating meals enriched with high sodium can lead to hormonal imbalance and causes damage to the arteries. To avoid such issues, incorporate green leafy veggies, almonds, oats, whole grains, lentils, flaxseeds, etc., into your diet. Also, eating healthy fruits like cherries, apples and grapes can be beneficial.

4. Herbal Remedies

Guggulu is among the best varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda. It’s a purifying herbal remedy in the world of Ayurveda. Guggulu belongs to the Mukul myrrh treat of India, and it helps detoxify unhealthy tissues from our bodies. This detoxification aids in eliminating pain and swelling occurred due to varicose veins. Moreover, this herbal remedy also helps with liver ailments, joint pain, ulcers, sinus problems, and high cholesterol level.

Another herbal treatment can be Ashwagandha, an old treatment continuing for 3000 years. It helps the sufferer to fight against inflammation, increased cortisol levels, and muscle mass growth. Brahmi is our other effective herbal remedy to cure the ailment. It is used for enhancing memory and other brain functioning. Along with reducing inflammation and discomfort, Brahmi comprises some nutrients that minimize skin discoloration.

5. Yoga

Yoga has been the most effective treatment in the ayurvedic world. It can organically control and prevent the symptoms of varicose veins. When you stretch your body, it reduces soreness and swelling in the legs. Some yoga positions enhance blood flow and help prevent varicose veins ailments. These are as follows:

  • 1. Fish Pose
  • 2. Boat Pose
  • 3. Mountain Pose
  • 4. Wind Releasing Pose

Ayurvedic Medicines (Ayurvedic Herbs) for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are caused primarily by increased pitta dosha surrounding blood vessels and decreased vata and kapha dosha at the bulging region, leading to tridoshic disequilibrium and unusual blood clotting. Therefore, ayurvedic therapy for varicose veins might include Shamana chikitsa (with medications) and Shodhana chikitsa, including Panchakarma treatments in more severe instances.

Ayurvedic medicines are ancient remedies that are often used orally. There are various varicose veins in the legs treatment in Ayurveda that can effectively treat varicose veins. The component of Ayurvedic medications can be complex at times. They can encompass a wide variety of natural compounds, such as:

  • 1. Plants
  • 2. Animal Products
  • 3. Minerals
  • 4. Metals

Furthermore, below are the most effective options for varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi.


Sariva roots are thought to be suitable for varicose veins. These roots are coated with plant components that can improve the appearance and relieve venous discomfort. To cure this venous condition, apply the harvested roots as medication or an ointment to the afflicted area. In addition, Sariva roots have blood-purification properties that help to eliminate toxins and improve blood flow in the body.


It is an ayurvedic herb that is utilized in the treatment of varicose veins. Manjistha, which is cultivated in India, contains anti-inflammatory characteristics that aid in the reduction of inflammation in the lower legs as well as the improvement of varicose veins issues. In addition, this plant is excellent in regulating pitta dosh, or blood impurities, and boosting circulation. It is a tried-and-true ayurvedic solution for healing varicose veins. It has no adverse effects and also heals damaged veins and blood vessels. In addition, it eliminates blemishes and scars from the skin where varicose veins appear.


It is a bioactive substance comprising ricin and is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine and tincture. Eranda, made from castor oil, is another best varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda. Moreover, it is recognized for its ability to decrease inflammation and loosen blood clots. Eranda tincture, too, is utilized in cases of injuries and other difficulties. It is an herbal remedy for treating varicose veins and removing dark stains caused by them. To use, apply castor oil to the afflicted veins and massage gently. Lightly massage in a circular movement for a few minutes before allowing it to dissolve into your skin.


This herb is derived from the Indian Elm Tree. The leaves and the bark of the Elm tree are utilized to treat varicose veins and other tridosha-related disorders. Chilrabilva is an organic blood purifier that may be applied topically and consumed. This herb restores balance to the damaged area and veins. It is also used to drink a decoction of the bark to dissolve blood clotting. It is administered in the form of a paste produced from the elm tree’s bark extracts. It reduces discoloration and treats varicose veins. To prepare the paste, combine the leaves and bark extracts and thoroughly mix them before applying them to the afflicted skin region.

Gotu Kola

It is another helpful herb that is a good option for varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda. It has several therapeutic properties and is utilized in various treatment approaches. Gotu Kola, also known as Asiatic Pennywort, contains minerals and iron that aid in red blood cell production. It also helps the body’s transportation system and reduces plaques.

Gotu Kola is an herbal solution that may be used with juice or other herbal drink to enhance its effects. For example, it aids in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and improves circulation. In addition, a herbal combination of Gotu Kola leaf juice boosts elastic and collagen synthesis dramatically. This is due to the high concentration of triterpenoid antioxidants, which aid in the repair of blood vessel breakage and the inner structure of veins.

Ayurvedic Treatment Options For Varicose Veins

Some of the most beneficial ayurvedic treatment options are as follows:

  • 1. Abhyanga: It is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves massage with the application of heated herb-infused oils to the entire body. It is thought to restore equilibrium to all your doshas.
  • 2. Leech treatment: This treatment is intended to improve blood circulation surrounding the varicose veins. A leech organically secretes a blood-thinning chemical when it clings to the skin. This maintains blood flowing in the damaged region while the leech eats.
  • 3. Enema treatment:  Medicated enemas are used in this sort of treatment. These are supplied rectally regularly. Being Ayurvedic medications, these are made up of a range of natural substances.

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Varicose Veins Treatment

Ayurveda is the most effective therapy for varicose veins since it can heal them and prevent them from recurring. The following are the advantages of varicose veins in legs treatment in Ayurveda

  • 1. It enhances the blood flow. External treatments are associated with blood thinning medicines to restore valve functioning. It helps the blood may be returned to the heart.
  • 2. Detoxes the blood produced by the incorrectly functioning valve, and blood purification treatments and drugs are used.
  • 3. Heals the harm caused by a malfunctioning vein, such as muscular weakness, loss of feeling, and others.
  • 4. Increases metabolism that will aid in the speedier purification of the blood;
  • 5. This leads to improved cardiac function by lowering cholesterol and assisting in the release of clots caused by valve malfunction.
  • 6. It also enhances collateral circulation.

Side Effects/ Risks of Ayurvedic Varicose Veins Treatment

Generally, there are no side effects or risks involved in the varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi. However, some ayurvedic solutions can sometimes cause a little harm. For example,

  • 1. In rare situations, Guggulu can produce acidity, headaches, nausea, and hiccups. Therefore, it is not advised for pregnant or nursing women or kids below the age of five.
  • 2. Fresh Pulsatilla can irritate the skin and cause allergies and itching.
  • 3. Some medicines, such as Sahacharadi, can create a burning feeling in the chest if used for an extended period.
  • 4. When used externally, witch hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) is considered safe. On the other hand, oral administration may result in vomiting, nausea, and constipation.

Best Ayurvedic Oil for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins in legs treatment in Ayurveda not only alleviate symptoms but also provide a long-term remedy with minimal adverse effects. Let us look at some effective and easy Ayurvedic oils for varicose veins.

  • 1. Cypress Oil: Cypress oil is derived from the ancient cypress tree, which produces small cones. Besides being a beneficial oil for healing varicose veins, it also positively impacts general health, particularly in treating respiratory disorders and anxiety issues.
  • 2. Rosemary Oil: Ever since the ancient period of Greek civilization, rosemary oil has been used to cure a variety of health problems. Although it is an effective treatment for memory problems, it is beneficial in combating varicose vein irritation.
  • 3. Lavender Oil: Aside from having a traditionally relaxing aroma, this oil appears as a pain-relieving oil. Such features make it one of the most reliable Ayurvedic oils for treating varicose veins. This oil makes healing varicose veins more comfortable. Lavender oil relieves the inflammation and pain caused by this illness. It could also be used to treat skin ulcers caused by varicose veins.
  • 4. Geranium Oil: Although primarily used to improve appearance and skin health, it is as beneficial in combating varicose veins. Aside from the two attributes mentioned, the oil contains hair-stimulating properties. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties are quite helpful in treating varicose veins.
  • 5. Frankincense Oil: It is recognized for its relaxing smell and pain-relieving properties. It is beneficial in treating this ailment since it possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics that are critical in alleviating the pain and swelling connected with it.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Varicose Veins

In more challenging situations, varicose veins in legs treatment in Ayurveda might include Shamana chikitsa (with medications) and Shodhana chikitsa along with Panchakarma treatments. Pachakarma methods such as Raktamokshana (Leech therapy), Basti (Bowel cleaning treatment), and Siravyadha (Bloodletting) are quite beneficial. Internal medications such as triphala guggulu and Kaishora guggulu are popular.

Guduchi, Eranda, and Punarnva are herbs that decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation. Other herbal remedies used for blood cleansing include Manjista, Sariva, and Mandookaparni. Kashayas produced from these plants are quite helpful in this situation. In addition, Triphala churna could be used to balance the doshas, which will relieve strain on the afflicted veins.

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose Veins

The success rate of varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda is high in Kerala. Their healthcare institutes have a separate department for treating varicose veins. The skilled and pleasant staff will give you a selection of alternative treatments based on your age and the complexity of the ailment.   Kerela’s medical specialists monitor tailored nutrition plans, the use of herbal remedies to administer oil massage, and several other treatments approaches to achieve the best results.

Finding a comprehensive and long-term solution for varicose veins is quite challenging. This is because the malfunctioning and weaker valves cannot be entirely repaired. But on the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine can appropriately cure and control it. Kerela offers high-quality varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda . Kerela is one of the most significant and reputable places for Ayurvedic therapies, thanks to a dedicated network of specialists and professional specialists.


Varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda might include a variety of methods. Ayurvedic medications, massages, and nutritional adjustments are examples of such therapies. We have listed all the ayurvedic treatments to help you with the issues caused by varicose veins. Hope, this article assists you in getting rid of the problem and avoiding painful surgeries and treatments. However, if the case becomes severe, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ayurveda cure varicose veins?

Yes, Ayurveda can assist with the pain and discomfort caused due to varicose veins. Such treatments include a variety of techniques, like ayurvedic medications, massage, and lifestyle adjustments.

How can I permanently cure varicose veins?

Varicose veins can’t be treated permanently since the underlying problem, CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency), causes irreparable harm to the valves that govern blood circulation back to the lungs and heart.

Where to get the best treatment for varicose veins in Ayurveda?

Kerela provides high-quality Ayurvedic varicose vein therapy. Kerela, owing to a devoted network of professionals and skilled specialists, is among the best and most respected sites for Ayurvedic treatments.

Which Ayurveda medicine heals varicose veins?

Some of the most effective medicines that cure varicose veins are Eranda, Sariva, Chirabilva, Gotu Kola, and Manjistha, etc.

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