What are Varicose Veins Stockings and how Stockings could be used?

The varicose vein is a vascular system disease and can cause bulging of the veins. The problem of varicose veins may lead to bulging of the blood vessels and the blood vessels are close to the skin and appear red to dark blue. The problem of varicose veins arises due to the damage to the valves of the blood vessels, mainly of the veins. Such medical health issues might not be painful and fatal, but they may sometimes lead to difficulty in walking, moving, and doing day-to-day exercises and activities. Such varicose veins can lead to pain in the legs and ankles and hinder movements as well. 

Varicose vein stockings could be proved very helpful as these types of history can help one to improve the blood circulation of the blood in the blood vessels.  This is done by applying pressure on the blood vessels, say veins, which is done by these stockings. 

These stockings are also very helpful in preventing other types of diseases. Some of them are 

  1. 1. Spider veins  =These are usually smaller than varicose veins and appear as thin branches.  
  2. 2. Varicose veins=They are larger as compared to the spider veins. They are much bigger and twisted. 
  3. 3. Venous insufficiency= Deep vein thrombosis is one of the common causes of chronic venous insufficiency. 

Benefits of the compression stockings for varicose veins

There are many benefits of using the varicose veins stockings .some of them are mentioned below,

  1. 1. Varicose vein stockings help in preventing diseases like spider veins, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency. 
  2. 2. Varicose vein stockings are also helpful in maintaining and regulating the blood circulation in the blood vessels which helps to keep the vascular system healthy. 
  3. 3. Varicose veins are very helpful in relieving the pain in the legs and the ankles. 
  4. 4. These varicose veins stockings create compression over the blood vessels and one may overcome heaviness in the legs. 
  5. 5. One might get relief from the fatigue.

How do compression stockings work

Varicose vein compression stockings are good for regulating the blood flow in the blood vessels and help in the betterment of blood circulation. This can help in preventing vascular diseases and complications.

Side  effects of the  compression stockings

There are some side effects too along with some benefits ., some of the side effects of the varicose vein stocking are as follows

  1. 1. The skin might feel broken or damaged. 
  2. 2. You may feel your skin is irritated. 
  3. 3. Varicose vein stockings can also be a little discomforting and might feel tight.
  4. 4. It can also create marks or dents on your skin if you are not wearing the perfect size of stockings.

The varicose veins and compression stocking might not be able to remove the problem of varicose veins completely but they can relieve the ache. 

Types of compression levels of the varicose vein stockings 

  1. 1. Mild compression
  2. 2. Moderate compression
  3. 3. Firm compression. 

It is very important to choose the right size for the varicose vein compression, as it can lead to many other problems like pain in the legs, dents, and marks on your skin.

And one must take care of stockings properly to maintain their elasticity with the following steps.

  1. 1. Try to wash these varicose vein stockings with your hands only. Avoid using the washing machine. 
  2. 2. Dry them under natural sunlight and avoid using the dryer. 
  3. 3. Use gentle detergent or soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stockings good for varicose veins

Varicose veins stockings are useful for getting or reducing pain in the legs or ankles due to varicose veins, however complete removal of the varicose vein might not be possible. For complete removal of varicose veins, one must go to the doctor and undergo surgeries as suggested 

Can compression stockings be worn at night

One should not wear compression stockings day and night. The compression stockings, if worn for a longer period, can cause blood clots. Wearing the varicose vein stockings continuously can block the blood flow by cutting it down, which may further lead to other help problems like organ damage, vascular disease, cardiac attack, etc. 

How do I get rid of bulging veins in my veins

Varicose veins, spider veins, etc are some vascular diseases that can cause the bulging of the veins. Such diseases might not show symptoms of pain in all people. But in some people, it can be easily spotted by the discoloration of the skin, pain and ache, discomfort in walking and running, etc. To get rid of the problem of varicose veins completely it is advisable to go to the doctor for a consultation.

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