Spider Veins/Varicose Veins

Varicose veins or spider veins are purple swollen lines spread across the thighs. They appear like tree branches or a spider web. 

Spider VeinsVaricose Veins

Causes of Spider/varicose veins

  • 1. Weak or damaged valves in the blood vessels
  • 2. Aging
  • 3. Excess weight
  • 4. Tight and restrictive clothing
  • 5. Standing for long periods

Causes of Spidervaricose veins

Symptoms of Spider/varicose veins


  • 1. Swollen/bulged veins
  • 2. Itching & pain in legs
  • 3. Ulcers & skin discoloration

Symptoms of Spidervaricose veins

People who are more likely to get Spider/varicose veins

  • 1. Aged
  • 2. Females
  • 3. People with family history of varicose veins
  • 4. People who stand or sit for longer periods
  • 5. Women who wear tight pants 
  • 6. People with excess weight

People who are more likely to get Spidervaricose veins

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Complications of Spider/varicose vein

  • 1. Deep vein thrombosis
  • 2. Inflammation of veins in the legs

Complications of Spidervaricose vein

Diagnosing Spider/varicose veins- Doppler Ultrasound

Diagnosing Spidervaricose veins- Doppler Ultrasound

Treatment of Spider/varicose veins

  • 1. Support stockings 
  • 2. Sclerotherapy
  • 3. Laser Therapy

Support stockings 

Compression stockings help improve blood circulation in legs by exerting more pressure on feet and ankles. 

Treatment of Spidervaricose veins


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into the vein to make it collapse and fade away. It is the treatment option for spider veins.

Images Before & After

Images Before & After

Laser Therapy (Images Before & After)

Laser therapy involves highly focused laser beam that shrinks and closes the varicose vein, eventually sealing off the vein.

Laser Therapy (Images Before & After)

Laser Therapy (Images Before & After)


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