Varicocele and its Symptoms

Varicocele is the defect in the valve of the damaged vein that can create blood to backflow resulting in the swelling, bulging, and discoloring of the skin. It can start affecting a man from childhood. Varicocele could affect one out of five men overall, which makes its affecting percentage to be 20%. 

Some of the Symptoms of Varicocele are Follows

  1. 1. Scrotum size increases in dimensions. 
  2. 2. The scrotum appears as a bag of worms, which looks like a bag of thick and bulged threads.
  3. 3. Varicocele causes an aching sensation while walking or standing, in some cases, it can create pain even when lying at rest. 
  4. 4. Varicoceles can alter the sizes of the testicles as well. 
  5. 5. There could be the appearance of some small and lumpy mass around some parts of the affected testicles. 
  6. 6. In some cases, it could lead to infertility in men as well. 
  7. 7. The symptoms are less likely to appear in young people but they can get severe, with time. 
  8. 8. Most likely affects the left side of the scrotum.
  9. 9. Low sperm count and sperm density. 
  10. 10. It causes testicular atrophy.

Causes of Varicocele 

Vein’s valves regulate blood flow in the testicles, which is the initial point of sperm formation. If the valve loosens or is damaged due to some medical issue, the flow of blood gets disrupted and it causes veins to bulge up and swell, resulting in the veins looking enlarged. However, varicoceles are not fatal, but lead to other serious conditions, as they sometimes can point towards much more serious problems such as cancer. Have you ever wondered what could be the effects of the symptoms of varicocele? And how can it be diagnosed at the right time?

How Varicocele can be Diagnosed?

If an individual is suffering from the symptoms of the varicocele, should immediately go to the doctor or surgeon. The diagnosis of the varicocele at the right time is very crucial, as it can help one to treat it before the glass is full up to the brim. Here are some of the ways to diagnose it.

  1. 1. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE AFFECTED AREA.- The affected area can be examined by a professional doctor. This is done manually by visualizing the affected area, or by touch. 
  2. 2. BY USING THE ULTRASOUND TECHNIQUE.- The method of diagnosing the disease by ultrasound is very common and is quite popular in the medical field and it is also used in the diagnosis of varicocele. 
  3. 3. BY TESTING SPERM DENSITY-Varicocele also affects the fertility chances in males, by deteriorating the sperm count and density. So testing or diagnosing by sperm could also be proved very effective. Doctors use this technique to get information about the spread of disease as well. 

Treating and Reventing the Varicocele

Vascular diseases such as varicocele can be treated and prevented before getting much damage from it as well by using some precautionary measures. Here are some of them, 

  1. 1. Always focus on your diet and meal. It should contain minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in limited amounts as suggested by dieticians or food nutritionists. Keep your vascular system healthy by avoiding smoking, quitting consuming tobacco, avoid oily and greasy food.   
  2. 2. Exercising regularly is also an effective path towards good health. Exercise and Yoga is the best way to keep many problems away. Even in a busy schedule, with too much hustle and workload, giving ten to twenty minutes to your health is not a very costly deal to make. 

Treatment of the Varicocele 

The treatment of the varicocele is important as soon as symptoms are severe and pain is excessive in walking and running. It can lead to discomfort and heaviness in the scrotum. Two ways of treating varicocele are as follows:-

  1. 1. Varicocelectomy
  2. 2. Embolization of percutaneous
  3. 3. Laparoscopic varicocelectomy

What Next after Detection of Varicocele?

Varicocele symptoms are not very specific and appear in a few proportions of people. Hence it becomes much more important to take help from a specialist as soon as you catch the symptoms that are given above in you. Talk to the Glamyo health care coordinator to know more about the procedure that has to be followed once the disease has been diagnosed. They can guide you properly and you can get much more benefits as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I choose not to be treated?

If one individual chooses not to be treated, even after the visibility of the symptoms, it can lead to certain medical problems like lowering sperm density, infertility in some men, Swelling of the affected area, size variation of the scrotum, pain, and discomfort. 

How do you know if I have varicocele?

Varicocele can be detected by a few symptoms, like 

Swelling of the scrotum bulged appearance of the veins, pain, discomfort, etc. 

What problems can a varicocele cause?

Varicocele can happen due to an unhealthy diet, Inactive lifestyle which lacks exercise and aerobic activities. Eating a lot of greasy and fatty food, which could lead to many problems such as obesity, cholesterol, etc. Eating an unbalanced diet could create many vascular diseases such as varicocele.  

What does varicocele pain feel like?

Varicoceles can cause pain and discomfort while standing or doing some activity. Such symptoms should not be neglected and should be treated on time. 

At what age do varicoceles develop?

Varicocele usually occurs in the teenage years. However, its symptoms can increase with time and can lead to certain major issues if not treated on time.

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