What is a Varicocele?

Varicocele is a medical condition found in men very commonly. It is the swelling up of the veins of the testis which appear like worms in a bag. It may cause troubles like swelling up of the affected zone in the scrotum, difficulty walking or moving, and infertility issues. 

What are the treatments available for varicocele?

Varicocele can be easily treated with the help of Laser treatment, varicocelectomy, embolization, and laparoscopy. All these methods have been used by many health care experts and doctors across the world successfully. But it is very important to always ask your doctors before Getting into any of the mentioned treatments. Always consult a well-experienced doctor. 

What happens in Varicocele surgery?

Varicocele surgery is the medical treatment for the replacement of the vein from the testis surgically. This is done by:-

  1. 1. Go to a Surgeon for diagnosis.
  2. 2. Get basic tests done viz. Blood tests, diabetes, etc
  3. 3. The procedure of surgery/treatment.
  4. 4. Never miss any post consultation and therapies as suggested by the doctors.
  5. 5. Complete your medication course.

What could be the possible symptoms of varicocele?

Varicocele might not have symptoms in major patients. But, the symptoms are severe and can cause many other medical troubles. 

Some of the observable symptoms are as follows:-

  1. 1. The affected spot can be easily spotted by the change in the color of that zone.
  2. 2. If you could feel some swell, itch, and bulge of the scrotum it might be a symptom.
  3. 3. Not comfortable walking or lying down.
  4. 4. Too much pain or ache.
  5. 5. There could be a lump in it.
  6. 6. You might be facing the problem of infertility.

What could be the causes of varicocele:-

Well, some possible causes could create the medical problem of varicocele. 

  1. 1. Taking an unhealthy and unbalanced meal.
  2. 2. Smoking or consuming tobacco.
  3. 3. Not doing any exercise or yoga.
  4. 4. Working for hours by sitting and living a sedentary life.
  5. 5. Eating food full of cholesterol and bad fat.

There are different types of varicocele based on their appearance and visibility as diagnosed by the doctors. 

  1. 1. GRADE I TYPE 
  2. 2. GRADE II TYPE 

But, one question hits the mind what is this grading system, and on what factors it is based? This grading system is based on the appearance and visibility of the damaged and affected area of the scrotum. With the help of some strain or pressure from walking or lying down, doctors can classify the varicocele on the basis.

How doctors and surgeons diagnose the varicocele is also a matter of query for many people. Let us know more about the diagnosis of the varicocele.

  1. 1. Physically checking that zone by examining.
  2. 2. Ultrasound is also a way to diagnose varicocele

How many people can suffer from this disease?

Well, it is not clear as data is spontaneous and may vary. However, there are around 15% to 20% of people or men that could have the problem of varicocele. And it varies in different ratios in the different age groups of adolescent, adult, and old.

Why choose Glamyo Health for varicocele treatment?

Glam health provides the following benefits 

  1. 1. Assistance for 24*7- Glamyo health provides full assured assistance with all your queries and supports you throughout. Its health counselors will help you to know more about the procedure and the treatment. You will feel free by having one to on conversations as well. 
  2. 2. Confidentiality is assured of the patient- We understand and value your confidentiality and assure you to keep it safe and secure. Come, get your treatment done and we will keep your details private.
  3. 3. Zero-cost financing is also available as an option in Glamyo health. We understand the urgency of health-related problems so we provide you with a way to get your treatment done without much hustle.
  4. 4. Best doctors and experts – We have the best doctors, who are skilled, experienced, and have been in practice for many years. Hence you will get very better treatment and that too with little or no difficulty.
  5. 5. Minimally invasive surgery- Glamyo health mostly provides elective and cosmetic surgeries and if the severity is not much.MIS surgery is recommended by doctors in major cases.
  6. 6. Cab Facilities during surgery- Glamyo health knows what you are going through and to ease your problem we provide you pick-up facility by cab. 
  7. 7. Get Post-surgery consultation by Glamyo health.
  8. 8. The hassle-free procedure of insurance clearance.
  9. 9. Services that are convenient, effective, and affordable. 

When should I talk to my doctors about varicocele?

One should consult a doctor if facing heaviness, soreness, enlargement of the affected area, or infertility problems. Neglecting this might create more health issues. In such cases, doctors can suggest a solution by diagnosing and suggesting an appropriate way to be followed further. 

Frequently Asked Questions

have pain with my varicocele. What can I do to ease the pain?

Pain in the varicocele could be a problem. Varicocele treatment is important if one is not feeling comfortable walking or having any mobility. In such cases, other problems like infertility and low sperm count could also trouble one. In such cases consulting a doctor is the best way to go. Diagnosis and consultation are important before treatment. For this, you can consult Glamyo health today and ask all the queries related to it.

What are the 5 signs of varicocele? 

The signs and symptoms of varicocele are very and not seen in all the cases. But there are some patients with some symptoms and signs like pinching pain in the scrotum, not being comfortable with mobility and walking, infertility, the appearance of a lump in that area, feeling of heaviness in the scrotum, etc. 

What is the main cause of varicocele?

There are several factors on which the disease of varicocele can take place. Some are not eating a good and balanced diet. Diet should be full of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates with protein and good fat in it. But due to street food and high intake of fats, diseases attack us. So better to avoid such food. Next comes the inactive lifestyle problem which is also a major cause of this issue. Then some habits of smoking and having tobacco could also cause varicocele.

Can varicocele be cured naturally?

Varicocele can be prevented naturally but curing it completely is difficult. But natural remedies may prevent its spread at some level. Exercise, yoga, healthy diet consumption, avoiding smoking, and eating food full of fiber, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals are very crucial. This could be helpful to you in a way.

Should I fix my varicocele?

Yes, it is important to fix the varicocele as it could be harmful to you. Varicocele could lead to some dangerous problems like infertility problems in males, sperm count could become low as veins get affected and blood supply could also be harmed. 

How much is the treatment for the varicose vein?

In India varicose vein treatment could cost approximately approx Rs 37,000 to Rs 2.75 lakh. However, the cost of surgery for varicose veins may vary from place to place. Varicose vein treatment cost depends on many factors such as the medical consultation by the doctor, diagnosis test cost, insurance, locality of the hospital, the experience of the surgeon/doctor, severity of the disease, travel expenses to the hospital, etc.

Is it worth getting varicose veins removed?

If an individual is suffering from some pain in the scrotum, facing problems in fertility, sperm density lesser than before, issues in moving, walking.

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