What is Vaginoplasty? 

Vaginoplasty is a medical procedure for constructing or repairing an individual’s Vagina. It is a medically approved method for treating various medical problems, including accidental injury of the Vagina or injury in vaginal tissues during childbirth. It also helps in treating pelvic muscles and related complications. Nowadays, it is getting inroads for setting up a transgender vagina for transgender individuals to achieve their desired gender identity.

5 Types of Vaginoplasty

  • 1. Intestinal Vaginoplasty(or Sigmoid Vaginoplasty)
  • 2. Abdominal Vaginoplasty ( or peritoneal Vaginoplasty)
  • 3. Abdominal skin graft (McIndoe Vaginoplasty)
  • 4. Buccal cavity Mucosal Vaginoplasty
  • 5. Fetal skin graft

In a research study, approximately 86 patients who did not have a vagina by birth (congenitally) were treated, and it was concluded that fetal skin graft among the three types was the most ideal.

Intestinal Vaginoplasty:

It uses the portion of the colon or intestine to create a neovagina for the individual. Nowadays, the procedure is accomplished using laparoscopic Surgery.

Glamyo Health provides minimally invasive laparoscopic Surgery, requiring just a keyhole size incision in the skin. 

Abdominal Vaginoplasty

It uses a portion from the abdominal region or peritoneum for planting a vagina. This procedure is also done utilizing the Laparoscopic technique, which is less invasive than traditional surgical procedures. 

In this type of Vaginoplasty, a small portion of the abdomen or intestine colon is detached and rotated down, ultimately making it take the position of the vaginal lining. Subsequently, colon and associated region is stitched to restore its functioning

Abdominal skin graft (McIndoe Vaginoplasty)

It is not related to abdominal Surgery for creating the vaginal lining but rather has a skin graft. Firstly, the graft is placed on a mould with a vaginal shape and placed by the expert hands inside the space made for the Vagina.

Buccal cavity Mucosal Vaginoplasty

The mucosal lining of the buccal cavity lines the tissues of the mouth with a resemblance to the vaginal with no hairs and the ability to create mucus.

Inverted penile tissue Vaginoplasty

Penile inversion is also a type of Vaginoplasty mostly used for transgender women. The procedure includes skin tissues of the outer penis to be removed and eventually inverted, thus creating a vaginal lining. A reshaped penis also makes a clitoris. Subsequently, labia majora and minora can also be made using scrotal skin.

Side Effects of Vaginoplasty

  • 1. Vaginal stenosis: it is is the narrowing or shortening of the birth canal or Vagina.
  • 2. Thinning and drying up of the vaginal lining
  • 3. Decrease in the depth of the Vagina.
  • 4. The appearance of an abnormal tissue connection between the vaginal tissues and tissues of the urinary tract called Vesicovaginal fistula 
  • 5. Rectovaginal fistula: The appearance of abnormal skin tissues that connects Vagina with the rectum
  • 6. Injury of nerve tissues
  • 7. Unsatisfactory cosmetic consequences

Procedure Of Vaginoplasty

Glamyo Health provides minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, requiring just a keyhole size incision in the skin.

The procedure includes utilizing a portion of the colon, intestine, or abdomen to create a neovagina for the individuals. Nowadays, the procedure is accomplished using laparoscopic Surgery.

In the case of Surgery for transgender women, external genitalia of males, like the outer penis, are removed and eventually inverted, thus creating a vaginal lining. Clitoris is also made by reshaping the penis. Subsequently, the scrotum for creating the labia and vaginal canal.

Assessments needed to be undertaken before Vaginoplasty.

  • 1. An entire physical examination for health assessment and medical history needs to be known.
  • 2. Patients must be educated about all risks and side effects and care to be taken post-surgery.
  • 3. Expert advice (like quitting smoking) to decrease complications.
  • 4. In the case of transgender women approved for Vaginoplasty, to affirm their gender, certain pre-operative necessities exist that include removing genital hairs.

Vaginoplasty Postoperative expert recommendations

Exercises and Activities:

Strenuous exercises need to be avoided for atleast 5- 6 weeks. Activities like swimming or riding a bike must be avoided for atleast 3-4 months. 


Post-surgery, a doughnut sitting ring is recommended to prevent excess pressure at the surgical site.


Showering post-surgery is allowed, but patting is advised fot incisional areas dry. Getting submerged in water needs to be avoided for 7-8 weeks.


It has been noticed that the labial gets some swelling that will resolve gradually within 6 to 8 weeks. 

Sexual intercourse

Resuming sexual intercourse after 3 months of Surgery is advised by the doctors as the best precautionary measure. Eventually, it depends on the recovery and health condition of the individual who underwent Surgery.


Washing hands frequently and taking a shower daily are advised to avoid bacterial contamination of the surgical region from the anus. 

Vaginal discharge

Yellow-brown vaginal discharge is often expected in the first few weeks of Surgery. The use of liquid soap is advised to clean the neovagina.


Smoking and tobacco use must be avoided for atleast a month as there are chances of a decreased healing process.


A liquid diet is preferable, and slow-moving towards having a usual diet is recommended. 


Dilation is the process of maintaining the Vagina in the open state for early recovery and depth maintenance.

Who needs to unergo Vaginoplasty?

  • 1. Females born with congenital vaginal abnormalities 
  • 2. Mothers seeking internal body repair after childbirth and its after-effects need improved sexual function. 
  • 3. Females search for vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation after certain treatments, including cancer treatment with radiations or scars of excisions. Nowadays, gender affirmation requires transgender individuals.

Vaginoplasty Success Rate?

The success rate of Vaginoplasty depends on the procedure an individual is opting for or the doctors’ recommendation.

The best and minimally invasive technical procedure used more often has a success rate of 80%–90% for penile inversion vaginoplasty. Minimal Vaginoplasty scars that are readily recoverable are reported in the individuals undergoing this type of Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty Scars

Certain external scars may result after the Vaginoplasty procedure. They can be further minimized by opting for highly experienced surgeons who can make precise incisions. Glam health has highly experienced surgeons proven to give the best desirable results with minimal scars post-surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a person get the  Vaginoplasty done?

To be eligible for undergoing Vaginoplasty there are different criteria in different countries and hospitals. The age of Vaginoplasty also differs according to the circumstances of the individual who requires it.

Hence a female must be across 18 years of age to qualify for vaginal Surgery or Vaginoplasty.

What is viganial agenesis? How is it diagnosed?

At the time of female pregnancy, in certain conditions, some organs or parts of the reproductive system are not developed properly inside the mother’s uterus. There may be Vagina or other organs missing in the baby girl. Such abnormalities are called vaginal agenesis.

Vaginal agenesis is diagnosed at childbirth, infancy or even in teenage. The method of diagnosis of vaginal includes following methods:

  • 1. Physical examination of the intimate region vagina and anus
  • 2. Ultrasound to observe vaginal images to look for abnormalities.
  • 3. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to visualize detailed vaginal images along with reproductive organs.

When Vaginoplasty becomes necessary?

The necessity for Vaginoplasty arises in several conditions like

  • 1. In case of loosened Vagina after childbirth, 
  • 2. To improve mild prolapse of pelvic organ 
  • 3. To treat urinary incontinence

There may also be cosmetic reasons like 

  • 1. Improving vaginal laxity
  • 2. Enhancing sexual functioning

What are the most affordable Vaginoplasty clinics?

Many clinics are offering Vaginoplasty at different rates. Glam Health is one of such clinics but is preferable because of the combination of the most affordable Vaginoplasty with advanced technology giving the best-desired results. 

Added advantages of opting for Glamyo Health for Vaginoplasty inlude:

  • 1. Perfect desirably shaped Vagina
  • 2. Minimal invasiveness with painless Surgery
  • 3. Safest and affordable
  • 4. Highly experienced female Gynaecologists
  • 5. Free online consultation 
  • 6. Free Pick & Drop Facility
  • 7. Health Insurance Covered
  • 8. Fastest Recovery 
  • 9. Same day easy discharge.

Who is the best surgeon for Vaginoplasty?

Best surgeons for Vaginoplasty include the most experienced doctors in surgical procedures involving gynaecology. Glamyo Health has an entire team of gynaecologists to be chosen from, along with their expertise in different surgeries, including Vaginoplasty.

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