Vaginoplasty Treatment – Vaginoplasty is the process of repairing or reconstructing the vagina. It helps in treating different medical conditions involving vagina injury because of pelvic floor disease and childbirth complications. This is also beneficial for making a vagina for transgender that helps an individual or a person to get their preferred gender identity. 

A vaginoplasty treatment or surgery helps in bringing separated muscles back together, i.e., for tightening your vagina during the procedure that has been loose because of natural or vaginal childbirth and also because of ageing. Moreover, vaginoplasty surgery is mainly done for treating malignant growth like abscesses and cancer. In simple terms, accumulation of the pus within the tissue of the concerned patient. 

How is vaginoplasty treatment performed? 

The patient who has been concerned about this treatment will be asked by the doctor to quit smoking atleast before a month of the scheduled date of the surgery. This is because smoking can reduce oxygenation. This interferes with blood flow, causing loss, and severely slows down the body’s capacity to recover itself. 

The procedure must be arranged so that it happens at the conclusion of the woman’s menstrual cycle because it cannot be done when she is having her period. The operated area will heal in time to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort during your subsequent cycle if the operation is scheduled immediately following the end of your period.

Your doctor will conduct an entire check-up or physical examination to ensure n that your health condition is good, and your doctor will give you counselling about the chances of complications and risks. 

At last, before undergoing surgery, your patient will need to do bowel preparation. After then, your surgeon will conduct an examination to determine the need for tightening required to be done. The surgery is mainly performed by giving general anaesthesia.

An eligible candidate for vaginoplasty 

Women who are 18+ years are eligible for vaginoplasty for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Some degree of vaginal looseness may be experienced by women who have undergone vaginal deliveries, had multiple unfortunate prior events, or are just older. Therefore, having a vaginoplasty can make the vagina more pliable. Vaginoplasty is sometimes performed on women to treat severe pelvic organ prolapse, which can cause urine leakage (USI) if a woman leans over, lifts weights, etc. Some women choose to get vaginoplasty for cosmetic reasons, which might improve sexual arousal and pleasure. It is a straightforward yet efficient procedure that gradually “tightens” the loosening vaginal walls and strengthens them by sewing them back to their initial position. Vaginoplasty is therefore performed on women to address all of these medical issues.

Side effects of vaginoplasty 

There are mainly a few common side effects that have been observed after this surgery which may include.

  • 1. Dizziness and nausea.
  • 2. Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse.
  • 3. Abnormal bleeding. 
  • 4. Vaginal discharge.
  • 5. Difficulty urinating.
  • 6. Loss of pleasure or sensitivity during sexual activities.
  • 7. Infection over the area where the surgery has been performed. 

Post-surgery guidelines 

As with all kinds of treatments and surgeries, you will be required to follow the post-surgery guidelines because this will help in easing the healing process. Your doctor will advise you to avoid lifting heavy things or objects because it can emphasize strain on the area of the surgery performed. 

You should also avoid taking a bath in the hot tub or swimming pool during the healing period. You will also be advised to return to your normal activities involving sexual intercourse activities after six weeks times. At last, it is important to take follow-ups about your condition by your doctor.  

Recovery period 

The entire procedure takes about two hours, and then you’ll be kept in the hospital or clinic’s recovery area for an additional two hours to be watched for any negative side effects. After returning home, it typically takes four to six weeks for the body to fully recover despite the fact that some individuals have been observed to return to their regular activities within a week.

Vaginoplasty treatment price in India 

The cost of vaginal surgery varies in India depending on the procedure chosen as well as the city in which it is performed. However, the price of the operation alone will be in the range of 1-2 lakhs.

Results of Vaginoplasty treatment

In the majority of patients, vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty effects are typically long-lasting. If the patient has another vaginal delivery in the future, the vagina could return to its previous state of being loose.

What are the alternatives to the Vaginoplasty treatment?

Vaginal tightening without introducing or inserting surgical devices into the body is an alternative to vaginoplasty. It operates by using a laser or radiofrequency radiation to warm the tissues. Patients with excessive vaginal laxity, however, will not benefit much from this alternate treatment approach.

Why choose Glamyo Health for Vaginoplasty Treatment 

Glamyo Health is India’s favourite healthcare provider. We are famous for our cosmetic, elective, and minimally invasive surgeries. If you are looking for vaginoplasty surgery or any kind of cosmetic surgery, then don’t hesitate to connect with us. We provide free OPD consultations with expert doctors. Not just that, we also provide a no-cost EMI or zero interest rate option, which will help in making the surgery affordable for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of vaginoplasty?

The cost of this surgery may cost between 1 to 2 lakhs in India. But, it may differ as per the type of surgery.

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty helps in restoring the vagina of women to their pre-childbirth condition. 

What to avoid after vaginoplasty?

It is recommended to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks. Sitting should also be avoided for at least six weeks after the procedure. 

What is the perfect age to get vaginoplasty? 

Women who are 18 years old or more can get this surgery for medical and cosmetic purposes.

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