What is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

The surgery on genitals, called “bottom surgery,” is meant to repair or construct the vagina. It helps treat various medical issues that include certain injuries in the genitals or vagina due to certain diseases, trauma, injury or childbirth. Vaginoplasty surgery procedure is also the creation of a vagina in transgender women. Vaginoplasty also aims at tightening the tissues of the vagina and bringing them to their natural position same as that of natural young vaginal tissues. 

Painless Vaginoplasty Procedure

Vaginoplasty Procedures are of different types; the Painless Vaginoplasty Procedure has been introduced to make the entire procedure painless and noninvasive. To treat the damage or the deformities of genitals in females, majorly the vaginal deformities, various ways include surgical Vaginoplasty, noninvasive modalities, and a combination of treatments according to the patient’s requirement. 

Why Not Delay the Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Delaying the vaginoplasty surgery may lead to worsening any health condition like urinary incontinence or damage to the vagina. The vaginal injuries and loosening of the vaginal tissues will exaggerate if the Vaginoplasty plan is delayed. 

Why opt for Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty surgery is chosen by many women for a lot of reasons that are as follows:

  • 1. To help treat the problem of urinary incontinence
  • 2. To rejuvenate the vagina
  • 3. For treating vaginal laxity
  • 4. To treat pelvic prolapse
  • 5. To boost their confidence
  • 6. To help with the problem of natural lubrication
  • 7. To treat the issue that arises in the genitals or vaginal after childbirth
  • 8. Help them overcome sexual dysfunction

In the case of the construction of the vagina in transfeminine or transgender women, the vaginoplasty procedure helps them affirm their gender.

Why Labiaplasty is Performed

Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure to reshape the labia (major and minora) for various aesthetic or medical reasons. The Labiaplasty will help change the shape, texture, colour or any type of physical appearance of the labia, majora importantly. Reshaping or shortening the labial lips has become a very common cosmetic reason. 

Does Labiaplasty After the Sensation

Labiaplasty is the procedure to cosmetically alter the labial lips in women. Labia majora and labia minora are the two skin folds or lips that protect the vaginal opening. The labia are the part of the female genitals with numerous nerve endings responsible for the sensation of labia. 

When performed by expert surgeons, it does not affect the sensation of the labia as the Labiaplasty procedure involves removing or altering labia that do not have sensational nerve endings. 

How long does the procedure Take

The labiaplasty procedure is a 1-2 hour procedure that involves removing a tiny portion of the labia lips. Labiaplasty’s laser procedure is noninvasive and includes fractional CO2 laser or radio frequency (RF) -based procedures. 

Will I need multiple surgeries?

No, multiple surgeries are not required for Vaginoplasty. Once the vaginoplasty procedure is performed by expert surgeons, it is effective for a lifetime. There may be multiple sessions depending on the requirement of the procedure. Largely the number of sessions varies from 1-3 sessions for Vaginoplasty. These sessions are approximately 10 minutes each. 

What are the steps of vaginoplasty surgery?

Laser vaginoplasty is now an outpatient procedure that is popularly performed to have aesthetically and cosmetically relevant outcomes. FGC (female genital cosmetic surgeries) that are on surge are LVT outpatient surgery (Laser vaginal tightening surgery) that is done through the following lasers:

  • 1. Fractional CO2 laser
  • 2. Erbium YAG laser

Following are the steps of vaginoplasty surgery:

Firstly, the area and muscles to be rejuvenated inside the vagina are determined. The absolute markings are made for the removal of extra skin tissues. 

The laser beam is then used on the atrophied vaginal tissues or damage, followed by new ways of blood flow. It also helps develop collagen ( that is structural support for the tissues and strengthens connectivity among them), elastin fibres ( to enhance the elasticity), and accelerates wound healing, eventually providing optimized results from the vaginoplasty procedure. 

What happens during Vaginoplasty as part of gender affirmation surgery?

Vaginoplasty surgery has been opted in the last few years for gender affirmation. This particular Vaginoplasty procedure involves the reconfiguration of male genitalia, like the penis and scrotum, to the vagina and labia. Hence, Vaginoplasty is another term for creating a neo vagina in case people need the procedure to affirm their sex. Vaginoplasty here involves orchiectomy (the surgical removal of male genitalia, especially; the testicles). For gender affirmation, Vaginoplasty aims at creating a vulva and vagina.

How Vaginoplasty surgery differs from Labiaplasty Surgery?

Vaginoplasty is the surgery that involves creating or treating the vagina for various aesthetic, cosmetic or medical issues or even for gender affirmation. On the other hand, Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves altering labia lips of labia major and minora to make them look aesthetically good and improvise the women’s self-confidence. 

What can you expect after vaginoplasty surgery?

The vaginoplasty surgery that is done in the most noninvasive way using laser techniques provides early recovery. Return to normal life, and daily activities are comparatively easier after laser vaginoplasty than traditional surgery procedures involving invasive cuts and sutures.

There needs to be more research on the efficacy of laser procedures for Vaginoplasty. 

Some of the complications that may arise but have poor evidence are; skin fragility, infection, pain, damage, altered sensation, dyspareunia, undesirable tissue remodelling, and fibrosis. 

Cost of Vaginoplasty Surgery

The cost of a vaginoplasty procedure varies depending on the requirement of the procedure. Vaginoplasty, in many cases, involves more than one session, and their cost may also be. Taking into consideration all those factors on which the complexity of the vaginoplasty procedure depends, the estimated cost is Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per session of Vaginoplasty surgical procedure in India. 

The total cost of Vaginoplasty in India ranges from 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vaginoplasty last for a lifetime?

Yes, vaginoplasty surgery lasts for a lifetime when performed appropriately by expert surgeons while keeping the patient’s requirements in mind. Once the Vaginoplasty is performed, it is required to take care of infections and injuries that might trigger the need for another vaginoplasty. Otherwise, the procedure is safely performed, and its efficacy lasts a lifetime.

How to look for best vaginoplapsty surgeon ?

Guide towards choosing the best plastic or cosmetic surgeon for performing vaginoplasty surgery:

Look into the photos of Vaginoplasty before and after the procedure. The photos of the vaginoplasty outcomes will help choose the best cosmetic surgeon that is well trained and display the best satisfactory results. There must be a lot of cases that have been put onto the website. Just a few photos definitely keep you from knowing much about them. 

Make the in-person or virtual appointment with more than one cosmetic surgeon with expertise in Vaginoplasty. An appointment will allow you to know the environment and their expertise in the field. The doctor must be approachable and good at communicating to make the patient feel free to discuss medical issues or surgical requirements.

Get to know the risk and outcomes of the vaginoplasty procedure before you proceed with surgery. Expert surgeons take many relevant diagnostic tests performed beforehand and provide information on the best procedure that suits the patient. Also, keep in mind the patient’s consent on every matter. 

What is the estimated success rate of vaginoplasty surgery?

According to the research studies conducted on patients undergoing vaginoplasty procedures, 82 % of the patients who underwent surgery showed highly satisfactory results, 15% were satisfied with the vaginoplasty procedure, and the remaining 2% were not satisfied. Therefore, the vaginoplasty procedure was satisfactory in most of the patients who opted for the surgery. 

How long does it take to perform the entire vaginoplasty procedure?

The vaginoplasty procedure takes an average of 40 to 90 minutes to complete. These time scales may vary depending on the sessions required for the Vaginoplasty and the complexity of the procedure. Expert surgeons from Glamyo Health give medical advice before the vaginoplasty surgery in accordance with the requirement and also provide the procedure timing.

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