What is a Vagina?

The vagina in a female body is an organ that has flexible and stretchable tissues. It has a particular shape and gets little altered after pregnancy or delivery. Vaginal tightening cream.

What can be the reasons behind Vaginal Loosening?

Certain human phenomena like aging and childbirth tend to weaken vaginal muscles and walls. Therefore, these are considered perfectly normal reasons for vaginal muscle alteration. Genetics is also one of the factors for the loosening of the vaginal perineum and tissues.

Eventually, there are various treatments for rejuvenating the vagina and restoring its integrity. Some conservative approaches include applying lotions, creams, or gels to rejuvenate or tighten the vagina naturally.

What is a Vagina Tightening Cream?

Vaginal tightening creams are medically approved creams or gels. They are used in the intimate region of the vagina, specifically made to tighten the vaginal muscles that must have been loosened due to various natural phenomena.

How does Vaginal Tightening Gel Work?

Vaginal tightening creams or gels usually contain natural, harmless ingredients specifically tested to ensure their use on or inside the intimate regions. Most vaginal tightening creams or gels have  “astringent” (or tightening) ingredients which pose a tightening effect on muscles or tissues. Astringent or tightening ingredients are like tannins in wine and help address moderate vaginal loosening.

Vaginal tightening cream helps tighten the pelvic muscles, eventually enhancing the elasticity and tightness of the vaginal muscles.

What are the added Benefits of using Vaginal Tightening Cream?

  • 1. Added benefits of vaginal tightening creams:
  • 2. Vaginal tightening cream would rejuvenate the vagina and prevent the problem of urinary incontinence (urine leakage by accident)
  • 3. Help get rid of vaginal dryness.
  • 4. Help in lubricating the vagina to prevent pain while intercourse.

How to use Vaginal Tightening Cream?

  • 1. Wash hands thoroughly before applying the cream
  • 2. Enough pump-sized vaginal tightening cream is taken on the finger to apply
  • 3. Apply the cream carefully inside and even outside the vagina evenly
  • 4. Vaginal walls and muscles should be massaged gently.

Aloe Vera Gel for Vaginal Tightening

Aloe vera plant has numerous medical uses, especially in skin health and care. The aloe vera gel has hydrating and lubricating properties. Being a natural hydrating and lubricating product, it has found its importance as a harmless plant product to be used widely, even in intimate regions like the vagina. Therefore, various skin tightening creams focusing on lubrication and hydration have a significant amount of aloe vera.

Direction to use aloe vera gel for vaginal tightening:

  1. 1. Take the fresh aloe vera gel from a leaf of aloe vera plant
  2. 2. Dilute the aloe vera gel in a bowl containing water.
  3. 3. Apply the solution or wash the vaginal area with aloe vera gel.

The aloe vera has astringent (or tightening) properties that will tighten the vaginal tissues over time.

How to Use Everteen Vaginal Gel:

  • 1. Wash hands and vagina atleast 3-5 times thoroughly with clean water.
  • 2. Try sitting in a squat position and keep the legs wide open.
  • 3. Wear fresh, clean gloves and apply 3 – 4 gms of vaginal tightening cream inside the vagina
  • 4. Try to apply the cream evenly on the walls of the vagina
  • 5. Apply the vaginal tightening cream as directed by the gynecologist or the doctor (mostly, it is applied twice a day)

Which is the best Cream or Medicine to Tighten the Vagina?

Vagina Tightening and Whitening Gel is a formulation to focus on anti-aging agents for regaining natural elasticity and muscle tone. The naturally active contents of the cream increase the hormone estrogen in minute quantities enough to form new tissues. Furthermore, natural herbs and extracts reduce laxity and pigmentation, eventually tightening the muscle walls and lightening the skin color.

The cream has added advantages of eliminating the foul smell of the intimate region and keeping it clean and free of infections. It also keeps the area fresh with natural wetness and improved elasticity. It helps in reducing painful dryness and provides desirable instant tightness for a perfect sense of fulfillment and confidence.

A vaginal tightening cream is considered the best to tighten the vagina when it serves its purpose at its fullest and does not contain any chemicals harmful to the intimate area.

It should not contain any Bleaching Agent, synthetic Colour, Paraben, Sulphates, or harmful mineral oil.

Some of the vaginal tightening creams or gels that contain natural agents like Aloe vera that have soothing properties and has to soften the effect on intimate skin must be chosen. Certain vaginal tightening creams also have moisturizing properties and ingredients like Catechu, and Curcuma Comosa, which help in forming new tissues and develop new cells. Natural ingredients in vaginal tightening cream would help develop muscles and create a rejuvenated vaginal skin.

Pomegranate extract is rich in Vitamin C that helps in improving collagen development. Oak Gall, Butea Frondosa and some other natural ingredients increase the level of estrogen hormone, increase tightness and also lubrication of vaginal walls. Collagen is responsible for strengthening inner walls. Alum, a natural product has astringent properties, and also give healing effects along with antimicrobial effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cream is the best for tightening the vagina?

V Tightening Gel Product has been the most used and top choice of females for tightening, lightening, and also for reducing scars of any sort in and around the vaginal region.

The cream is mainly made from natural, safe, and healthy ingredients specifically tested for intimate regions and sensitive skin of vaginal walls.

Which brand is the best available for vaginal tightening?

Best Vaginal Gel for vaginal tightening must be considered best in case it serves the following:

  • 1. Tightening and revitalizing vaginal parts
  • 2. Rejuvenating vaginal walls and muscles to help them tone and enhance their vigor.
  • 3. Improving lubrication of the vaginal region and reducing dryness
  • 4. Preventing microbial infections
  • 5. Restoring elasticity of vaginal muscles
  • 6. Made safe with 100% natural herbs and natural ingredients applicable to all skin types

How deep is the average vagina?

According to a study on gynecological patients; the average depth of the female vagina is 9.6 cm.

How do I tighten my vagina without using any creams?

According to the research article published in Cult Health Sex in 2019, the use of vaginal products was analyzed, and the following natural products were mainly used for vaginal tightening.





Powder is dissolved in water; Used externally and for  intravaginal cleansing. Rinse with alum solution outside and inside the vagina

Black tea (Plain black tea brewed in water)

Used Externally and  for intravaginal washing

Blue Stone-  Copper sulphate powder

External application: Added to cold water and used to wash the vulva

Boiled potato

Intravaginal insertion; boiling a potato and inserting it while still hot in the vagina

 Itshitshi lam (Vaseline-like cream)

External or intravaginal application (melts inside)

Stoney (ginger flavoured soft drink) mixed with milk

Mix half and half Some people add cinnamon; Orally ingested- drinking


What Happens When You use a Vaginal Tightening Gel?

A large number of vaginal tightening gels available on the market act on vaginal walls by drying them out and it eventually decreases the mucosa secreted from the vaginal lining. The decline in mucosa causes decreased lubrication of the vagina. If the vagina does not have enough mucosa for lubrication, there will be more friction. The friction of vaginal walls is painful and may cause wearing and tearing, causing tissue damage. Wearing of vaginal muscles may leave the vagina inflamed and vulnerable to infection. Vaginal tightening creams have been found to cause swelling as well. 

Can frequent sex loosen the vagina?

According to various research and case studies, there has been no proven evidence that the vagina or the vaginal muscles lose their elasticity with frequent sex. The organ is immense elasticity and is made to expand or contract when it gets appropriate hormonal signals. There are cases when hormones are released to make or loosen the vaginal when a woman is sexually aroused, or the vagina is similarly stimulated. This is important as it has to make space for intercourse and loosens for reproduction or childbirth.

After intercourse, the loosened vagina tightens, eventually returning to its normal state. The loosening of the vagina during childbirth or intercourse does not mean that it will remain chronically loose forever. Indeed, there is no scientific evidence of vaginal loosening after regular intercourse. 

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