Know more about upper abdominal pain?

Upper abdominal pain is a type of pain that can arise due to pain in the organs lying in the upper abdomen. The organs like the stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidney, liver, part of the colon, gallbladder, etc. Any problem in this can lead to many sufferings like pain, the feeling of irritation, etc.

When one Needs Medical Consultation?

If you observe some symptoms mentioned, it becomes very important to have some doctor’s guidance and consultations.

  • 1. The feeling of pain or ache in the area of the upper abdominal.
  • 2. High fever and chills are dangerous for you.
  • 3. The fluctuation in the weight of the body.
  • 4. The tenderness to touch the abdomen.
  • 5. The problem of sweating.
  • 6. The appearance of the stools in blood.

If you have seen or observed these symptoms in your body, you need to go to the doctor for consultation, further guidance, and surgery.

What are the possible reasons for having pain in the upper abdomen?

There are some possible reasons for having pain in upper abdominal pain. If you observe pain frequently or very often in the upper abdominal zone, you must go to an experienced and skilled doctor. 

Some of the reasons for having upper abdominal pain are:-

The problem of stones in the gallbladder.

  • 1. The infection is like Hepatitis.
  • 2. The feeling of weakness or fatigue 
  • 3. The feeling of nausea or vomiting
  • 4. The appetite fluctuated.
  • 5. The color of urine is darkish 
  • 6. The pain in the joints of the arms and legs 

The problem of GERD

  • 1. The pain in the chest 
  • 2. The swallowing problem
  • 3. The backward flow of food
  • 4. A lump stuck in my throat, feeling
  • 5. Difficulty in sleeping 
  • 6. Cough

Hernia – Hiatal hernia 

Symptoms of hiatal hernia are 

  • 1. The feeling of heartburn.
  • 2. The acid reflux problem.
  • 3. Difficulty in breathing
  • 4. The color of the stool appears blackish.

The problem of Gastritis 

Symptoms of Gastritis include 

  • 1. The feeling of nausea
  • 2. Vomiting 
  • 3. Fullness after eating food

Issues like ulcers

  • 1. Fullness feeling 
  • 2. Burping issues 
  • 3. The feeling of nausea 
  • 4. The issue of heartburn 
  • 5. Difficulty in digesting fatty food

The problem of Gastroparesis

Symptoms of Gastroparesis include:-

  • 1. Difficulty in digesting food 
  • 2. The feeling of nausea, bloating, and acid reflux.
  • 3. Heaviness after eating 
  • 4. The fluctuation in blood sugar level.
  • 5. The weight loss problem

There are many other diseases like functional dyspepsia, pneumonia, the spleen being ruptured, the spleen getting enlarged, the medical problem in the gallbladder, the issue of pancreatitis, shingles, the pain of cancer, blind loop syndrome, etc.

If you observe any signs and symptoms of the disease mentioned above, you need to consult a good doctor for better treatment and surgery.

There are basically four types of pain that one can feel in the abdomen. Let us know more about the kinds of pain in the gut.

  1. 1. One can feel Generalised=, The generalized type of pain in your belly. This might be due to stomach pain, infection, or blockage of the intestines.
  2. 2. Localised= The localized pain might be the pain in one specific area of the stomach or belly. This might be the sign and symptom of the appendix, stomach infection, etc.
  3. 3. Crampy or cramp-like pain = The crampy pain can be due to gas, diarrhea, etc. The important thing is to get it treated and diagnosed on time. 
  4. 4. Colicky pain= The colicky pain in the abdomen comes in the stomach. Colicky pain is sudden pain that might feel like a throbbing in the gut. Colicky pain can occur due to problems like kidney stones and gallstones.

The abdomen is divided into four sections or four quadrants i.e 

  1. 1. Right, quadrant-This is further divided into two sections: upper quadrant and lower quadrant. 
  2. 2. Left quadrant-This is divided into two quadrants, lower and upper.

What does the upper abdomen pain tell you about your body?

The upper abdomen pain in the body could be a sign of the following disease.

The pain in the right upper quadrant might be due to the disease and health problems like liver, gallbladder, bile duct, and kidney.

The pain in the left upper quadrant might be due to problems in the organs like the stomach, kidney, pancreas, etc.  

One should not neglect such medical and health issues and immediately consult an experienced and skilled doctor for diagnosis and consultation.

What are the causes of the right upper quadrant of the abdomen pain?

The pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen might be due to health problems related to organs like the liver. The issues like a gallstone, cancer of the gallbladder, cancer in the bile duct, Hepatitis, etc., are the causes of abdominal pain.

The kidney can also be problematic for you as it can directly impact you by increasing pain in the upper abdominal pain.

The problems like a kidney infection, large bowel obstruction, kidney stones, etc., are some of the kidney diseases that can cause pain in the upper abdomen.

The pain in the left upper quadrant might be due to a problem in the organ like the stomach, spleen, pancreas, etc. Diseases like pancreatic cancer, stomach ulcers, bile reflux, kidney infection, splenomegaly, etc. might be the reason for the occurrence of pain in the upper quadrant of the left side of the abdomen.

The pain in the chest might occur due to problems like angina, pleurisy, pneumonia, heart attack, heartburn, etc. These problems can also lead to pain in the abdomen zone.

A prolonged period of pain in the abdomen is not a sign of good health, and one should treat it on time by consulting a right and skilled, experienced doctor. One can plan the process of the treatment and surgery as per the doctor’s consultation and guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What causes pain at the top of your stomach?

The pain in the upper right zone of the abdomen might occur due to the infection and damage to the organs like the kidney, stomach, liver, spleen, etc.

When should I worry about upper abdominal pain?

If one individual has pain in the abdomen for a prolonged period, they should consult a good doctor, and one should not neglect the signs and symptoms of the disease.

What are the four types of abdominal pain?

There are four types of abdominal pain. That is generalized, localized, crampy-like, colicky pain, etc.

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