Unienzyme Tablet is utilized to treat stomach related issues. It is a dietary enhancement that speeds up the absorption cycle and helps in the treatment of acid reflux, swelling, gas or any stomach inconvenience. It goes about as a characteristic supportive of stomach related catalysts that aids in the breakdown of food into less complex mixtures, consequently helping the assimilation interaction. The microscopic organisms in probiotics likewise help to reinforce the body’s safe framework and avert contaminations.

Probiotics help in the retention and absorption of imperative supplements in the body, which helps in the take-up of supplements by the gastrointestinal covering. They likewise help in the development of specific mixtures that change the pH, along these lines helping in the development of valuable microscopic organisms. This tablet typically doesn’t cause any aftereffects when taken as suggested by your PCP. 

Content of Unienzyme tablet:

1.Contagious Diastase



Key advantages of Unienzyme Tablet:

1.The ingredients are favorable to stomach related issues which helps in the absorption of food

2.Helps in the breakdown of sugars and proteins into more straightforward mixtures to facilitate the absorption cycle

3.Helps in the assimilation of supplements from food, accordingly forestalling malabsorption

4.Contains papain (a chemical removed from papaya) which helps breakdown of the proteins in the stomach

How to Take the Unienzyme Tablet:

You can take one tablet of Unienzyme after dinners or as coordinated by the doctor. Nonetheless, in the event that your primary care physician recommends more than one part of this medication each day, pay attention to your PCP’s guidance as it very well might be founded on the seriousness of your condition.

Speedy tips for Unienzyme Tablet:

Consult with your PCP assuming you are consuming any medications, nutrient enhancements, or home grown enhancements in advance as it assists with preventing any conceivable medication associations.

Assuming you are sensitive to any of the elements of this tablet, consult with your primary care physician right away.

After effects of Unienzyme Tablet:

This tablet normally doesn’t cause any aftereffects when taken as suggested by your primary care physician. Notwithstanding, if there should be an occurrence of any of the after effects related with this medicine, it can likely prompt stomach issues and a few other side effects include:

1.Diarrhea and constipation

2.Stomach pain


4.Gastric trouble

5.Difficulty in urinating

6.Dark stools

Composition and price of Unienzyme Tablet

Unienzyme Composition: Activated Charcoal 75mg + Fungal Diastase 100mg + Papain 60mg

Manufactured By: Unichem Ltd.

Cost: Rs 45 

To Sum up.

Most importantly, in the event that you feel that the Unienzyme Tablet isn’t providing any solution even in the wake of finishing the course of treatment, you should counsel a specialist. You can visit our site for an online interview and consult with the clinical specialist or visit us at our center for any stomach related confusion. At our centers, you will be given complete consideration of your stomach-related issues.

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