The most essential difference between a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis is to have the presence of a foreskin around the head area of the penis. In the following blog have a glance as the main difference between circumcised and uncircumcised are addressed looking at it from different factors that separate them from each other. 

Size of the Penis 

  • 1. In uncircumcised cases, the size of the penis is unaffected. This is because during erection in men the foreskin retracts and disappears, which otherwise gives a bulkier look when it is weak. 
  • 2. In circumcised cases, the size may affect as it depends on blood flowing to the penile tissues or on genes. Though, removal of the foreskin does not impact the skin of the penis but it may seem less bulk when it’s weak.

Overall appearance 

  • 1. Uncircumcised penis may appear the foreskin being drape around the glans looking like a good when not exact. But, when erect, the retracting of the foreskin may result in exploding of the glans. 
  • 2. Circumcised penis is the absence of the foreskin. This means that at all times, both while exact or not exact, the glans are open. Also, to the appearance, slight changes in the texture of the specific area where the foreskin was removed. 

Changes to the hygiene 

  • 1. With an uncircumcised penis a person needs to be more cautious and careful in maintaining regular hygiene. That is, it is essential to make sure that foreskin and under the foreskin areas are properly cleansed to prevent any bacteria, oil or dead skin cells from affecting the area as it can lead to smegma. 
  • 2. Circumcised penis does not demand any extra care or maintaining hygiene. All it requires is washing of the area properly. 

Sexual sensitivity 

  • 1. Uncircumcised does not cause a big impact on the sexual sensitivity of the person. 
  • 2. Circumcised cases are put under question at times but no claim has been currently made that proves a person facing sexual sensitivity due to circumcision surgery. 

Infection risk 

  • 1. Uncircumcised men are more likely to have higher risks of developing urinary tract infection and in cases build up of smegma has equal amount of risk of balanitis or phimosis. 
  • 2. Circumcised men are whereas less at risk of developing such infections as it is easier to remain with good hygiene.  

Lubrication difficulties 

  • 1. Uncircumcised does not directly result in lubrication difficulties as the evidence is not yet brought forward to claim it. Though foreskin produces natural lubrication, it does not believingly cause any changes or harm. 
  • 2. Circumcised cases may face differences at times but are not the same in all cases. As it is stated that extra lubrication may be required occasionally. 


As discussed above, it can be noted that being uncircumcised or circumcised does not cause any major risk or complications in most of the major conditions. 

This remains the point, a circumcision surgery can be considered without confusion or doubts and the main difference between the two cases is that getting circumcised can be safer, healthier and act as a preventive measure from infections or poor hygiene. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not circumcise?

An experienced surgeon needs to be consulted while taking the decision to be circumcised or not. Anyone experiencing bleeding, injury or infection to the penis area are not recommended to get circumcised till the time it is cured. 

Is it better for a guy to be circumcised or uncircumcised?

It is a safe procedure to consider getting circumcised. Where it is said that circumcised men are less affected with infections in comparison to uncircumcised men. But it is also true that some uncircumcised men too do not get affected with such infections.

What are the disadvantages of uncircumcised? 

Uncircumcised men are not often at any health risks but at times uncircumcised condition can develop into certain infections such as urinary tract infection or infections due to bacteria. 

Do men prefer to be uncircumcised? 

The recent reports state that 60 percent of men when asked have stated that they prefer to be circumcised as it ensures better hygiene and overall health of a person. 

What is the best age for circumcision surgery? 

A circumcision surgery can be done at any time or age but to take the decision to get it done, it is essential to get it checked and consulted by an experienced medical expert.

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