Ultrasound Price – Ultrasound is also known as sonography. It is an imaging technique where sound waves get used to produce images of the body’s structures. The images collected through the ultrasound helps in providing necessary information for directing and diagnosing treatment for different health conditions and disease. Moreover, most of the time, ultrasound tests are performed using an ultrasound device outside your body, whereas some ultrasounds involve placing a device inside the body. 

Why are Ultrasounds Done? 

  • 1. For diagnosing diseases.
  • 2. Evaluating blood flow.
  • 3. Determining a breast lump.
  • 4. Assessing joint inflammation.
  • 5. For checking the thyroid glands.
  • 6. It is also performed for guiding a needle for biopsy or tumor treatment. 
  • 7. For viewing the ovaries and uterus during pregnancy and for monitoring the growth of the baby.

Ultrasound Price 

The cost of an ultrasound examination is between 500 to 1000 INR depending on the type, location, and diagnostic labs selected by you. The price of ultrasound also differs as per the cities, which is shown in the below table. 


Average price 

Maximum – Minimum Price 


Rs. 720.00

Rs. 600.00 to Rs. 1000.00


Rs. 1022.00

Rs. 100.00 to Rs. 4900.00


Rs. 903.00

Rs. 600.00 to Rs. 1000.00


Rs. 683.00

Rs. 100.00 to Rs. 1500.00


Rs. 1093.00

Rs. 500.00 to Rs. 900.00


Rs. 1924.00

Rs. 500.00 to Rs. 6000.00


Rs. 953.00

Rs.300.00 to Rs. 3030.00


Rs. 908.00

Rs.599.00 to Rs. 2500.00 


Rs. 1307.00 

Rs. 150.00 to Rs. 5000.00


Rs. 1164.00

Rs. 800.00 to Rs. 1700.00


Rs. 1349.00

Rs. 500.00 to Rs. 3500.00


Rs. 1371.00

Rs. 300.00 to Rs. 8000.00


Rs. 1100.00 

Rs. 500.00 to Rs. 5000.00 


Rs. 1500.00

Rs. 700.00 to Rs. 5000.00


Rs. 1500.00

Rs. 800.00 to Rs. 2500.00

This test, which is frequently used to detect pregnancy, has a variety of other applications. The purpose of an ultrasound or sonography examination is often to examine the health of internal organs such as the heart, belly, pelvic, muscles, tendons, and joints of the body. Major applications of ultrasound include the scanning of important organs, including the pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. Additionally, it can be used to determine the reasons for abdominal pain, gallstones, and kidney obstructions, diagnose kidney stones and look for cancers in an organ. 

Moreover, if you have stomach or abdominal pain or are not the sure reason behind this pain, then you should opt for an ultrasound to diagnose the cause. You can connect with Glamyo health or Glamyo Labs and book your tests. We also have plans where your all required body tests will be included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of an ultrasound?

The cost of an ultrasound is between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. 

How is an ultrasound done?

A sonographer is a small and hand-held device over your abdomen for capturing images through sound waves. 

How long does an ultrasound take?

It usually takes around 15 to 54 minutes. 

Why is ultrasound used?

Ultrasound is an imaging procedure that is used for diagnosing different diseases. 

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