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What is Triphala Powder for Piles ?

Triphala powder for Piles or churna is an Ayurvedic medication utilized for smooth defecations for a very long time. It is a powder made from various natural products that are evaporated and beaten to powder. The Triphala medical advantages are numerous and their provocative quality aids in the appropriate processing of your food and helps to get rid of Piles right away.

Triphala powder Ingredients:

Triphala is a combination of three plants specifically – Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. It is the combination of these spices and natural products tracked down from all around the country. Here is  an detailed explanation about the ingredients :


Gooseberry or Amla is normally utilized in Ayurveda in light of its rich fixing and recovery capacities. It is wealthy in fiber and subsequently utilized as medication to deal with issues like stoppage due to Piles. Amla is a rich source of nutrient C, amino acids, and minerals as well.


It is utilized as Ayurvedic medication to treat viral and bacterial diseases. It diminishes uric corrosive levels in the body, and furthermore it has intensifies like gallic and ellagic acids that guides in absorption and decreases the odds of creating obstruction.


This is Known as the “Leader of Ayurvedic Medicines”, it is the primary ingredient in making Triphala. Haritaki has strong calming and cell reinforcement properties and it additionally goes about as intestinal medicines making Triphala Powder more powerful for Piles treatment.

Triphala Health Benefits:

There are many questions that come across to a patients mind while treating piles with triphala powder. Here we have recorded a couple of  triphala medical advantages.

  1. Assists with restoring blockage that is caused while passing stools.
  2. Decreases clog in gastrointestinal veins.
  3. Gives adaptability to veins and veins in the anus
  4. Goes about as a characteristic with cancer prevention agent and calming properties to make it simpler to pass stools.
How to make Triphala powder at Home ?

Triphala powder is easily accessible in the market yet, it is also possible to prepare the powder at home with some simple ingredients available at home.

  1. 80 gms of Amla
  2. 40 gms of Bibhitaki
  3. 20 gms of Haritaki
  4. Mortar and pestle

All the above-mentioned ingredients are dried  first and then crushed until it doesn’t become a mixture then Seal them up in a water/air proof container for later use.

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You can  also add the prepared mixture in your everyday consumables. The most ideal ways to consume Triphala  Powder are –

1. Consume it with Tea/milk

2. Drink it with lemon and honey

3. Consume it as a tablet

4. The best way is to have it with hot drinks like water, milk, or tea.

Triphala Powder for Piles is the best method for managing Piles’ circumstances and resolving all your blockage issues to make your stool pass smoothly. Yet, before taking any of the self preventive measures to treat Piles, you should consult with Glamyo Health doctors for the better visualization.

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