*A simple change in your hairstyle, brings with it a wave of complete freedom, the excitement of new adventures, and a step forward towards a brand new you.* 

The decision of giving yourself this opportunity to evolve is stunning. You’re not just going to transform your appearance, but a way deeper transformation awaits from the very moment you will have the hairstyle of your choice. 

So, let’s begin. 

Get excited! You have come to the right place. If you’re looking for cool and trendy hairstyles or if you’re hoping to charm the world with a brand-new look. Need not worry. We have the coolest as well as the most trendy hairstyle for men right here. 

Well, that’s not all. In addition to this, we will help you decide on your perfect look with our top most tips to choose the right hairstyle according to your face cut. 

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Our vision, one thing that makes a person feel confident both inward and outward is to get the perfect look. What better way to do so than to have a hairstyle of your choice? Therefore, we aim to help you achieve that charming look, that suits you the most. 

Our every recommendation is thoroughly researched and is certainly ruling on top in the current trending list of best hairstyles for men in 2023. 

If you’re as excited as we are, read along and know that it is indeed possible to change your complete look simply with a new hairstyle. 

Things to keep in mind while deciding on a new hairstyle 

new hair style men 2023
New Hair Style Men 2023

Before moving forward with the best hairstyles, let’s help you understand that there are some essential factors while looking for the right hairstyle for an individual. 

1. The hairstyle you choose will become your statement style 

2. Thoroughly research different hairstyles before finalizing one 

3. Be brave to bring a change in your hairstyle 

4. Understand that your hair texture plays an equal role 

5. Plan a budget beforehand 

6. Choose a hairstyle according to your face cut and face shape 

7. What you choose must fit your lifestyle 

8. Learn the steps to the maintenance of your new look hairstyle 

9. Always remember that personal satisfaction is the most important concern 

BONUS: “Go with what your instinct says” 

Now, we are good to go. Let’s not make you wait any longer. Here is the ultimate list of top hairstyles for men which is followed by our recommendation according to your face cut. 

30. The hockey cut 

hockey cut - hair style men

So, let’s start with this cool bro cut that has been popularly preferred many times. It is also known as a wings haircut or flow cut. 

This enhances the complete look of a person, giving him a carefree look. Generally worn by the best and most professional hockey players. Also, majorly opted by hipsters, surfers, and basketball players. 

29. Middle part hairstyle

Middle part hairstyle for men

The middle part hairstyle comes with variations such as short hair curtains, the middle part with wavy styling, the middle part undercut, or long hair curtains. 

This hairstyle, once popular in fashion in the 90s, has made a huge comeback to the list of the most trending hairstyles for men. 

28. Textured crop 

Textured crop hair style men

People are demanding to try this smart look haircut and it doubtlessly is a must-try option for men these days. 

This hairstyle can be defined as a fine styling where the sides and back are generally shorter in comparison to the top. 

27. Mop hairstyle 

Mop hairstyle for men 2023

The mop haircut or the wet mop haircut is one of the internet sensations since it has become a top popular hairstyle on popular social platforms. 

This cut gives a style where the top hairs are longer and the sides along with the back are shorter in size. 

This classic look has been already tried out by many and seems to continue to impress the public. 

26. Buzz cut 

 Buzz cut - hair style men

A buzz cut is an exciting cut to try out by men. It is popularly also known as a wiffle cut and this name is used for different types of hair styling. 

Buzz cut - hair style menin 2023

Here, the hairs are short in length but the hairs on the head are equal in size at the same time. 

In order words, when hairstyling results in a uniform length of hairs on both sides, back as well as top of the head, it is called a buzz cut. 

25. Military hairstyle 

Military cut hair style Men

This is the most awaited hairstyling in our selected list of hairstyles. The military cut gives a man a tough and confident look. 

Within this comes a variety of hairstyles such as a buzz cut which is considered a quintessential military haircut.

24. Sharky strands with fade 

Sharky strands with fade 

The very first reason to try out this hairstyle is to have a non-exhaustible look, a look that does not fade or get dull. 

A shaky strand with fade is a stylish and rich look cut for different age groups.

23. Low fade 

Low fade hair style men

To bring an exciting change to your hairstyle, for those who deal with long-length hair or for those who simply want a cool change in their hairstyling, low fade is good to go. 

The low fade hairstyle gives a ruling as well as a sophisticated look. It has been ranked among the top hairstyling options along with other hairstyles such as the quiff or fringe hairstyle. 

22. Butch cut 

Butch cut hair style men

A butch cut is also considered a variation of a military cut. This short-length haircut is preferred amongst athletes or military people but is gaining equal importance in the general public. 

It gives a neat and clean look, the best choice for bringing a worth-it change to your appearance and hairstyling. 

More interesting is to note that this hairstyling requires no maintenance at all. 

21. High fade with the hard part 

best high fade hair style men

Well, sometimes, it is a worthwhile choice to dare what you have not yet tried. A high fade look along with a hard part is one such good look. 

A high fade haircut comes with short-length sides, a short-length back, and the fade starting from the temples. All in all, it is a must-try look. 

20. Comb over hairstyle men  

Comb over hairstyle men  

Comb-over is a very common yet widely used hairstyle, especially by men with baldness. A simple styling that covered the bald area by combining it with hair. 

In other words, when you comb your hair from one side to the other in such a manner that it minimizes baldness and gives a clear and smart look at the same time. 

19. Disconnected hardline 

Disconnected hardline 

Disconnected hardline is one of the most classy, stylish, and trending hairstyles that never go out of the top list of hairstyles for men. 

Therefore, for a classy and fancy look or to simply add a new twist to your looks that grab the attention of everyone around disconnected hardlines is something one must try. 

18. Ducktail Haircut  

Ducktail Haircut  for Men

Ducktail cut has been popular in the older times and continues to remain popular ever since. 

It never fails to give a smart and appealing look. Therefore, for an outstanding haircut, it is interesting to attempt this style that has especially been popular in the 1950s. 

17. Fade and Taper Hairstyle Men 

Fade and Taper Hairstyle Men 

A classic combination of fade and taper when brought together to compose a hairstyle, it is certainly worth a try. 

In this, hairs are long at the top and taper down to the sides and back. A careful choice that always presents a cool look. 

16. Slicked-back hairstyle men 

slicked back hair style for men

An extraordinary hairstyle that remained popular for decades, especially in the 1950s, and are always returning to the game. 

Therefore, for an instant and long-lasting immensely popularising look put your whole trust in a slicked-back hairstyle. 

15. Short Curls Hair Style Men 

Short Curls Hair Style Men

For those with short and curly hair or simply those who want it as their ideal choice, short curls hairstyle for men is an interesting hairstyle to try out. 

It adds a hairstyle look that has not yet been tried out and gives a charming look. So, if something like this attracts your attention, don’t hesitate to try it out. 

14. High and tight 

High and tight mens hair style

High and tight is all about the confidence that does not go out of style. It is a short haircut that has the back and sides shaved to the skin giving a neat and clean cut. 

Therefore, no extra maintenance is required. A classic, statement-style haircut that never fails to skip the attention of those around. 

13. Messy Textured Top Hairstyle Men 

Messy Textured Top Hairstyle Men 

These days, textured hairstyles are ruling and trendy at the top. Now, recently, a textured top hairstyle has experimented with a messy hairstyle and the interesting part is, that this experimentation has turned out to be successful and loved by many. 

12. Short Fringe

Short Fringe hair style men

Fringes, especially short fringe variations are now becoming a popular and in-demand hairstyle for men. 

So, if you’re one of those with the same interest in mind, pick any of the short fringes for an ultimate look. 

11. Disconnected Pompadour 

Disconnected Pompadour 

Pompadour hairstyles are the demand of the current hairstyle trend and multiple variations of pompadour hairstyles have been brought to the front line. 

One such trendiest hairstyle that is cool and stylish is a disconnected pompadour. So, to simply add your look to the gallery of the perfect hairstyles, try it out today. 

Spiky hairs 

spiky hair style men

Now that we have come to the top ten remaining hairstyles, how can we miss adding spiky hairstyles to our top list? 

A spiky hairstyle, ever since discovered has been popular remain in fashion, especially amongst young guys. 

Therefore, being decades back or current year, spiky hairstyles add that cool and stylish look.

9. Faux Hawk With Undercut 

Faux Hawk With Undercut hairstye men

Faux hawks which have been especially popular in the past are all set to make a comeback with a slight modification. 

At present, it has evolved remarkably and consists of some characteristics such as shaved sides along with an edgy and sharp hairline. 

Give yourself that boost, that shift, and that willingness, make it a choice and experience a brand new look of your desires. 

8. Caesar cut 

Caesar cut men hair style

Caesar cut is an attractive, trendy, and haircut that instantly grabs the attention of everyone around. 

It gives a dominating and powerful look especially because its name goes back to the famous Julius Caesar. 

Therefore, for all eyes over you (you’re right), a caesar cut is a must to try.

7. Long Layers Hair Style Men 

Long Layers Hair Style Men 

Long layers hairstyles are of various types including a tousled look, layered afro cut, wet look, shoulder length haircut, or curly and shaggy layers. 

Those with a long length, good volume, and interested in experimenting with their long-length hairs, must explore the variety.

6. The Modern Pompadour 

the Modern Pompadour hairstyle men

It is a type of undercut or faded sides style of hairstyle. It has been known as a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. 

A modern pompadour is a slightly rich look variation of other pompadour hairstyles, messier yet elegant. If you choose a modern pompadour, we bet you have made a great choice. 

5. Fringe Haircut for Men 

New Fringe Haircut for Men 

Fringes, also known as bang’s hairstyle is a very popular choice of hairstyle. Under this, a variety of selections is present to choose from. 

The fringe haircut is when the guy’s hair smartly falls on his forehead giving him a handsome appearance, a rich look, and a different style. 

4. Crew Cut hairstyle men

best crew Cut hair style men

The crew cut is an extremely popular haircut and it always makes its mark at the top list of hairstyles for men especially because of its timeless styling. 

The best is a clear short haircut that is very easy to maintain and easy to style. Bringing it to your appearance creates self-confidence and a cool appearance. 

3. Top knot bun hairstyle men  

best hairstyle for men top knot

Well, if you’re ready for a change with a little twist, top knot bun hairstyles for men should be your immediate choice. 

Though, this styling can take some patience and time but ensures a clean and classy look to your outfit and appearance. 

2. Textured fringe 

Textured fringe hairstyle men

Textured fringe has been known as one of the most stylish fringe-style haircuts giving a classy look without a doubt. 

May it be a style statement or a brand new look, fringe styles for men are very popularised, best for occasions, enhances the entire look, and presents the overall sophistication of a person. 

The quiff 

The quiff hair style men

Now that we have come to the end of our list. Yes, The quiff, the very popular quiff hairstyle is all that cannot be replaced with any other hairstyle. 

If you haven’t yet tried out this hair-styling look, now is a perfect time. For the ultimate, trendiest, and most classy look, the quiff is a perfect choice. 

Perfect hairstyle according to your face cut 

Perfect hairstyle according to your face cut 

Oval face shape hairstyle for men 

Oval face shape hairstyle for men

Most fortunate are the ones with oval-shaped faces. This simply gives the additional benefit to fit in any hairstyle easily. The best advice is to have a good volume at the sides along with long layers to achieve a smart look. 

Tip: Feel free to go with quiff, pompadour, or side parts hairstyling. 

Round face shape hairstyle for men 

Round face shape hairstyle for men 

The idea of styling for men with a round shape can be a hairstyle that allows you to have long layered hair. It will give your neck a longer and your face a slimmer look. Therefore, aim for something that adds length and height to your hairstyle for a mature look. 

Tip: Feel free to go with a pompadour, side part, and french crop. 

Square face shape hairstyle for men 

Square face shape hairstyle for men 

For a square face, emphasizing the layers as well as some good amount of volume to the sides of the face will certainly add value to the hairstyle. 

Tip: Feel free to go with the quiff, side part or undercut. 

Rectangle face shape hairstyle for men 

Rectangle face shape hairstyle for men 

The benefit that comes with having a rectangular face shape is it can fit a large variety of hairstyles. 

Hairstyles such as shoulder-length hair styling give a really attractive look and the ideal hairstyle widens the cheekbones. 

Tip: Feel free to go with a slicked-back hairstyle, side part hairstyle, or a sleek man bun hairstyle., pompadour. 

Heart face shape hairstyle for men 

Heart face shape hairstyle for men 

Having a heart-shaped face means having a wide forehead and a sharp or pointed chin. 

Therefore, this type of face cut is often suitable for a classic undercut variation of fringe or layers cut. 

Tip: Feel free to go with a quiff hairstyle or a side part hairstyle 

Diamond face shape hairstyle for men 

Diamond face shape hairstyle for men 

Anyone having a diamond face shape means having wide cheekbones in comparison to the forehead. 

Therefore, some of the perfect hair styling suggestions are a man bun with a beard, quiff with fade, messy fringe, or a buzz cut 

Tip: Feel free to go with a wavy side part or a messy fringe for a perfect look. 

Final Words

Bringing a change to your hairstyle can be both partial and complete. One can try variations and feel satisfied with the choice. 

For this, choose something that creates balance and ensures to be on top of the trending looks at the same time. 

We hope this list helps in any way to ease your decision-making and that your new haircut is a perfect as well as satisfying look to your personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Mens Hair Style

Q. What hairstyle is in for 2022 males?

The Quiff remains the topmost trending hairstyle of 2022 for men without a doubt. It’s suitable for different hair lengths as well as hair types. 

Q. What is the new haircut for 2022?

The new and top trending hairstyles for men in 2022 have been doubtlessly the quiff, topknot, modern pompadour, and slicked-back undercut. 

Q. What is trending for men’s hair?

The most trending of the current time and the recent past has remained the quiff, the fade, the pompadour, undercut, and spiky hairs. 

So, new styles of hairstyling and haircuts are always coming to the front for men and some are continuing to trend on top. 

Q. What is the hottest haircut for guys?

The pompadour, the whiff, the high fade, slicked back, square cut, undercut, or the hockey cut. 

Any one of these popular hairstyles and haircuts is popular as well as bringing the most attractive look. 

Q. How do I know my face shape?

The easiest way to measure your face shape is to start by measuring the length from the hairline to the end of your chin. Next, measure the same from the left to right direction. 

If the length of your face is longer, you probably have an oval-shaped face. Whereas, if your face is wider in measurement, you probably have a heart-shaped or round-shaped face. 

Q. How can I identify my hairstyle?

For identifying an ideal hairstyle some of the most important factors are the face cut and face shape. 

Every person has a different face shape and face cut that fits a different hairstyle along with other factors. 

Q. How can I select my hairstyle?

Multiple guides are available that mention different face shapes and the perfect hairstyle fit. 

A person who is looking to get a new hairstyle must go through one such hairstyle guide to decide according to their requirements. 

Q. Hairstyle men for round faces?

Textured crops, messy waves, a pompadour, and spiky or blow cuts are some of the best hairstyles for men with a round faces. 

Q. Hairstyle for men on the back side?

There are different styles for hairstyling on the back side. Some trendy styles are the slick back, burst fade, and low fade. 

Q. What are popular men’s haircuts?

Some of the most popular and trending hairstyles and haircuts for men are high and tight, the quiff, undercut, crew cut, comb over, buzz cut, and side part.

Q. Hairstyle men for oval face 

Popular hairstyle options for oval-shaped face men are pompadour, buzz cut, faux hawk, taper fade with a quiff, and fringe. 

Q. Which hair shape is best?

Buzz cut, caesar cut, side part hairstyle, this quiff, textured pompadour haircut, and messy waves hairstyle are some best hairstyle options for men. 

Q. How to style hair for men?

Hairstyling for men is very simple. It takes the following steps 

  • Dry the hair with the help of a towel. 

  • Apply some texture cream. 

  • Start with combing your hair in the desired hairstyle

  • Apply mousse to wet hairs. 

  • Finally, comb your hair back. 

Q. Which is the best professional Hairstyle for men?

Some professional hairstyling ideas for men are the comb over, slick back, quiff, side part, crew cut, buzz cut, and classic side part with loose hair, 

Q. Which is the best short hairstyle for men?

Many short hair options are available of which some popular ones are the short caesar cut, textured quiff, ivy league, classic buzz cut, french crop with high fade, and tapered sides with low cut top. 

Q. Which is the best long hairstyle for men? 

Long hair is getting common in men these days. Some of the best long hairstyles for men are textured wave long hair, natural side part long hairstyle, long haircut with a man bun, and hard part haircut. 

Q. Which is the best medium hairstyle for men?

For those with medium-length hairstyles, some of the best styling options are the quiff, blow cut, pompadour, and medium-length side part. 

Q. Which hairstyle is suited for all types of faces?

From the long list of amazing and popular hairstyles available the quiff, undercut, pompadour, buzz cut, and textured crop are some smart choices that suit most. 

Q. Is it Possible i get this hairstyle through hair transplant?

Yes, one can get any type of hairstyle through a hair transplant. A Hair Transplant is a surgical process in which hair follicles are transplanted in the zone with low hair growth. Once your hair is growing like normal hair, it can be treated the same way as your natural hair. It is necessary to care properly after a hair transplant, like shampooing with a mild shampoo, avoiding unhealthy food for your hair and health, and avoiding strenuous exercise. Try to keep your scalp hydrated, avoid chemical-based styling products, etc.

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