Are you concerned about the facts that reach out to you in the form of myths? Here, learn the must-know myths and truths associated with the condition of Hemorrhoids (Facts About Hemorrhoids). Today, the world has stretched in such a form, misguided information is much more rapidly spreading than the actual truths. Whereas, while dealing with medical ailments, no myths can be taken lightly. 

Know the Most Common Myths and Truths

Myth 1 Diet change does not improve haemorrhoids at all

Truth 1 Diet changes do have a significant impact on improving the condition of developing Piles. Piles are generally treated at home before reaching out to the concerned doctor. 

Therefore, while taking home care, ensuring that the person intakes a healthy and high fibre based diet is required. 

Having a diet rich in nutrients, proteins, and fibre work as an excellent agent to help the body fight symptoms of haemorrhoids such as constipation and inflammation. 

Myth 2 Only some people develop haemorrhoids whereas others are safe

Truth 2 Each person is at equal risk of developing Hemorrhoids. This condition is as triggering to the older age groups, as it is to the younger age group. 

Therefore, haemorrhoids can occur at any age. The main reason for this development is usually due to excessive amount of straining that leads severely to constipation. This, as noted, can occur in any person at any point in time. 

Myth 3 Hemorrhoid is quick to diagnose because it is always painful

Truth 3 Hemorrhoids can be quite challenging to be accurately diagnosed at times. A person with Hemorrhoids can have asymptomatic conditions. 

In some cases, the person may not fully experience any pain or discomfort but might have other silent symptoms. 

Therefore, experiencing pain at an early stage of Hemorrhoids is not always necessary. 

Myth 4 Only surgery can help recover from haemorrhoids

Truth 4 This is not fully correct. Haemorrhoids that are still at an initial stage and with no symptoms of pain, might go away by themselves or might need simple home remedies such as light exercises, simple lifestyle changes, and diet changes. 

But, for those haemorrhoids that do not reduce by themselves, consultation with an experienced doctor is recommended, followed by a proper surgical treatment prescribed by the doctor. 

Myth 5 The condition of hemorrhoid is always cancerous 

Truth 5 No research has been well established with the statement that the condition of haemorrhoids is always cancerous. 

Whereas, haemorrhoids sometimes cause bleeding while bowel movements. It can lead to colorectal cancer. But, this is only seen rarely, that too just in people above the age of 50 years. 

Myth 6 The main cause of haemorrhoids is eating spicy foods

Truth 6 The main cause of Hemorrhoids is excessive straining and this straining leads to constipation or bowel movement obstruction. 

Therefore, spicy foods aren’t the cause of haemorrhoids but are one of the food types that trigger haemorrhoids or worsen them. 

Myth 7 Those with Hemorrhoids must avoid exercising

Truth 7 Light exercising, outdoor fitness activities, and movement activities that do not cause any pressure can be easily performed even during the condition of developing Hemorrhoids. 

Therefore, instead of avoiding exercises completely, it is recommended to specifically avoid heavy lifting exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the worst thing about Hemorrhoids?

Excessive straining, standing for too long, or simply putting pressure while passing stools, knowing or unknowing the person is worsening their condition of Hemorrhoids. 

Untreated haemorrhoids or unconsciously dealing with the already developed haemorrhoids can lead to much more worsening complications such as bleeding of haemorrhoids.

Q. Can haemorrhoids lead to something worse?

In most cases, people usually get it treated within time or the haemorrhoids do not grow much worse. 

But, the condition becomes more complicated especially when haemorrhoids get swelled up and start to cause intense pain. 

The more severe complications that arise due to haemorrhoids are thrombosed haemorrhoids or bleeding haemorrhoids.

Q. What is the real reason for Hemorrhoids? 

Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are majorly caused due to obstruction of bowel movement. 

When a person starts to experience excruciating pain and strain that is simply out of their control. This creates medical complications, and when diagnosed it may turn out Haemorrhoids.

Q. Can you leave haemorrhoids untreated? 

In case of having mild symptoms of haemorrhoids, usually, the affected area can be left untreated, as the haemorrhoids may go away on their own. 

But, for haemorrhoids that are more severe, leaving them untreated can result in bleeding during passing stools and can give life-threatening risks. 

Q. Can haemorrhoids turn cancerous?

Haemorrhoids do not become cancerous. But, in some cases with a medical history of bleeding while passing stools, a patient might develop colorectal cancer. Though, this occurrence is rare. 

Q. Can you live a normal life with Hemorrhoids? 

If the hemorrhoid is not causing any physical pain or discomfort while living a normal life and the symptoms are very minor, it is expected that such a hemorrhoid might eventually go away on its own.

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