A lot has been shared on the internet about Piles. It’s time that we unveil some of the most common myths or misconceptions that people too quickly believe to be true. Here is a Top 5 Myths and Facts About Piles are. 

Myths and Facts of Piles 

Myth 1 Intake of hot and spicy foods is one of the major causes of Piles.

Fact 1 Piles majorly develop due to excessive straining or chronic consumption. Having Piles due to spicy foods is a myth. 

Rather, the actual truth is, spicy foods are the not cause but triggers food that simply needs to be avoided as a preventive or a precautionary measure. 

Myth 2 The chances of Developing Piles increase with a person’s age.

Fact 2 Though, Piles are surely more common in those above 45 years of age. But, this isn’t necessarily true every time. 

Sometimes, people below the age of 45 years too can develop Piles and the number of patients within this age can be likewise. 

Therefore, people below the age of 45 years can get Piles often due to chronic constipation, diarrhea, weight imbalance, or pregnancy in the case of women. 

Myth 3 Piles is a painless condition and one should not worry about it getting worse at any stage.

Fact 3 Piles while developing, one of the major symptoms is experiencing pain, swelling, and discomfort. These are the essential warning signs. 

Therefore, piles may or may not come with any symptoms of pain. This completely depends on the individual patient. 

Also, it is a complete myth that Piles can never get worse. Rather, the truth is that if a person ignores the signs appearing and if Piles are left untreated for long periods, it can give long time complications. 

Myth 4 Exercising should be completely avoided when diagnosed with Piles. 

Fact 4 The idea of developing Piles due to straining or heavy weight lifting has been confused with completely excluding exercises post-diagnosis of Piles. 

Rather, the idea is to strictly exclude those exercises that trigger Piles in any way possible and those should be followed, exercises that are light and done specifically for the complete relaxation of the body. 

Myth 5 People can develop Piles due to cold.

Fact 5 This is another misconception that must be declared a myth with learning about Piles. 

Piles are best known as curable when people use ice packs or other cold materials to cure them. Therefore, Piles don’t develop due to cold but reduce with its help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How permanently cure Piles? 

Surgery is the permanent cure

Q. Are Piles genetic? 

The condition of Piles has been more quickly found in those with a family history of having this same ailment in the past. Therefore, the condition of Piles can be called a case hereditary in some patients. 

Q. Are Piles lifelong?

This completely depends on how severe the condition of an individual patient is. If piles are at the initial stage and can recover on their own, through home remedies or medications, they don’t last very long. 

But, for those with severe complications and chronic pain, they take a longer time to be reduced and removed completely. For this, contacting a concerned physician is the correct way to treat it. 

Q. Does everyone have Piles?

Piles have become a common condition in people these days. A larger population, even those below the age of 40 years are now developing Piles. 

The common cause found in most patients is a longer duration of staying in the toilet, excessive straining, and chronic constipation. 

Q. What is the main problem with Piles? 

The main complication a person with developed Piles faces occurs with the person having chronic constipation. 

This usually leads to excessive straining and continuous pressure during bowel movements. Further, the person often ends up developing swelling and bulging around the anus area. 

Therefore, multiple remedies can be tried out first at home and then with the consultation of an experienced doctor to protect it from getting worse. 

Q. Who is more likely to develop Piles? 

Those who regularly indulge in heavy lifting activities, straining of any kind, have a poor digestive system, have chronic constipation, are generally above 45 years of age, are pregnant women, or those with obesity. 

These have a higher risk of developing Piles therefore, having yourself regularly checked can help remain healthy, fit, and away from any ailments.

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