Hair fall is a natural process. Generally, hair falling while combing or washing hair is common. However, when the hair starts falling in a large part or the spots of baldness appear, then the doctor should be contacted. Pollution, dust, wrong eating habits, bad lifestyle, excessive use of chemical products, stress etc. can be the main reason for hair fall. These can cause problems like hair fall, dandruff, split hair and unhealthy hair. Recently, in an article published in the journal Nature, it has been told that the reason for hair fall is also a special type of diet. If you also have hair fall, then avoid taking this type of diet.

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Such a Diet can be the Reason for Hair Loss

According to an article published in the journal Nature, genetics, psychology and lifestyle play an important role in hair fall. For more information, researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University conducted research on rats and tried to find out how a high fat diet affects hair loss and thinning.

Researchers found that people with high fat diets and obesity have a decrease in hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs), which stops hair growth. Due to this the hair does not grow again or there is a lot of damage to the hair follicles. Normally HFSCs are the process in which our hair continues to grow.

According to the lead author of the research Hironobu Moringa, research done on rats found that high-fat diets reduce hair loss by reducing HFSCs. Later on, this problem also causes hair fall. But still more research is needed on this.

Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall

Researchers told that what you eat leads to hair growth and hair fall can also stop. Some research has also been done on pumpkin seed oil, according to which pumpkin seed oil has been found to inhibit the action of 5-alpha reductase (5-alpha reductase) in rats.

5-alpha-reductase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into the powerful androgen, DHT. If the 5-AR level is increased then more testosterone will be converted to DHT which leads to more hair loss.

Researchers found that pumpkin seed oil may be effective in treating common hair fall in both men and women. In this research, 76 men applied 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil daily for 24 weeks. In conclusion, it was found that there was a difference in the hair of the scalp and hair growth was also started.

5 Other Ways to Stop Hair Fall

  • 1. Massage oil: Massage olive oil or almond oil, this will increase the blood circulation of the scalp.
  • 2. Keep drinking water: Along with summer, drink enough water in other seasons so that the body remains hydrated.
  • 3. Take healthy diet: Take a diet of protein, carb and low fat. Because you will get the same fitness as the diet you take.
  • 4. Avoid going to dusty places: Often people do not avoid going to dusty places. But we would like to tell that whenever you go out, go with your hair covered.
  • 5. Do not apply oil during the day: If you have to go out of the house, then avoid applying oil during the day. By doing this, the dust will not stick to the oily hair and the hair will be saved from getting spoiled.


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